Becoming enlightened is a birthright - OSHO Talks Vol. 5


This is the second part of the talk that Osho devotes to answering a series of crucially important questions about spiritual growth: are there different states of growth, how can people who are in different states be of use to others? According to Osho: Your emphasis has always been that every human being has by birth the right to become enlightened, that it is nothing special. Yet not many people are claiming that right or are even interested. Why aren't they? Is there some ingredient, some quality that makes some people more interested in your research than others? The simple fact that it is the birthright of every human being precludes it. It is not a challenge. The ego is not interested. It is their birthright. It is nothing for the ego to boast about. It would rather go to the moon, which is not its birthright. As foolish as it may be, it will prefer to climb Everest. That is not his right, but the ego is interested only in things that make you feel superior, higher, more special, more famous, celebrated The ego is not interested in something that you carry in you from birth. It is interested in extraordinary things. The more difficult the task, the more the ego is interested. And enlightenment is the simplest thing in existence, the most natural thing. Therefore, the ego is not interested in it. That is how the problem arises. The moment the child is born, no one is interested in its nature, its potential, its possibilities for growth. No one is interested in the rights of the child, everyone is interested in making the child into someone very special.

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