Hatha: Open Your Heart With Back Spine Extensions

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This class strengthens your back muscles and opens your heart. Starting with a warm-up, the intensity of the asanas is gradually increased towards deeper stretches. Step by step and with a pleasant flow, the posture goes from the inside out, giving more freedom to the body and mind. The extensions are also energetic postures.

Hello, my name is Marieke Kristeman, today we are going to do a practice of backward back movements, to strengthen the back muscles, that you will discover this practice by doing it and enjoy it and have a great time

Let's get on all fours, with our hands just below the shoulders, knees below the hips, and we're going to bring our weight, a little bit forward, you're going to feel your dolls and backwards

Forward, and backward

Forward and backward

Now, let's go to go up at "adho mukha svanasana, lengthen your spine well, relax

shoulders and lengthen well the whole spine, upwards, backwards

Activate your legs, inner leg, towards each other and carrying your hip upwards and your coccyx backwards, relax, hold

Now let's go forward, we're going to go to plank, hold the plank, five seconds

One, two, three, four and five

Again, backwards, hold, relax your shoulders, lengthen the spine well, lengthens the legs well, up and back, and again, forward, plank

One, two, three, four, five

And again, down, but upside down, hold, ??????????????? relax

Leads, pulls the abdomen back and lengthens the spine, activate your legs, and back on all fours, we go to move our back, first a little bit to the sides, swaying and now, let's inhale, opening our chest, exhaling again, we're going to open, we're going to round up the back

Let's do three: open your chest exhaling, from the coccyx, downward, round the back, take the coccyx up, drop your abdomen, open your chest, look up

Once again, tailbone down, round, there you hold, push the hands down and raise the shoulders a little bit, look now to the navel, and now again, towards the dog, upside down


Inhale, right leg in the air, stretch well

and with the next exhalation we're going to take it outside of our hand right, your left knee on the ground and lengthen your instep, your right knee on the ground, your leg is in line with the gluteus, internal turn of your leg, lengthen well

Now, inhale, first open your chest and with the exhalation, forward, we're going to carry our elbows on the ground, you can turn and lengthen the back leg, a little bit more, with the exhalation, bring your abdomen towards your sacrum and relax all your right hip

We are now opening the hips, the right hip and the left hip, lengthen the leg well and now, the left leg, also let the muscles to soften with each exhalation, the muscle surrenders

Hold one more breath

Now, flex your back fingers, put your hands on the floor, up and with a big circle, back again, towards the back, towards downward facing dog

Again, lengthen your legs, lengthen your spine, relax your shoulders, connect your legs

with your breath, relax your neck and again with the inhalation, left in the air, with the exhalation out of your hand left, bring your right knee on the ground, lengthen your instep, internal twist of the thigh, of the back leg, maintaining the two iliac crests at one line

Now the foot, toes well on the ground, inhale first, to lengthen the spine by opening your chest and with the next exhalation, we're going to bring the elbows in, on the ground, hip opening again


With each exhalation, you're going to go a little deeper, let that the muscle with the exhalation relaxes and you can go a little bit more creating a little bit of space in this whole part, which is the center of the hip

of your body

Hold, relax, one more breath, relax the shoulders

And now, the hands on the ground, flex the back fingers, your leg lifting the knee, your leg backwards, back towards downward facing dog, we are first of all, opening the hip

Hold, inhale, right leg in the air and with the exhalation forward, we go again to put the leg in line, internal turn of the leg, lengthen well the leg internal as well, lengthening of the big toe and now the knee can be left out a little bit, first of all on the fingertips

Exhale, the abdomen towards the sacrum, from there inhaling, lifting, elevating, lengthening the spine, open your chest

Strength in the legs, put your feet on the floor, activate your legs, hold

Now, with the next inhalation, hands upward, lengthens well, keep, relax the shoulders, the gaze soft, and with the next exhalation, hands on the ground again and we're going to go forward

