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Cacao means in Greek ??? food of the gods ?? And it is no wonder since it contains multiple properties. The cocoa fruit is nothing like the already processed product that we normally consume, it is larger than a hand and bulging, with rough skin, inside its pulp is abundant and of sweet taste. The magic of cocoa resides in its seeds, which are quite bitter if eaten naturally. Include cocoa in your diet for extra energy and happiness, as it is considered a natural antidepressant. Recipes: - Pear volcano - Chocolate muesli - Cocoa and avocado mousse

Gold and precious stones are not the only treasures found by the Spanish conquistadors in the American continent

They also found black gold Small brown nuggets with an extremely bitter taste

From which the Indians extracted a drink with a particularly delicious taste

The cocoa Cocoa, what we know today as chocolate

It takes a whole process is natural from the Amazon basin

Extending almost to the south of Mexico To find cocoa we have to go to tropical rainforests it does not occur in Europe it does not occur in Europe

In Africa easily only in some countries it does not occur in Asia we need to go to a hot tropical climate Jungle what else can I tell you about cocoa? Cocoa has a sweet and delicious pulp but that's not what we use it with Product but just the seed the kernel It's the seed that hides the magic of cocoa It is extracted from the fruit goes through a process of maceration, it depends a little on the technique, sometimes it is done inside From the fruit, other times it is made on the outside Then it is dried in the sun And exported to chocolate producing countries Chocolate is the product that we know the most today and we're going to go a little bit further to a chocolate shop to understand a little bit better that Process Where do we get the delicious chocolate we love so much? What I have in my hands is the fruit of the cocoa tree Listen to Cacao in nothing resembles the cocoa drink with which the conquistador Hernán Cortés toasted

The emperor Moctezuma to the cocoa that we drink in a cup today The word "chocola" means precisely bitter drink And what this concoction consisted of Chile was mixed With roasted and ground cocoa And corn flour to emulsify achieving a soft and aromatic foam

It seems that this foam was of great importance And the Aztecs to favor it, they passed the drink from one bowl to another several times

and even the Mayans went a little bit further and designed a small grinder but how did we get there From this What is cocoa fruit To the delicious chocolate that we all love, what better than an artisan chocolate shop? To learn a little more How we got from this cocoa fruit To the chocolate behind me It smells delicious and I want to eat it right now

Did you know that Cardinal Richelieu was the first Frenchman to taste chocolate? It seems that Anne of Austria brought the chocolate recipe in her dowry, and at court it turned out to be a great success

Did you know that the first uses of cocoa in Europe were for medicinal purposes because of its invigorating properties even Aphrodisiacs the emperor Moctezuma considered it the viagra of his time did you know that dark chocolate is more satiating than milk chocolate

Scientific studies have revealed that the most concentrated dark chocolate considerably reduces appetite without the high calorie intake Meet Paul Master chocolatier What are you going to tell us A little more about what it is That's the fruit of Theobromis the cocoa fruit This is a fruit that comes from Ivory Coast, it's Creole, this is the fruit and in here there are the seeds, we get in the ports of Europe that we do a treatment for finally to get to this what is chocolate and it is very energetic because I eat chocolate and cocoa is an antioxidant What is a flabiols, the flabiols are therefore an antioxidant Which is also found in grape cucumbers

Also the apple for example Well According to medical scientists say that it is an antioxidant

that prevents serious diseases such as You can be a cancer or Cardiovascular a good quality of chocolate because it crunches When you break Crossing This is very important I didn't know that the harder the better the chocolate, the better the taste

chocolate will have, why when we have to chew it A thing in the mouth Hard mixes with oxygen and oxygen gives a better taste to chocolate Inside the process as I said before not in the roasting process the grinding of the chocolate we have a refiner That I have a small refiner back here And once it's refined or it's already broken seed They put a paste This paste has a lot of acidity because that's why I don't let you taste it because it has a lot of acidity, it's like an olive

of a tree, that when you eat it I did the test the other day Well no it's not good because it's the same with the cocoa, once we have the paste we heat it up to About 120, 140 degrees and we lower the temperature for about 70 hours

