Standing postures with a wall

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Yoga series aimed at calming the discomforts of the days before the menstrual period. The goal is to make your menstrual cycle more bearable.

Hello my name is Silvia Jaén and then we are going to practice a serie that will be fundamental in those days before menstruation

In which are produced certain cramps, slightly unpleasant punctures at the level of the belly

Due to the small contractions that the uterus has before and many times during menstruation

What are we going to achieve with this? With this, what we are going to achieve is to create a lot of space in the entire belly area, learn above all to breathe to provoke that calm and that passivity in the abdomen

And that ovaries and uterus are benefited by this

In such a way that your cycles are much more bearable, less painful and even if you are of the people, of the women that usually have a flow quite large, well let's avoid this happened

This type of posture that we are going to practice today

So I hope you enjoy it

Let's start cross-legged, with the hands on the knees putting awareness in the posture, feeling how you are sitting correctly on the hamstrings to stretch well your column to the sky

Then you make a circle with your shoulders back and down

Always trying to have a lot of space in the area of the shoulders and clavicles, and therefore, at the height of the diaphragm

What do we get out of this? That the belly can be lengthened better, widen and calm at the same time, while you are in this posture

So maintaining stability and straightening your column well towards the ceiling, let that those physical spaces that you have created are filled with your deep breath

You can close your eyes or you can keep them open, looking straight ahead but avoiding it to a fixed point

Try to make the glance wider that you can cover the whole room that you are in, in such a way that the glance doesn't focus on a point where it makes you tense somehow your gaze and therefore the brain

So without further ado, eyes closed or open whatever you prefer

You keep your spinal column straight and contact with your breath

Put awareness in the belly trying not to have any kind of tension for that, try to support you well on the hamstrings

That the tendency of the posture is not to go forward, nor going too far back

Sit the hamstrings well on the floor

And it's like you draw a straight line from each of them upwards, thus ensuring that your column stretch out and let your belly relax


Very slowly you will open your eyes until you look ahead

Let's start with the first posture "supta baddha konasana"

For this we will need three blankets and a belt

Well, with the blankets as they are folded, as on other occasions we have done, you fold them lengthwise

One more in the same way matching the round edge, with the other round edge of the other blanket

That's it and a third blanket for the head

Folded into a square

Very good, having this we are going to place the support straight

That's it, well aligned so that later you do not twist

You sit on the blankets pass the belt over you, in front of your groins, and under your feet

And once this is done, with the feet together, you wear the belt well, below the sacrum

Belt attracts, backward

Preventing it from riding up towards the lumbar spine, all the time under the sacrum

And as much as you can


As you can, get down to the floor

You stand in front of the blankets, and you put the belt back a little below the sacrum

Okay, and then you're going to lie down

You lie on the blanket

You adjust the head blanket in contact with your shoulders and with your hands you take your buttocks forward, this is very important so that the lumbar area relaxes and stretches

Once we are here, the legs are completely passive as well as the feet

Weave together the elbows

You pull them a little bit towards the back wall lengthening your sides, lengthening the neck and letting the throat calm

This is a very important position, both for when you are preparing for menstruation, and when you are in it

Because the belly here is loose, lengthens, widens, with which ovaries and uterus are completely relaxed

Very important, to avoid those nasty cramps that you have throughout, during or before menstruation, and to be able to do make it a little more bearable

Leave your legs relaxed

There is no tension in the abdomen, quite the opposite

With the aid of your arms you pull back

And that space that you are creating now you fill with your deep breath

You change the crossing of the elbows and keep pulling them back


Passivity in the throat, passivity in the belly

Very slowly, keeping that lengthening on the sides, you leave your arms at the sides of your body on the floor

A few more moments

Bringing attention to the abdomen

Letting it sink deeper with each exhalation, letting it loose up more


Now let's loosen the belt

Spin slowly on any of your sides, and with the help of your hands you get up

We take off the belt

And we will put it aside along with the blankets

Okay, we are going to sit like this, separating our feet as much as possible

Trying to keep it inside the mat

If the separation between them is not very big, go back a little more but try to always keep them inside, because if they stay outside they will slip away, closing due to inertia, and what we want to do is to open up a little more

With the help of your hands you pull out your buttocks sideways and back, you even lean forward a little to be properly seated on the sitting bones

Done this, with very firm legs and vertical foot, you rest your hands behind you, on your fingertips, flexing the elbows a little and from here on we are going to stretch the column well towards the ceiling

That's it, trying all the time that the shoulders go well back

Head in line with your spine

That's it, very firm legs

If your spine stretches, the belly will also stretch, and that's what we have to do so that breathing can move better and the belly is calm

