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Anyone who has had a long and stressful day would know that it is not easy to wind down in the evenings. Luckily yoga is great for calming the mind and helping you get a good night's rest. The perfect class to help you relax deeply.

Hello my name is Silvia Jaén I welcome you to the session in which today we are going to work in depth postures, and movements in order to be able to sleep better

Especially today we are going to dedicate some time to relaxation

conscious, to creative relaxation, a moment in which you can be connecting with yourself

while I'm directing you saying a series of instructions and little things which is just listening, visualizing, to feel and relax in order to improve the quality of your sleep

Let's start on the knees and on the hands making a series of movements that will come in handy to become aware of your body

Okay, we're going to pull the hips well back

and from the top of the head forward

Create a good base with the whole palm of your hands, trying to push the floor

Trying not to sink on the shoulders, always far away from the ground

and pulling your hips back you leave your back straight as if it were a table, parallel to the ground

Breathe in deeply

and create in the column two directions

a stretch that goes to the top of your head

and another pulling the coccyx towards the wall you have at the back

Notice the space you can create in your vertebrae

as you breathe

Little by little you are rounding from the coccyx sacrum and slowly you let this gesture spread to your whole spine until you end up rounding and releasing your head

when breathing in you bring the coccyx and sacrum back to the wall in front of you

sinking your spine and bringing your gaze a little bit forward

And so

little by little we are going to link the movement with the breathing

When you round your back you release the air and be very conscious

how you do it

when you sink your spine you breathe in

and you open your chest wide

Try to make the movements smooth, slow

to go little by little

encouraging calm and relaxation

Observe how slowly the movement, the breathing, become more and more integrated

You can feel your body

as it keeps moving

and at the same time relaxing

All right, next time you have your back rounded, spread your knees a little more apart

and slowly you're going to sit back on your heels

Continue with your back round and slide your hands forward

There, lengthening the sides well, keep the spine very stretched and for the moment the head in line with your arms

That's it, little by little you're moving forward

more with your hands

once you're loosening up more and more inside


All right, now we're going to make two fists with our hands, one fist and one fist

that you put it on top of the first one, you support just the point between the eyebrows, letting the skin of the forehead towards the nose

Anything that's lowering the skin from between the eyebrows of the forehead towards the nose we're going to incite in this way in some way the sleep, the relaxation of the brain, if you do all the contrary we would have just the opposite effect, you would wake up, you would increase the alertness

in this manner with the fist you bring the skin of the forehead a little bit towards the nose

you leave the whole weight of your head on your hands

and with with your eyes closed you breathe deeply

Continue breathing deeply and slowly

Keep that skin down

from your forehead to your nose letting the eyes go down too

Very good, little by little and without opening your eyes

help yourself with your hands to straighten your posture and stay sitting on the heels with the back straight

Breathing widely and deeply

Observe this sensation on the skin of your forehead, how it falls, how it keeps falling

towards the nose

Relaxes the tongue and allows to rest on the floor of your mouth, that it does not press with the roof of your mouth

Very well, slowly open your eyes, but don't do it all at once, let your gaze first be directed towards the ground and then little by little go up to the front until you look forward

Well, we are going to sit down to lie on your back

Make yourself comfortable, you can use a blanket for your head and if needed you can use also a blanket roll or even a chair to put under your legs and so you can be much more comfortable for relaxation, you can also cover yourself up because when you're a little bit lying on the floor lowers the body temperature with the relaxation, so make yourself as comfortable as you can, you can also cover yourself you can and let's get started

Lay down on your back and make sure that the blanket that you have placed under your head is in contact with the shoulders so that the neck is in contact is well inside your blanket and your neck comfortable

If you have placed a height below your legs make sure that it is well placed and that you feel comfortable

Remember that you can cover yourself to maintain your body temperature, since, as I mentioned before, it tends to drop with relaxation

Adjust the whole body

Make the movements you need to feel very very comfortable

Make sure you don't have anything about you that bothers you when it's time to let go of your whole body, nothing that your hands or your feet or your head will rub against