Up to about 40 degrees This makes that if we warmed up the dough and moved it What if the acidity evaporates what has the cocoa fruit Once we have extracted the maximum acidity of cocoa It turns out that we have a chocolate that has a flavor So nice and the way it tastes like how we knew it would taste in the form of chocolate Very nice Very pleasant It is a food Stimulant and euphoriant contains alkaloids so that we are more active and awake

It is an energetic food is a great antioxidant is rich in minerals as potassium phosphorus and magnesium Cocoa is a natural antidepressant and boosts the immune system and has anti-cellulite properties

Cocoa is a natural Very versatile food and we all know that it is used a lot in confectionery

But there are pastries and pastries I'm going to propose you a dessert, one of my favorite desserts

All without sugar we are going to use cocoa with honey You're going to be very surprised I have titled it I think it reminds me a little bit of my land and for the composition you'll see that it's a lot of fun, it's like a Real volcano erupting to which you can give a touch of snow decoration Which looks very cute That I have made It seems very laborious but it is not With grape juice What a peeling of pears And I put them to boil like who puts them to boil in water to make compote but in grape juice I like better the black grape because it also gives a touch of color to the pear that still remains very clear white

You peel the pear and you boil it for 15 or 20 minutes more or less with the eye

That you take the spoon and cut the pear as if it were butter Once we have this We put it aside I have melted Cocoa some 92% cocoa chocolate bars Without sugar in a bain-marie and what I have done, add honey to it The honey some people may think it's a little weird honey with chocolate, well it's spectacular

And not only that if I don't say this has honey in it and I've done the test I'm going to try it and nobody notices

So that's Take the sugar out of your life and start adding honey or other molasses it's great

With these two ingredients here we go to the third one

Hazelnut puree Hazelnut puree You can buy it in herbalists and it is already prepared, you don't have to do practically nothing, it depends a little bit on the house maybe

you find it a little bit harder, or already perfectly creamy

this one was a little bit hard and I had to work it by hand and we're going to continue to do it now with that With the juice From the pears the grape juice that is hot You can take advantage of it To make it creamier to see if I can make it Let's put a little bit Hazelnut puree by the way We give it sweetness Because here the sugar Is forbidden It's about taking advantage of The very sweetness of the elements that we have from the fruit in this case especially And since the grape juice is warm This right away Stir well which is becoming A cream in the meantime you have prepared the containers for this dessert some simple little glass cups are enough And why transparent glass For the visual effect It's a super nice dessert and it has to be seen Well let's put a little bit more juice to make it even more so More Creamy it's more the grape juice has a lot of properties and it's very sweet Yes, it is No sugar added And if possible of organic origin And we keep on stirring the hazelnut cream is like butter And this is a dessert and we could say that it is antidepressant Why chocolate is a real antidepressant, it's stimulating, it's got a lot of Antioxidant properties and hazelnut is also a great food for the brain

So this is a dessert that will put you in a good mood

once I get the texture I want Make it thick but Let it fall that it can move This is the base of the dessert With the little glasses you are going to make a little cushion of hazelnut cream you put a good base Smells amazing the aroma of hazelnuts is spectacular And when you open the mash pot You'll see that there's a little bit of oil on the top that oil you can use To make a facial mask We set aside Let's go for the pears Take out We have carefully peeled the pears You are going to put them upside down like a little mountain In this one Bed Perfect which in addition to the density makes An ideal base We take another pear To Place it smells delicious We're almost done, this dessert is super super super fast to make and easy the only thing that takes a little bit of time is cooking the pears and it only takes 15 minutes

