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Incorporating lemon into our diet will keep us young and help prevent many diseases. Among the main virtues of lemon are its powerful antioxidant properties, it contains almost 30 components in addition to the appreciated Vitamin C. Eating it is a true anti-aging, it could be considered one of the elixirs of eternal youth. It also improves external aspects such as hair, skin and nails. Recipes: - Lemonade with honey - Multifruit juice - Dressing with lemon

Today, you will learn a bit more about lemon A fruit that has, probably, been in your pantry since you were little

that maybe you have had it when you had the flu

or even in summer you have had it lemonade

About 20 million years ago citrus fruits appeared in the world

in Southeast Asia These citrus have been changing, thanks to genetic modifications by natural selection and also by manipulation of mankind, until reaching the citrus fruits as we know them nowadays

In particular, the lemon spread throughout the world thanks to the great migratory movements and the great conquests like those of Alexander the Great, Roman Empire or the conquest of America

But it was the Arabs who have produced them in the Mediterranean It was already mentioned in literature around the 12th century, which said about the properties and virtues of this fruit, which is really aromatic

this is a lemon tree, it is a beautiful tree, and besides having its fruit function it has a decorative function, we can see it in many streets of the Mediterranean countries, decorating the streets

like for example in Greece or in the south of Spain

Lemon is a winter fruit, although we can see it in the markets all year round, it is harvested from autumn to spring

How do you do this? We could do it by hand

by pulling, but that spoils the tree, normally it is collected with pliers so as not to pull the leaves and take care of the fruit

This is usually done when it is quite green, like this one we have here

that way, they are assured to have a long life on the market

but if you are lucky enough to have a lemon tree in your garden, or in your orchard, ideally you should expect it to turn more yellow and pick it up almost when it is ready to make juice

It is the most sensitive citrus fruit to cold even though it is a winter fruit, it seems a contradiction, but it needs a lot of sun and a temperate climate to develop properly, and if it suffers frosts it can be bad to eat

It has enormous amounts of vitamin C, which is generally known, but in addition to that, it has a lot of antioxidant components, in fact it has more than 30

who is it suitable for? for everyone who has a lot of physical wear and tear, or high demands for antioxidants such as smokers or sportspeople

also mothers who are breastfeeding or pregnant women

in the past, it was used to prevent scurvy, which is a disease that has almost disappeared but was previously associated with seafarers, people who did not eat fresh products for long periods of time

Some sailors always carried it inside their provisions to make sure that people did not get sick, to ensure the supply of vitamin C, which is very important for our body, and the British navy forced this inside their provisions

which is a fun fact

Nowadays scurvy is almost non-existent but even so, the lemon helps us to prevent respiratory diseases and practically all kinds of diseases because antioxidants are a necessary component for our body's health and balance, and the more antioxidants the better

it is an anti-ageing food

Did you know that the Romans used lemons to prevent moths from damaging clothing? Did you know that if you have problems with excessive sweating, massaging your armpits with lemon can help balance it out? Did you know that Casanova believed that lemon had contraceptive properties and he used it, not very successfully, to try to prevent pregnancies from his lovers? It has almost 30 antioxidant components It has high doses of vitamin C, it improves the quality of hair, skin and nails It is very effective in eye health, it improves the circulatory system, is a great astringent, It is rich in potassium and calcium

We use lemons in many dishes such as fish, meats, as aromatic in pastries It can be used grated as a condiment How are you going to get more properties out of lemon? Honestly

taking it raw

like a raw fruit

Remember the lemonade your grandma or mom used to prepare? or even yourself? It is quite simple to make

it is squeezing a lemon, adding water to taste, depending on how you like the acidity, and normally a lot of sugar is added

but you can replace sugar with honey

because this also has many properties and thus enhance the vitamins of the lemon and you will get a refreshing drink for the summer, delicious for the winter, for all year

