Yoga to improve your life 2: Asanas to strengthen your abs.

Today's practice is focused on strengthening the abdominal or core area. In yoga, the abdomen is the axis from which the strength and balance of the body emerges, which is why many of its postures or asanas involve its activation. Keeping the abdomen strong improves your posture. The muscles of the hips, abdomen and lower back are responsible for keeping your spine upright and preventing wear and tear. If you spend long hours in front of a computer, it is common for your posture to suffer, and you tend to slouch forward or lean to one side or the other. The same is true if you spend long hours standing. Keeping your core muscles in shape promotes correct back posture and helps you avoid back pain. Another advantage is that it increases balance, reduces the risk of injury, relieves back pain, helps the breathing process, stimulates digestion: while exercising these muscles, we also massage the internal organs responsible for digestion, reduces visceral fat: this is the fat that accumulates in the abdominal area, next to vital organs such as the liver. It is more dangerous than peripheral fat, which is the fat that accumulates in the extremities, as it generates a series of toxic substances that give rise to metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance, which is related to metabolic diseases (hypertension, diabetes), but also to other conditions such as osteoarticular pathologies or respiratory problems. This fat manifests externally as a bulging of the waist area, and is more common in men, and in women from the age of 60 onwards. By exercising the muscles in the abdominal area we gradually get rid of this harmful fat, which not only improves the silhouette but also reduces the risk of serious diseases. And it also boosts your self-esteem: working this area of the body makes you feel stronger and more confident in your abilities. This is not only because it aesthetically improves your figure by reducing your waistline and improving your posture, but also because your vital energy lies in this area. Keeping it toned and fit is a way to increase this energy and will make you feel more powerful.