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Shiitake mushrooms have been cultivated in China and Japan for over a thousand years. They originally grow on the wood of Japanese oak, but the evolution of cultivation has led to it being grown on the wood of other trees. Shiitake mushrooms are the main source of protein in several Asian countries. You should include them in your diet if you are thinking of becoming a vegetarian because of their high protein intake. In addition, they have been traditionally used in Chinese and Japanese medicine to strengthen the immune system and extend life; when you have high defenses, your body is less prone to infectious diseases. Recipes: - Broccoli Wok with Shiitake - Shiitake and Miso Soup - Shiitake Pasta

When autumn comes

cold and rain also come

And magic happens

in the woods

What I have around me is a wonderful mushroom cultivation shiitake, This one

This mushroom is native to China and Japan and has been cultivated there for more than 1000 years, currently it is a crop that has been proliferating around the world and Russia has become one of the largest producers of canned shiitake, selling it mainly in vinegar

It is a mushroom with a soft texture, fragrant, in fact it is also called scented mushroom and it is appreciated in gastronomy everywhere

What else can we tell you about shiitake? One of the most interesting fact is that it is one of the most important sources of protein in Asia

It is sold fresh, dry and it has got lovers and detractors, If you want to know a little more, come with me to the forest

Did you know that shiitake mushrooms are the main source of protein in several Asian countries? If you are thinking of becoming a vegetarian, this mushroom must be in your diet

Did you know that in traditional Chinese medicine it is considered an efficient aphrodisiac? It has recognized tonic properties and is appreciated for being an energy food

Did you know that it is the second most cultivated mushroom in the world? Shiitake mushrooms can be grown in several substrates, but the best crop is the ancestral, in oak wood, guaranteeing a superior quality in the product and in its flavor

This is Dr

Sánchez, nutritionist from Hifas da Terra and he's going to tell us a little more about this superfood

Well, the shiitake has the nutritional characteristics of many mushrooms and also some more particular

In general mushrooms have high protein content, vegetable protein, compared to other plant foods, protein that has essential amino acids, which meat, fish, etc do not have

That's why it has a high quality protein, as we call it

it also contains important minerals, it has vitamins such as vitamin B12

They have very low sodium compounds, low calories compounds as well, almost no fat at all, also have special componentsl, which are beta-glucans

We are now investigating, all over the world, in relation to the effect that beta-glucans can have about the body in general

because the mushroom is a

an organism

The fungi kingdom, which is a great absorber of the matter from which it survives, then that organic matter that really feeds the mushroom

and so on, it is what we are working on

It is a mushroom with a great controlled content of all of nutrients

Those fresh nutrients are sometimes not easy to get

So the mushroom in brine is used there, it can lose some properties while in brine and gain others, such as electrolytes, minerals

And then the dried mushrooms, which dehydrated properly, for example, at less than 40 degrees per dehydration it will preserve some properties, and it is practically the same

as the mushroom has a high water content

And how long does a dry mushroom last? A dry mushroom lasts a long time, that is, the key is to hydrate it well, as it is indicated in the wrapping

following the indications and that, because there's an expiration period that the law requires you to keep, but if it's done, more or less, a packet of mushrooms can last up to for 3 years

3 years keeping its properties? yes, indeed

Any recipe for shiitake mushroom? Since you are a nutritionist you will have something to tell us

Well, I can say how I like the shiitake mushroom, I like it grilled, that's it

no garlic


a pinch of salt and that's it

a pinch of salt and little oil

It tastes delicious

If you use some kind of species it changes the taste actually

that is why I like it just grilled, but It can be eaten in different ways

with scrambled eggs, baked, cooking it as if it were the protein of any dish, instead of

meat like a grilled steak, as you say

with pasta, rice, risotto

there are multiple varieties, it is a very tasty mushroom

And also has a metabolically interesting component, such as lipid-lowering which lowers blood cholesterol levels there are already studies and clinical trials done in patients, with extracts from it

In japan actually there is a component of shiitake which is lentinan and is already authorized to be used as an agent in several pathologies, including oncological pathologies


It is really interesting

So we should take the organic one, shouldn't we? Indeed

We should take the organic as long as it is controlled well conserved but the control of the strain is really important the control of natural substrate is also very important

It's all of this what gives the mushroom

let's say

its properties

Well, thank you very much Ricardo

It balances the negative symptoms caused by chemotherapy

It is anticancer

it stimulates the immune system

it lowers cholesterol levels

it stabilizes blood sugar levels

If you don't know the dehydrated shiitake yet today you will

It's a mushroom with different sizes

smaller, larger and when dry it is really hard, almost like a pebble

Normally it has the stem cut, some come stemmed, but are generally not eaten because it is too stringy and tough even after it has been in soaking, after having been cooked

so if you have one with a long stem always cut it off, either dehydrated or fresh

When dehydrated mushroom are put to soak, for about half an hour in warm water, they softens a lot and here we already have a mushroom with that chewy texture more like fungus

It smells a lot

This mushroom is called aromatic mushroom in Asia, in addition to shiitake and it really is

Now I'm going to show you as it really is, these are particularly large, In other words, there is a certain difference between one and the other

But it's like a hood It does not have the stem because we don't eat it and it is just as aromatic, the smell of the dehydrated mushroom is more intense, but it also smells a lot, especially when it is put it in the pot or wok

