No one should pee here - OSHO Talks Vol. 1


This is the second part of the talk dedicated to questioning one of the most common formulas of religions, namely, that humanity needs to be saved. Why does no one ask what is its origin, what are its implications? Linked to this idea is the belief in an original fall, a primordial sin or stain that needs to be cleansed and redeemed. However, Osho considers both premises to be erroneous and a source of confusion and suffering. According to Osho, a parent who prevents his children from being wise, from living forever, is certainly deranged. Even the worst parent would like his children to be intelligent. Even the cruelest parent would like his children to live forever. But God forbids man to eat from two trees: the tree of knowledge and the tree of eternal life. Apparently this is a rare kind of God; in no way is it possible to consider him paternal. Who needs saving? Your God is jealous: that is what was the argument of the devil, who came in the form of a serpent and seduced Eve's mind. For me, there are significant aspects yet to be understood: why did he choose Eve and not Adam?

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