Keep in mind that this entire area is the one that we are going to be working through the action of the legs, of the arms in some positions so that it has that space it needs, for this moment that right now is yours and you need to work with subtlety and smoothness


Remember that your gaze is wide, panoramic, as we did at the beginning of the session

Very good

Keeping the spine as stretched as possible, we are going to bend the legs, join the soles of the feet

If there is no problem in the knees and lower back, take the feet, the heels as much as you can towards the pubis and holding the ankles or shins, where you are most comfortable, do a traction with the arms back to try again to straighten posture to the maximum

That's it

Little by little let your legs fall towards the floor and do not tend to tense, when they tense they tighten and rise up produces a tension also in the hips with the result that it will go directly to the belly, and it won't allow us to have ease in this area or passivity in this area, what we are working today, for this special moment for you


Okay, now we are going to rest our right elbow on your right leg

Pushing the thigh with this arm, lean a little to that side and with the other hand we will push the other leg to the ground

So that only when you release the air is when you are going to push a little more and your hips are going to loosen a little more

Try as long as it is with the expiration so that all the muscles are relaxed

So that the hips can move better

In the belly there isn't tension


Very good

You go back to go to the other side

You now support your left arm on your thigh, the right hand on the other leg and little by little when you release the air then you push gently

Feeling like the hip can give a little more of itself

And if the hips can give more, try that the belly relaxes at the same time


Very good

And slowly you go back to the center

Ok let's cross the legs in Sukhasana

Once here let's take the left hand towards the right thigh and the other hand resting behind on the ground

Take it everything you can to the other side to facilitate like this the movement of the spine in torsion

With the help of your hand you straighten the spine and when you expire you are pulling towards that side, to your right side

Take advantage of every inspiration to stretch more and every inspiration to spin a little more

You go back to the center

Change of side

You stretch your spine take good care of your hands to stretch it well, help yourself with inspiration and when you breathe out you are pulling a little more to that other side

Always when inspiring stretch well and the exhale turns more

And slowly you go back

Ok, and in the center you straighten your posture again

See how now you can straighten your spine better

We will continue bringing attention to that space we want to create at the level of the belly

For the next pose we will need a belt so you are going to lie on your back, leave your leg steady, your foot vertical, you pass the belt at the height of your right heel

Always try to make the belt this way so that with your hand you can hold it as if it was a ribbon and don't strain your hand and fingers excessively

Alright, you bring your leg towards you and with expiration you bring it to the ground, supporting only the elbow not the leg

Once this is done, the usual thing is that this side comes out, try to get it in to release both sides and always leaves plenty of space throughout this area

The idea is to carry the air towards each one, towards each side so it can be opened more

At the same time stretch your spine and breathe calmly


Alright, you go back to the center with your leg

You stretch it on the floor and we do the same with the left

Well, the two active feet, the vertical leg, and bending the arm you bring the leg towards you and little by little you bring it towards the ground

Once again the sides equally stretched

The belly very soft and very loose, don't put any stress on it

One way to also see how you put it is to feel your throat

If the throat relaxes the belly will too, if one tenses, the other will also do it, so try to soften the one that is easiest for you to do so that the other one can also do it

The breathing wide, the belly length


Very good, inspiring you bring the leg towards you

We take off the belt, you put it aside

You turn to one of your sides and we are going to stand up for the next pose

Well, for the next posture we are going to use a series of supports that as you can see throughout the session we are taking, we have used blankets, we have used brick, we have used a belt and now once again we are going to count on the presence of the block

Because it is always very necessary the supports to unload the weight or certain intensity that your posture may have

In this case for Utthita trikonasana we are going to use the brick to place our hands on it and we also use the wall so that you can somehow maintain the alignment and that the posture is not as intense

It is not advisable at this time to put tension on the abdomen, it is not advisable to perform excessive efforts, since there is precisely some action in the postures but there must be a lot of calm in the abdomen for this area to relax

Very good

We are going to keep our legs firm and our arms very straight

When you breathe in, you stretch your spine well and lengthen your right side a lot until your hand it leans on the brick

We can leave this hand on the waist so that the posture is a little less intense, or you can raise it if you are going to be more comfortable

The two sides are equally elongated, the head is kept in line with the column and the wall we use as a reference so that spine is stretched more and is in the same plane as your legs

It lengthens the belly a lot

And let it calm down, you can stretch your arm you can leave it as I have commented before in the waist but always keeping that length of the two sides

