Superfoods - Nori

Nori is a Japanese term used to refer to edible varieties of seaweed from the various species of red algae. Its size is small and it can also be eaten raw. In Japan more than 600 km2 of coastline are used to produce tons of this vegetable; Nori production and processing is an advanced form of agriculture and is led by this country followed by China. Seaweed is recognized as a food of great nutritional value. They also provide a touch of sea flavor that is increasingly appreciated and gives a lot of play to gastronomic creations. It contains provitamin A, ideal for maintaining healthy and strong hair, as well as to protect nails against the appearance of stretch marks. Its high content of antioxidant vitamins makes it an essential food for healthy and cared for skin. Recipes: -Nori as a condiment - Nori seaweed salad - Nori balls with rice