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Conscious TV was created with the aim to provide worldwide audiences tools for self development and spiritual growth. The content is structured in courses, series or documentaries depending on the topic chosen, so you can get most of the insight from ancient techniques while you are also entertaining.
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All our content is available under subscription in the highest quality so you can enjoy it without limits from any device (mobile, tablet, PC, Smart TV and App). Practice wherever and whenever you want.

We offer you hundreds of classes, routines and courses in the most ancient disciplines taught by teachers from all over the world. Teachers that you can meet in person and with whom you can experience face-to-face training that will change your life.

Our catalogue includes classes of different Yoga styles, lengths, levels and objectives so that you can always find the practice that best suits your needs. Every month we will release new content, from classes to documentary series and films that will inspire your inner being.

By subscribing to TV Consciente you become part of a community that seeks to improve the world by living responsibly and consciously. Each of the people who are part of our project will pass on their knowledge and life experience to you. Only those who experience change can share it.

Join our festivals to meet inspiring people and feel the transformative fusion of a live event. Disconnect from the routine and live an authentic adventure with people from different countries.

Your subscription makes it possible for us to work on new projects, so you can enjoy content produced independently and free of advertising. 

Our mission is to provide you with tools that improve your well-being, balance your mind & body but definitely help you to progress in your inner consciousness.

Your transformation starts today.