Evolution is a tremendous disagreement with the past - OSHO Talks Vol. 2


This is the third part of the talk Educating Children, where Osho develops a fundamental thesis: any way of helping a child is wrong. The very idea of helping is wrong. The child needs love, not your help. The child needs nourishment, support, but not your help. The natural potential of the child, says Osho, is unknown, so there is no way to help it properly to reach its natural potential. In fact, in the name of so-called help, everyone is interfering in the affairs of others. In Osho's words, You ask me how to help the child in a right way. The right way is not to help the child at all. If you have real courage, then please don't help the child. Love him, nurture him. Let him do what he wants to do. Let him go where he wants to go. Your mind will be tempted to interfere again and again, and with good excuses. The mind is very clever at rationalizing:

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