Again, elbows on the ground, relax

Watch again, where you feel the tension in the hips

and with the inhalation, and bring your attention to your breath there, and with the exhalation you're going to notice that maybe you can create a little bit more space, go a little bit more a little bit more down, relaxes the shoulders, leave your groin down, relax

Continue with your breath, with the breath that you are opening and you get the job done

Now with the inhalation again, hands on the floor, flex the back fingers, lift the knee, let's go back again

towards the downward facing dog, hold

Lengthen your legs well, lengthen your spine well, one more breath, connect with you

And with the next inhalation, again carrying the left leg forward, the leg from behind, twist internal rotation, lengthening well, activating, let's go to push both feet on the ground, activating both legs, first on the fingertips, exhales, carries your pubis forward, inhale, lengthen your spine, open your chest relaxed shoulders and with the next inhalation, hands upward, hold

Breathe with each lengthening inhalation, exhaling, keep the height

One more breath

We exhale, hands down, on the floor, flex the fingers back again and with the inhalation lengthening again backwards, downward facing dog, relax

Lengthen your spine well, thighs upward, backward coccyx, backward

We inhale, shoulders on top of the hands, exhale, firm your abdomen, again let's count

One, two, three, four, five

Let's take our knees on the ground and we're going down

Mouth down let's turn the inner thighs, internal rotation of the legs, lengthen the feet well, hands forward

With the exhalation, bring your pubis toward the floor, lengthen your spine well, activate your legs, push your insteps on the ground, the knees are lifted off the ground

With the next inhalation from the pelvis, with the inhalation, lengthening your spine, opening your chest, lifting your hands and your feet, keep breathing and if you can carry your feet towards each other, activating the inner leg


If that costs you, you can open, if not hold

Exhale, relax

One more breath, that's two the supinations, the extensions of the baby, but they're very intense, then I relax for a moment, after each posture

Again, we're going to do the same posture, with the exhalation and bring your pubis

downward, elongate your spine, activate your legs, with the inhalation from pelvis, inhale, lengthen your spine, open your chest, relax your shoulders, hold

Keep breathing, soft gaze and if you want now again take your feet together, keep

We exhale going down, relaxes

And now, let's bring our hands to the level of our shoulders, internal rotation of the legs again, with exhalation, bringing your pubis down, lengthen your spine, it is always important to lengthen the spine well first, before going towards a backward flexion, then, with the exhalation we lengthen, we activate legs, relax your shoulders and with the inhalation lengthen your back, open your chest

Breathe, keep breathing

Inhale, open chest, lift the legs a little bit more if you can, hold, relaxing, the soft look, we exhale

we exhale

we exhale


And let's take our hands backward, we intertwine, lengthening our arms, opening our shoulders and again internal rotation of the legs

We exhale

With the exhalation, pubis down, activate the legs, with the inhalation, we are going to lengthen the spine by opening your chest, lifting up also your legs


Lengthen well

One more breath

Exhaling, relaxes

Just a moment, the hands on the ground

Now let's go for a moment into child's pose, balasana

Forehead on the floor, connect with the sensations in your body, connect with you, empty your mind, simply watch your breath

And let's go forward again, upside down

Let's put our hands, now forward, again the same thing, inside turn to open, here the hip

Try to keep the buttocks relaxed, so as not to crack your back either

Now the hands, open the fingers, with the exhalation first of all and bring your pubis down, lengthen your spine, let's take the hands forward, with the inhalation from the pelvis, we inhale stretching the spine, opening your chest, cobra, activate feet, on the ground, hold

Maintain, if you can bring the heels together and if not if you have to open by that maybe it bothers you in the back, open, hold, exhale going down


Let's bring the hands a little bit closer, again we're going to turn the legs inward, exhale, bring the pubis down, lengthen the spine, activate the legs, again, hands forward, downward, we inhale opening if you can lengthen well, if you have to bend your elbows a little bit, that's fine too

Inhale, open chest, hold, relax your gaze, your face, breathe, buttocks are relaxed, is leg activation, we exhale, relax

