Superfoods - Asparagus

Asparagus is a matted shrub that grows in dry, sunny soils. Asparagus is the new shoot of this shrub and is born from its root. As a vegetable it has been used since ancient times due to its delicate flavor and as a medicine it has many qualities, one of the best known is its diuretic power, although its high mineral content should be noted and that it is one of the plants with the highest amount of folic acid , very important before and during pregnancy and to compensate for states of anemia. Green and white asparagus are totally different varieties, the white one grows underground, it is the root, while the green one is the sprout that receives sunlight and therefore performs the function of chlorophyll, which gives it other properties. It is also called wild asparagus, whose wild variety is more expensive and highly appreciated. Recipes: - Asparagus salad - Sautéed asparagus with orange dressing.