Frequently Asked Questions

How do I subscribe to Conscious TV?

You must fill out our registration form by clicking HERE. We need this information in order to create your account and provide you with access. 

If you complete only the first step of the form, you are registered but not subscribed. The registration allows access only to free content, the subscription involves inserting the payment data and access to all premium content. 

What plans and payment methods are available?

We have two price plans with which you will have access to all our content. The only difference between the two is the discount of more than 40% that we apply on the annual plan.

  • Monthly subscription: 9,99$/month
  • Annual subscription: 69$/year (single annual payment)

With any of the plans you have access to 7 days free of charge.

You can make your payments through Paypal or by debit or credit card, two of the safest payment platforms for online transactions. 

When can I cancel my subscription?

Whether you subscribe to the annual or monthly plan, you can cancel your subscription without obligation and at any time before the end of your subscription period. If you do not cancel your subscription, it is automatically renewed. 

If you have any problems or questions, please contact us at [email protected]

How can I cancel my subscription?

  1. If you have registered through the web, you just have to log in from your computer, access my account and click on "unsubscribe".
  2. If your registration has been done through the mobile application, follow these steps depending on your device:

                     iOS device (iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone), go to: Settings and click on your name ­čí¬ Subscriptions ­čí¬ Click on the subscription you want to cancel and                                           cancel from there.

                     Android device (all those non-Apple devices), go to:

                                         Google Play Store and check that you are signed in to the correct Google account.

                                         Click on Subscriptions Menu ­čí¬ select the subscription you want to cancel.

                                         Click on Cancel Subscription and follow the on-screen instructions.

I paid by Paypal, how do I cancel my subscription?

You must cancel your subscription through your Paypal account. To do this:

1. Log into your Paypal account at 

2. Click on the profile icon (gear) under Payment Options, click on Pre-approved Payments.

3. Click on our subscription to cancel the subscription or change the preferred funding source.

When I cancel my subscription, will my payment be refunded?

By canceling your subscription you are requesting that at the end of the contracted period your subscription is NOT automatically renewed.

The payment already made will not be refunded but even if you have cancelled your subscription, you will still be able to enjoy the content until the end of the contracted period.

Do I have to renew my subscription every month?

It is not necessary, it will be renewed automatically unless you previously cancel your subscription.

I forgot my password, how can I recover it?

Click here and you will be redirected to the steps to reset your password.

Can I download the videos from the platform?

The videos can only be watched in streaming from the Conscious TV platform.  

Is there any charge if I apply the coupon?

During the free access period of the coupon we do not charge anything. 

If you have been charged even though you entered the coupon, it may be because you did not click on the "Apply" button when you entered the coupon or it may be due to a specific technical error. In both cases, please write to [email protected] and we will solve the problem.