What are we going to make today? Shiitake mushroom wok with broccoli

Let's light the fire to a 7 if you have a vitro, 8

it depends on the heat it generates

The first thing we are going to do is

I have no olive oil

Add virgin olive oil a colour quite spectacular and scent


stir-fry red onion which is very aromatic too, it always adds a touch of color to the dishes in this wok, a small onion, What is next to add? Grated ginger, it is also smelly, it is going to give a spicy touch, I warn you, this is a pretty Asian dish so do not use all this

Just a touch

to taste it is up to you, and mix well

What is interesting about the wok? Well, it allows you to cook vegetables really fast so that they do not lose their properties, it is a bit like browning

And that's it

It is also really fast

cooking fast food is not always bad, otherwise ask Asian people who are experts in healthy fast food

It is already well mixed, Next thing to add is fresh shiitake mushroom, it's already cut

The mushroom also cooks quite quickly, at first they release a lot of water, a lot of juice It already smells of ginger, onion, mushroom, it is a delight

Increase the fire a little to cook faster in a few minutes you will notice the shiitake reducing in size, releasing juice

I'm here in the kitchen fumes


next ingredient to be added is broccoli

What about the broccoli? Put it to steam for 5 minutes, put it in a pot with a little water, close it and just let it cook for about 10 minutes or so so this way it keeps an intense green color and the crunchy texture

Add broccoli

This is a really light dish but with a high protein content

the shiitake

And one last little piece Remove it all and continue to sauté, It smells great

It's almost done Final touches

pine nuts, they have a special flavor

put a handful

And to finish the unmistakable touch of a wok, soy sauce

Stir fast

I'll try not to make a mess Ok, It's done

A wok in 7 minutes

What? Fast food

Another easy and quick recipe is to make pasta with shiitake

What can you do to save time? Bring the pasta to a boil while you prepare everything else, I have it already made, put it aside, and cut garlic 2, 3 cloves, depends on whether it is just for you or for the whole family

Cut 3 garlic while lighting the fire so start with the mixing

Virgin olive oil, you can use a wok or you can use a large skillet, both are ok add oil to stir-fry fresh shiitake mushroom, cut and the garlic cut the last clove of garlic because it is very tasty, and also healthy

We already dedicated another episode to this superfood too

because everything is complemented

The mushroom takes more or less 4 minutes to brown not much more and you go stirring

Let it release its juice

When you see the shitake size has been reduced and the garlic is golden brown It is time to add the pasta

Take the spaghetti, you can also do it with macaroni or any pasta you like, I'm going to use my hands

Add the amount that you want, salt and begin to stir

Go mixing

A simple but really tasty pasta

Little by little the spaghetti is taking the sauce, the touch of garlic And the last thing to be added is

uhh my eyes are watering, the steam comes to me like

so, parsley

cut it quickly and put it fresh because it is intense in flavor, it gives it a touch of color

simply to stir at the end

Mmm how it smells

put it all, the combination of garlic, parsley and shiitake is medicinal, who would say that eating pasta is healthy, right? And here is today's menu


Here it is

Pasta with mushrooms

Next recipe with shiitake that I'm going to give you is a soup

We are going to make it with the dehydrated shiitake that is already cut and soft, let's keep cutting What else is in this soup? Well, it is quite simple: purple onion if you don't have purple, white onion is ok, a carrot and later if you feel like it you could add miso, because the shiitake mushroom being Asian give like that oriental touch to the soup

I encourage you to try miso, if you do not like it as it is digestive

but if you really don't want to

just use salt or give it a touch of cumin, something to lift the flavor and that's it

Cut all the shiitakes squishy, smelly

The onion is already cut, Well, I didn't want to cry on camera put a little extra virgin olive oil to brown the onion while I cut the carrot

Give it power


Cut the carrot into thin slices

Amounts are up to you, really

If you are going to make a broth for later days or drinking it at the moment

I'm going to make a mini soup for myself

Add the onion to the oil that surely is already hot

I really like to cut it into julienne strips but if the onion is not exactly your thing, then

smaller, squares it is

it will also do

Stir so that it gets golden

What else can I tell you about

about the shiitake mushroom? A few years ago it was not found fresh, finding them dehydrated was the normal, now finally it is really accessible and it changes a lot in flavor, there are people who curiously prefer them dehydrated to fresh

So it's a matter of trying

I personally use both because, it is true that, there are differences in taste and according to the dish


For example


I like it more with dehydrated, it has a more intense flavor, it is usually smaller in size and you could even put them whole

The onion is browning

add carrot, shiitake that's it

add water

Shiitake is amazing it already smells, it is not even cooking and it smells a lot all you have to do is let to cook for about 20 minutes, so you can leave the kitchen

Bowl, bowl, ladle

Let's try this amazing soup about 20 minutes have passed, so I have had time to take a walk and serve

It smells amazing it has a wonderful colour

so pretty and here it is

Well this soup is perfect as a starter, lunch or dinner, It's perfect

perfect for freezing winter

As you can see, the shiitake is a really versatile food that you can include quickly in many ways

Let's review the recipes we have made: A wonderful shitake wok with pine nuts and broccoli, A pasta easy shiitakes, garlic a little parsley and finally a soup, a winter soup

Asian people say: that shiitake helps you live longer So if you want to live longer, you better buy it now

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