Make sure you have a space to let go fully and deeply

Once you have done this take a couple of of deep breaths

Take as much air as you can, always without forcing, and when you let the air out, do it very softly


and then breathe normally

Contact with a calm breath


Almost starts to become imperceptible as you relax

but it's still there

You can feel the sway in it

Your inspiration and your exhalation

and let the body gradually let go

go on loosening up

Bring the attention to the top of your head

Feel it clearly

Little by little take the attention to the forehead ,to all its space

from the center of your forehead sideways


feel the temples

especially bring attention to your right temple

until you could almost feel its heartbeat

Bring it to your attention

to the left temple

to your right eyebrow

to your left eyebrow

and between your eyebrows

Stay a few moments with your attention on the space between your eyebrows

Go and bring your attention to the right eye

to your left eye

to your nose

upper lip

lower lip

the jaw

Feel your throat

The chin

the nut

the neck

Bring your attention to the back of your neck

to the back of your head

And to the top of your head

as it rests on the blanket

There where you started

Feel the skull

Your brain

The eyes

every single one of them

and that connection that links them to the brain

Bring attention to your ears

to your nose

on the inside

to the passage of the throat

Carries the attention

to your right lung

left lung


see if you can get to feel even subtly its rhythm

The diaphragm

feel its movement when breathing in and when breathing out

Bring the attention to your stomach

to your liver

and intestines

Feel your whole body

your whole body

Feel your whole body at the same time


Bring your attention to your navel

Observe how it rises as you breathe in

as it sinks as you exhale

I feel that sensation of softness

when the breath moves in a balanced way

Notice that this breathing brings you tranquility


and that you are very relaxed

you are awake

without falling asleep

But don't let this be an effort

Continue breathing

when breathing in

mentally repeat

I am

on exhaling mentally repeats


You breathe in


breathing out

you turn


and so on at your own pace

a few more times

Imagine now and visualize a fruit

Whichever one you prefer

in a bowl, in something that the contains it, that holds it

imagine its weight

imagine its texture

its taste

the shape that fruit has

its color

and recreate yourself

in these sensations

as if you could savor it right now

as if you could feel its weight

its texture

dwell on that sensation

With your eyes closed

Direct your gaze upwards, like between the eyebrows

hold for a few moments at that point

relaxing the tongue

let your gaze

fall again and descend

Visualize now a place

preferably in nature

a place where you feel comfortable and where there is always a space to see trees

or a river passing by

The sun that gently caresses your skin

Visualize for those

visualize for a few moments


that space

where you are


and above all you relax deeply

Well and here it would be like to increase a couple of minutes more

Watch as you walk through that space

looking at everything that surrounds you

everything that exists

the blue sky

While you are walking you can feel

the smell of the vegetation of those trees

you can feel the temperature

of the air

when you breathe in and out gently

The sound of the river

relaxes you and leaves you in a state of deep calm

and the contact of the sun with your skin

Let everything your body to relax completely

It's a sensation of recollection

of being quiet and calm

Stay there savoring this moment

soak in this moment

Little by little

you're moving away from that place

you walk softly and slowly

staying with those sensations that you have come to feel at that moment

a calm

and a deep relax invade your whole body

And so little by little

start to bring your attention very calmly back to your body

to the place where you are

Go slowly movements with your hands

with your feet

at the same time as you breathe in and out deeply a couple of times

Wake up now, do whatever gesture you need to do

any movement your body asks you to do

any stretching you feel like

Then turn on your right side and settle down for a few moments in that position

With the help of the hands you sit up to sit down

Slowly open your eyes

little by little

let it be soft and slow

I hope you enjoyed it the session, try to practice it when or during the day so that little by little your body will get used to it

feeling of calmness and then with that feeling that you're going to have throughout the whole day make it much easier for you to fall asleep at night

You just have to lie down before going to sleep, drink with of your body, take a couple of deep breaths and remember again that feeling that you had when you were most relaxed during the session you practiced in the morning

I wish you happy dreams and have a very good day


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