The long belly and calm breathing

You come back inspiring strong with your legs we change to the other side

You change the brick

Same separation of feet

That's it

And with your legs stretched out, you stretch your arms

Raise your sides and when you breathe out you lengthen by resting your hand on the brick again, again this hand can always go to the waist trying to remember that the two sides of the trunk are parallel to each other and once here lengthen the belly, let it all the time lengthening in the direction of the spine

And then little by little I help myself with the wall as a support, to leave the trunk in the same plane as the legs

The hand rests on the brick but without sinking into it, push it

Push the ground well with your feet and stretch your spine and then turn

You can stretch your arm or keep it at the waist

But always for the turn stretch it out, strong with your legs inspiring up and we return

Very well and we prepare for the next posture which will be Utthita Parsvakonasana

We continue on the wall and continue with the brick

In the same way since before, this time you spread your feet a little more

That's it, as long as the measure is controllable try that there is no tension in your legs, if not that will go straight to the belly and for wanting to maintain the posture you are going to tighten and the last thing we want is this happened, especially a lot of elongation in the belly so that it is very relaxed

So at the moment both legs are very stretched, you can leave your hands on the waist for now, and while the thigh turns out, that of your right leg

You bend it if you keep your knee in line with your ankle

You rest your hand on brick

Okay, and from here, let's stretch in the same way the spine as you did in Trikonasana

And the wall will serve us to bring the shoulder back and align the spine

Okay, same as before, try not to sink on the hand that you have resting on brick

The back leg very firm


And stretching the left arm you go up inspiring to the center and change sides

You change the brick

You turn your feet to the left side

That's it

Keep the same separation as on the other side for now

Hands at the waist, raising the sides a lot, turn the thigh and bend the leg

Good, and from there with your back leg very firm you stretch your arms and you lengthen the side until you rest your hand on the brick

All right, the other hand on the waist, belly lengthening all the time

whereby the spine has to stretch, if I round it the belly will shrink creating tension and what I have to do is to create space

I stretch my spine, I helped me with the brick to raise my posture and I helped me with the wall to align it


I stretch my upper arm and I come back inspiring in the center

Put your feet together, I do a few moments of Todosana and we are going to separate them hip-width apart

You stretch your arms well, stretch your spine and breathe

Very good

And we will continue with Ardha Chandrasana

All right, so we put the brick in line with the little finger, bending the leg you put your hand on the brick and little by little you are raising the left

Try not to exceed the hip line, to stay either on the same line or a little below

Once again I use the brick so that the flex is not excessive towards the ground

I use the wall to get the same plane regarding the legs

That's it

Once there, the belly very long, squishy, trying that this hip is directed towards the wall

Open your belly wide so that the ovaries are with the space they need, and can be released

I can keep my hand on the waist

Or I can stretch it up to the ceiling

Once there, I keep my legs firm, lengthening of the sides and breathing calm and deeply

Alright, I go back

Hand to waist bending my leg I place my foot on the ground and to other side

In line with the little finger

That's it

I place my hand on the brick little by little I stretch my back leg

Hand on waist and I remember the principles in which the trunk is fundamentally lengthened so that the belly does it and fundamental so that it can open

Very important that this space is generated clearly between crest and iliac crest

That's what this hip is for

It has to go to the wall

We can stretch out our arm

Stretch your belly and breathe

Very good

Hand to the waist, you bend your leg and you come back

That's it

And with feet hip-width apart, we do Tadasana


Very good, and we are going to continue with Sarvangasana, with the chair

Okay, and we are going to need a chair and 3 blankets


Let's put the chair in this way on the mat

Always leaving a non-slip space to place the blankets

And that they do not slip

The head out off the mat so that if it slides and lengthens the cervicals

We are also going to use a second mat or a small piece you can have of it to place on the seat

And that when placing this blanket do not slip


Once this is done I am going to sit on the blanket as much as possible towards the hollow of the chair

I am going to sneak in as much as I can

That's it, and little by little I am going to drop my shoulders towards the blankets

One time this is done

I put my arm inside and under the chair holding the bar at the bottom

If your chair does not have it, you take the leg that you have behind and if not the one you have there at the bottom

Well once this is done you stretch your legs keep your feet parallel to each other and try not to collapse on the shoulders but that space is created in the ribs so as not to depress the chest

Leaves that the belly relaxes

Let it relax, soften and sink, there is no tension on it

There is firmness in the legs

Keep deep breathing, wide

The gaze without tension, looking at the chest or pubis, avoiding that it is all the time looking at the feet so that the gaze is not strained

Alright, to get out of the pose you put your feet on the backrest, you release the chair and you slide backward

Until the legs are on the seat, the arms completely free

With the palms facing up, breathe

Breathe wide and deep and enjoy the feeling now

That with your blankets below the lumbar, it will make the belly soften much more, let it loosen as you release the air