Hands back for a moment, let's go to relax the lumbar in the child's posture, one moment alone, one breath, inhale, exhaling, let fall your hip toward your heels

Relax shoulders

And again, forward

Let's keep going, now we are going to go to the upside down dog position, we are going to put the hands just under our shoulders, internal rotation of the legs, the insteps and feet firmly on the ground, the knees are rising, now with the next exhalation, bring your pubis down and with the inhalation, let's go up, open your chest, hold, set your gaze forward, if you're opening more, you can go looking up, but only if your chest allows it, otherwise keep your gaze forward, firm, hands on the ground, raise shoulders, hold

And again we exhale, relax a moment

Let's go to flex the knees, with the hands we are going to take the part external part of your feet, see how far you go, maybe you have to open up a little bit, but if you can keep your knees parallel, open the shoulders and here it's the same, with the exhalation first we're going to lengthen the spine, we're going to carry the pubis down and now activation of the legs which makes us let's go up our chest upward

We exhale first, with the inhalation lengthen the feet upward, the more he can go up, the more the chest opens, activates the internal leg, gaze gently, hold keep breathing, hold

We exhale

Hands on the ground again, just a moment, backwards, relaxes

Relax your lumbar, relax your shoulders, your neck, face, the look

Again inward, towards you, we are opening our chest wide, many emotions may come, but just watch them, it's all right

Now with the next inhalation, again forward, we exhale

We are going to do the posture one more time, we are going to turn the leg internal, catching the feet, exhaling, bringing the pubis down, opens the shoulders and in the activation of the legs upward, the chest also opens, we exhale, the buttocks are relaxed, it's activation legs, up, open your chest, hold

Hold the soft look, internal leg activation, we exhale

Again, relaxes

One more breath, relax your forehead if you want on the floor, calming the mind, we inhale

Let's go now towards the position of "ustrasana", is the camel, is a posture also backwards

Let's go to lengthen the feet and the movement is the same, with the exhalation, you're going to bring the pubis forward, activating the foot on the floor, with the inhalation lengthen your spine, open your chest, shoulders back with the exhalation the pubis and hip forward, lengthening the spine and we're going to carry weight to our feet, now we inhale by opening the chest, if the chest is parallel with the ground, we are going to carry the hands towards the heels

Now you can still look ahead, if you notice that you have pain in the neck, do not let your head fall backwards, if you are well, with inhalation you open, drops your neck back, hold, inhaling, lengthening, exhaling deeper

To return, push your feet on the ground, keep in shape, immediately we're going to bow on our hip, we relax

Relax again your lumbar, relax the forehead

To come back it is important the neck, how we are going to come back and in coming back we are going to keep in shape, we're going to do it one more time, watching how we come back with the neck, not to stress the neck too much

Now, again, internal activation of the legs, towards each other, activates the leg as well

external, the buttock is relaxed, with the exhalation forward, with the inhalation, lengthen your spine, make space between the vertebrae, shoulders back, open your chest, you can put your hands in "anjali mudra" if you want

With the exhalation weight towards the legs, pubis forward, with the inhalation, open your chest, lengthen the spine

Let's take with our hands on our heels

Exhale, relax and lengthen well, open your chest and again to return, push your feet, calves, hip forward, hold, hold

We lean in English, relaxes, then it's important if we are here, that with the neck, don't do too much force, you just come back with the rest of the trunk, hold, relax for a moment

And now, let's put the mat well

Again we put on on the back, if you want we do a little bit of movements, massaging the back and now, on the back carries the knees towards the chest

Relax the shoulders downward

Relax your face, relax your eyes

You can do a little bit of movement if you want


A smile on the face

And now we are going to put the feet on the ground, bring the little fingers a little bit inward and heels outwards, that's to activate the inside leg

The little, the little tiny, little tiny fingers are also activating, for to activate the external leg, and here it's the same, again, with the exhalation, bring the pubis upward, lengthen your whole lumbar region on the floor, lengthening the spine, bring your feet downward pushing down, activating the legs, observing that easily, with the force in the gravity, our hip goes up, it's leg activation, gluteus is still more or less relaxed, keep, keep the pubis at the top, I can see it, activate the inner leg, knees towards each other, we intertwine to carry a shoulder inside, another shoulder in