but much healthier

a simple way to take the lemon is in the morning and on an empty stomach

I have become very fond of this

and it is as simple as taking a knife, cutting the lemon in half

it is very important that you are on an empty stomach

and with a wooden stick

like an Asian food stick

you break the lemon fibre

and then

Squeeze it with your hand

if you have one of those electric and metal squeezers, don't use it

because metal doesn't suit citrus fruits at all

it's much better to use the wooden stick it is really easy to make

just squeeze with your hand nothing else is needed

get all the juice out of it

the you do the other half

because lemon is like a powerful vitamin C pill

We have to stop buying vitamins at the pharmacy

that's why we have superfoods such as lemon

Squeeze Squeeze again

you'll get a lot of juice

In this way you will be assured of your daily vitamin C intake Then, what do you do with this? because this has a strong taste so add a little warm or hot water

depends on taste and also the acidity that you are able to bear I love acidity


This is enough for me For people who are sensitive to acidity

put a little honey

but the ideal is to take it like this

This cleanses and awakens the stomach They even say that it takes away the addiction to coffee

because you drink this first thing in the morning

and who wants a coffee after drinking a lemon? This gives the sensation of being clean, it is an absolute delight

Lemon juice first thing in the morning

if you find the taste of lemon too acidic, another way to take it raw or fresh, is to mix it with other fruits

Let's make a delicious shake

The recipe is a little exotic because it has curry and avocado, which is another superfood

Have blender prepared

all ingredients cut up

First add avocado An organic avocado if possible banana, which is almost another superfood

If you take this for breakfast you don't have to eat anything else

Star ingredient Tangerine juice If you did not have mandarin, orange would be ok

but the mandarin is

huh is spectacular

Then add to taste

so there is liquid and the mixer can work properly And here comes the lemon twist It is, also, squeezed And again to taste

this depends on each one I like it with enough lemon


curry and salt

you didn't expect curry, did you? I also recommend a teaspoon of coffee

more or less or even half of it

salt will enhance sweet

as weird as it might sound

Put everything aside

cover the blender and start it

Here it is

the antioxidant, vitamins, potassium-charged juice that can satiate an elephant

Grand avocado smoothie

Another way to drink raw lemon

is with seasonings

Let's make a hyper energetic seasoning

not only for the lemon and all the antioxidants here

but also for the rest of the ingredients which also have superpowers

Organic virgin olive oil, organic honey, lemon of course, sesame which is wonderful

my mother used to tell me ¨open sesame¨ and made me eat it and a pinch of salt

It is quite easy


olive oil

it smells like fruit

add to taste

Add salt and lemon put all the juice next

1 or 2 tablespoons of honey

depends on how sweet you want it

Let's put two This honey smells amazing

a second tablespoon

place the tablespoon on the cover so it won't dirty half of a tablespoon of salt More or less then 2 or 3 handfuls of sesame The more the better so it gets crunchier

and mix

It's really easy

what can you do with this seasoning? well

all salads can be dressed with it

Fish can, also be dressed with it

It will bring a sweet touch that may seem exotic to you but it is delicious Little by little honey is falling apart

is getting thicker

I'd would eat it just like this

When winter comes, it is also recommendable to take vitamin C to prevent illnesses, colds

everything related to lung, throat

Which is why I'm going to give you a delicious, warm easy-to

make infusion recipe

for when it's cold Take hot water You have already warmed it up add about half the cup And what are you going to do first? even if it seems a little strange, add the honey To dilute it

I like it with two teaspoons of honey but this depends on how sweet tooth each one is


and two

Dilute honey So that later it mixes well with the rest of the infusion

If you like the intensified lemon flavor

Once you have it, in addition to being cute, add sliced pieces which will enhance the flavor even more

Then add freshly squeezed lemon juice

don't save it otherwise it will lose all vitamins

to taste I like it strong and again

warm water the good thing about this infusion is that it should not be left to rest

unlike tea

And finally

the magic touch mint

delicious put it in the infusion, which only shows the leaves at the top so it gets soaked And what do we have here? A delicious lemon infusion perfect for autumn and winter

Now, with this infusion recipe the lemon episode is closed I've given you 4 simple tips: remember to drink raw and squeezed by hand lemon in the morning, with a little hot water The delicious dressing, perfect for several salads

we have also made an energetic shake And an infusion for cold season afternoons I hope you liked it And that you finally start to include this powerful fruit in your diet


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