And now we move on to this delicious Chocolate Melt With honey And this is when the volcano Hatches explodes and you're dropping The lava What is super cool the kids love it Especially this moment and you dip it in chocolate, whatever you like

it's falling, falling, falling you can almost cover it The pear, let's go with the other one it's quite a fun way to take fruit cy different We bathe completely, here are these volcanoes how nice Maybe I'll stain my mouth And to decorate A little bit of snow I am using Flakes Quinoa But you could also use coconut Or any element that you like or chopped hazelnuts or super cute quinoa flakes Ready to eat because it is eaten warm

Cold is also tasty But I prefer it in the version Tempered I love breakfast it's one of my favorite times of the day and also one of my best meals I love to eat Abundantly take everything because the energy that you eat during breakfast is what is going to give you gas

For the rest of the day so I suggest you make your own in granola today

What's granola is what we call muesli also But the peculiarity is that we're going to make a chocolate muesli

You're going to see what is far, far superior to any cereal you can buy out there with chocolate

Because this you make it with whatever ingredients you want The muesli They give you leeway to use almost anything you like The base is usually oat flakes or wheat flakes or barley flakes

And from there it's all about adding It's about mixing all the ingredients in a very big bowl, you need space

First of all oat flakes Loose oat flakes, there are two types of oats in the market, one is called soft oatmeal and the other one Plain oatmeal which is a little bit harder for muesli better the harder oatmeal

And we place a little bit by eye what has to be there the most It is cereal The following Quinoa flakes You could also put the quinoa itself because then this is going to be baked for 30 to 45 minutes

And it's going to give it an incredibly crunchy touch

to taste today we're going to put Flakes Quinoa Less than oatmeal And after I chose me Nuts If you add a little bit of chopped, peeled walnuts so that it's not so laborious Another way to chop the walnuts a little bit faster with your own knife the clap, clap, clap, clap you make them tiny

I like it very much to do it with my hands and I already have Nuts over here We add sunflower seeds handful, two this is a little bit to each person's taste, what do you like in your daily muesli? Well, of that, you put more Pumpkin seeds Pumpkin seeds nuts nuts nuts dried fruits They are put raw because they are going to be roasted later in the oven if you put them toasted Then they can be a little over flavored we add Quite a pumpkin and we already have The base of cereal, seeds and nuts remuevela For the muesli The chocolate is the last thing we are going to add When the mixture has already gone through the oven and it's crunchy because it would melt

Yes we have to have the chocolate chips to give it the final touch How it's going to be warm it's going to take a point Super interesting I will also add red fruit Dried cranberry That's also put at the end because I already have the texture that we like for a breakfast if we put it into The oven can burn us are quite delicate

Then we add oil, it's important to give this oily touch to the muesli because it's going to help it to be much more crunchy afterwards

I'm going to use extra virgin olive oil because I'm a fan, it gives it a very interesting touch

Sometimes it is used in other types of vegetable oils that are milder in flavor

Or also coconut oil that gives it a delicious point Avanti with the oil also helps us a lot with the mixture It's a little bit by eye Honey A few spoonfuls of honey Two or three To be removed Stir the mixture little by little, I'm going to add a little more honey

Mixing very quickly I'm going to show it To be seen It's loose but we want a touch more creamy so we're going to add a little more honey And another touch of oil And the final touch Is to add a pinch of salt Because salt Salt always enhances the flavor of things and also the sweetness

So it is fundamental Add salt a little bit we don't want a salty muesli be careful We finish stirring if you would like to make a cocoa muesli Still with a more intense flavor you could put cocoa powder in this mixture try it

And that's it The mixture perfect, with the texture What we are looking for It looks a little bit shiny And it's loose And now what do we do baking tray, I have over here We are going to overturn All the content And make like a bed, as flat as possible