Now the hands, the fingers of the hands, are towards the legs, bring the heels up a little bit so that you can put the hands on your buttock, to have the weight on your elbows


Relax, activate legs again, on the floor, push the foot

left, activates right with inhalation, going up right in the air, lengthening


Lengthen well, hold

One more breath

Activate the foot, the left leg, exhale going down, now the right foot on the ground, pushes well and again lifting the knee, brings the leg all the way up, look for ninety degrees if you can, if it's here, try to see where it's straight, although it's okay if it's not exactly, it's a good length, activates the right leg, we go down, flex the knee going down, vertebra by vertebra we're going down, relax for a moment

The knees on the chest, exhale, your mind at ease and we are going to make the position, the last position which is the bridge posture, or "setu bandhasana"

And here you can choose, you can do either the preparation, which is towards the middle or so, or lengthening the arms and legs

First of all let's start to put the hands to the side of our ears, the important thing here is that you open your fingers and push the inner hand well and the front part of the hand on the floor, elbows together, relax the shoulders, stabilizes the shoulders, feet, 570 00:32:52,736 --> 00:32:55,040 same as before, heels out a little bit and with the exhale again turn your pubis upward, lengthen the spine, with the inhalation, raising the hips in the air, lying down again, but now you put your hands backwards, we inhale, push on the hands and let's carry the weight a little bit to our head ,although the weight is also in the hands don't let it fall down all the weight, because maybe it is too much

Activates the big toe and the inner leg, bringing the pubis still upward, relax the shoulders, elbows together, hands on the ground, pushing hands, going up pubis upward, lengthen your legs if you can, open your chest, relax your head, relax your shoulders, little fingers on the floor, keep relaxed face and looks down, active, keep and we're coming back, slowly, downward again, relax the knees, towards the chest, relax the shoulders as well and relax your face

Reconnect with yourself, feel your heart, observe the opening of the heart and we go to swinging, relaxing our lumbar again, hands on the knees, lengthen your arms, make some little circles massaging sacrum on the hip and to the other side

And now stretching out my legs, fingers at you again, if you make it this far

or here, depends on where you get to, you take your legs or your fingers, whatever you want, exhale, bring your sacrum down, relax your shoulders, lengthen the legs, after supinations, leg stretches help us to relax the lumbar, again the coccyx on the floor, hold

Now let's bring the left leg on the ground, carry the leg right a little bit more towards you, the ischium still away from you, we're not going to climb down and with the next inhalation lengthens spine, open your chest, carry your forehead towards you, relax your shoulder towards calf, relax shoulders

We exhale, climbing

With the next exhalation, lowering the leg

right again activates the leg, and carry your ischium outward

Out, no, away from you

Relax the shoulders with the inhalation, from the pelvic floor, inhale, lengthen the spine, open your chest, bring your forehead towards the calf and if you're here, also well, hold, relax your shoulders, relaxes the face and if you can wear it towards your calf, keep, activate the leg that's on the ground, to keep your balance, exhale, carrying the legs, the knees back to you

And a last movement to relax the lumbar, before the end of the session, bring the knees perpendicular to the ground and with the exhalation, to one side, turning, relax your lower back, right hand, sorry, left hand on your knee, with the exhalation look to the right, both shoulders are on the ground, lengthen well, relax your lumbar, face, inhale going up and with the exhalation, to the other side, hold, look to your hands if you will, soft, relaxed gaze, exhaling turn a little more, we inhale upward feet on the ground and if they hurt, if it still hurts the lumbar, for the "savasana", you can keep the knees bent still for a moment, the soles of the feet on the floor, now we are going to open the scapulae and you are going to lengthen your legs if you want to or keep your knees bent and relax everything, integrating the postures in your body, relaxing the mind

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