Welcome seekers!

Currently, we spend an average of 6 hours a day consuming content that in many cases has a violent or harmful component, and even transmits values, thoughts or beliefs that align us or distance us from our own essence.

Conscious Television is a community of people who share the idea of a more natural, full and conscious world. Through this project we put all our love and effort to offer audiovisual content that:

1. Provide learning and real improvements in the physical or mental well-being of people, away from compulsive and unconscious entertainment.

2. Promote greater self-knowledge and spiritual progress through the techniques we propose.

3. Recover and spread ancestral knowledge linked to health, personal development and spirituality to bring them closer to the people of the 21st century

Our commitment is to produce and offer more and better content, doing it in a self-sustaining and organic way, without economic dependencies other than our subscribers. That is why we deeply appreciate your subscription, in order to continue producing content that helps, benefits and transforms more people every day.

Our dream is to create a large Spanish-speaking community that is committed to ancestral knowledge and that spends their time in entertainment that improves their lives. A Community that understands that the transformation of each one of us is the only possible engine for a more conscious world and society.

Together we will achieve it!