There's no need to spread butter or oil on the tray, because it's already oiled

Turn it all upside down it smells so good and let's go Crushing little by little The oven while you have turned it on You're going to put At a temperature of Approximately 130 degrees May be between 30 and 45 minutes But you have to stir it more or less every 15 minutes, take a look at it because also every oven is different and some ovens that even though by 130 heats more they heat less Careful not to get burned And there we have quasi granola delicious What will we have left And with the tray ready to go to the oven You open You place it in the center And you let it rest Remember Every 15 minutes open Take a look to make sure it doesn't burn and stir with a wooden spatula to check The cereals have there that are alive And you leave it again that you see that it holds more then your oven requires a little more time and it will go to 40 or 45 minutes

See you in a little while Time to take the tray out of the oven Take 2 wipes Or something to protect you from the heat And very carefully Don't burn yourself We put it on The mixture is still soft If we stir it with a spoon, it will completely dissolve But it's time to add red fruits As you like I love them, it gives it an incredible touch

Besides having many properties And last but not least The star ingredient Nuggets Cocoa dark chocolate that Smell amazing Now it's time to put it on because it's going to melt a little bit

and it's going to take texture with the rest of the dough You put All you want Whatever you like Well loaded with chocolate this is super energetic Perfect for breakfast And also to have a snack of course This must be left to cool It's not crispy It should be about an hour or so You're going to get a pretty hard texture and the next thing you had to do is Break it with a spoon into teeny teeny teeny teeny teeny teeny teeny teeny teeny pieces in a glass jar

With an airtight seal put it inside and you'll have muesli for two weeks, I'll show it again

although maybe the nuggets will fall out a little bit

here is this granola Magic Energetic and chocolatey Another way to take natural cocoa is to do it in powdered form Without added sugar And you can add it to a lot of desserts of recipes Why not to beverages you could also have a latte with a touch of cocoa is Super super aromatic What I propose A cocoa mousse And avocado yes sir how it sounds cocoa and avocado mousse We cut an avocado that is ripe and ripe The avocado will give us that mousse texture because it is not really a mousse, it's like a false mousse

And we put it in in the blender torcitos If it is for many people Two avocados If it's for you someone else with one enough depends also on the size of the fruit The mixture of these two ingredients is super energetic It is a fabulous dessert that you could have with a light meal because it's very nutritious

And in the afternoon the third sport, you're going to be Full of vigor this one here is already cut the following honey What amount of honey we are going to put Well, if you are Yes very picky with the quantities half a cup of honey If you want to do it with a spoon it is more or less equivalent to 4 tablespoons

Grandotas and here they go one Two maybe I could think that sweet Not really Why avocado is not sweet at all despite being a fruit and neither is natural cocoa powder

So we need something uplifting The flavors really give it the dessert touch

To the plate How much cocoa we add Well, a quarter of a glass These little glasses are very good for measuring if you have a big glass, that's all

a quarter and it's going in It's mixed at best It's a little bit heavy Apparently and what do we do to make the mixer walk? A little touch of oat milk You could also use rice milk, hazelnut milk, with that hint of nuts

Or if you like cow's milk then a fresh organic cow's milk

It's a little touch because we don't want to make a milkshake we have to have that texture

Just to make the mixer run, let's try it like this

And we get it running ready for the noise

Ready If you want to give it a special touch you could add a few drops of coconut oil It gives it a touch Curious, you could also add two drops of vanilla essence

That also looks great And here we have this one mousse which is almost like mush that's why we call it mousse and you just serve You have to have a little patience with the mixer

when they are ingredients dense And what do you do with this now to the fridge Let it cool down well and in a couple of hours You will have A delicious dessert As you can see, cocoa is a product that gives a lot of play in the kitchen

Beyond the chocolate bar that you already know, we can include it in a lot of recipes

We review them We made a delicious granola perfect for breakfast, perfect for getting energy perfect For almost everything even as dinner with yogurt We have made a beautiful pear and chocolate volcano This is already hyper energetic and the next dessert is also a mousse of Avocado and cocoa powder Chocolate has made us all fall in love with it, right because you can give it up

Drink without sugar and in a lot of different ways so get your body energized buy cocoa Pure and dye your life with Chocolate

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