It is the only way to create space

Create physical space in that area to avoid those cramps, that tension that is generated before and during the menstruation process


Very good, very slowly and without haste you will turn on any of your sides and you sit up

For next posture we will only use the blankets

So we are going to remove the chair, you put it in one side

We take out the blankets to spread the mat

Well, we left it perfectly aligned so you can't twist later

We are going to place the blankets lengthwise

You can use 3, 4 blankets

It depends on how high you are

To do the following posture Adho Mukha Virasana

For that you have to gather the big toes of your feet

Place the blankets as much close of you as possible

And little by little go forward and lie on them

Well, we could use one more blanket or not for the head

Just put your hands and you place your head comfortably on top of them

Little by little let the belly soften and loosen

That the spine is stretched and the chest falls comfortably quietly on the blankets

Well, once I am here, try to clearly direct the air towards this area

Trying to open it when you breathe in sideways and that when you expires the hips are released more towards the heels

Well, you inspire and this strip widens

And when you breathe out you loosen deep inside

Release your belly

Release your hips

Very good

Now, slowly and with the help of your hands little by little you incorporate

Until you stay on your heels, on your knees

There are many postures that are worked in yoga especially positions of this type expressly dedicated to this cycle of menstruation

Which would make you want to stay a long time

Yes it is true that when you are following me now, watching the video, I am marking certain times

A certain stay in the posture because if not we will do an endless class

But if it is true that when you can do by your own in case you can not connect, you can spend a little more time in this type of posture, a little more time in which you can recreate a little more on them and release a little more

We are going to continue with the next and last posture called Viparita karani

We will continue to have two blankets, we will remove one and we keep these two

We bring the mat back to the wall, there are a lot of things

But they are fundamental to create good support and that the body can be relaxed and receive the benefits at this time

The round edge of the blankets we will take it out

In such a way that when I am in the position he will arm the lumbar area and it will be balanced

If I put the other side they are always some edges that do not end matching that zone then is always important to be very picky about the placement of the blankets

Alright, I will place the blankets about a span away from the wall between the blankets, a closed span

It will also depends a lot on whether you have more or less height, if you are taller separate a little more, like a span


In this hole the buttocks are going to fall towards the ground

What I am going to achieve with this posture is a great calm for the nervous system and therefore a great passivity in the belly so that it can loosen, soften

And precisely when we avoid this type of tension in the abdominal area is when they begin to disappear those cramps, those discomforts that come in menstruation

To get into that position I have to lean against the wall as much as possible

Until the buttocks contact the wall

Try to make it so, if not then you stay a little away from the wall

But try if it does not bother anything that the buttocks have contact with it

In that little hole that we have created, the buttocks will fall towards the ground

That's it

And with firm legs and vertical feet, remember the separation width apart because this way I will more clearly access the opening of the lumbar sacral area and therefore the belly

You leave your arms at the sides of the body, you can also put them under the blankets

Even more calming for the nervous system

You keep your legs straight and completely passive back

You can keep the lowered gaze or your eyes closed

You will check that the support of the blankets now clearly relax your lower back and widen the belly area leaving very clearly lot of space

Take your breath to the sides

Let's cross our legs

And now you are going to see that the buttocks fall towards the ground and more clearly the belly sinks and relaxes

You stretch your legs

You change the crossing

Very well, and slowly without getting too upset you put your feet on the wall, You are sliding backwards and slowly you turn to either side to get up

And you end with Savasana

We put the blankets in one side

We take out the mat off the wall so that it does not disturb and you lie on your back

Okey, keep your head on the other side and you take the mat off the wall

And we are going to lie on our back for Savasana, so you ensure that you are well centered on your mat

That's it

The feet fall equally sideways

Turn the upper arm a little out and let the chin go gently to the chest

Little by little, close your eyes

Feel the passivity in your face

Passivity in shoulders, arms and hands

Let deeply loose the entire structure of the pelvis

Allow the belly to rest on your lower back

Soften your legs

Loose your feet

And with the next deep breath drop your whole body at the same time on the ground

Continue with the relaxation for the next 5 minutes

Continue with the relaxation for the next 5 minutes

Little by little your breath begins to be deeper

Slowly, start little by little also to move your body, to feel it again

Make any move, any gesture that your body asks you now, that you need to go turning on your right side and with the help of your hands you sit up

And sitting in the posture of Shukasana, with an upright spine and hands at chest level Namasté

Staying with that feeling, with that awareness, with that subtle work that you have dedicated yourself today

And that lasts along the whole day I am thankful for being there


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