Was Jesus aware of his death?

Professor Antonio Piñero is in charge of answering the question: Was Jesus aware of his death? In three of the four Gospels, Mark, Matthew, and Luke, a prophecy of Jesus about his future passion and resurrection is repeated three times. Apparently Jesus knew, as a divine plan and from all eternity, that he must go up to Jerusalem, be delivered into the hands of sinners, suffer a horrible death and then rise again. However, the vast majority of interpreters admit that this prophecy is only presumed because it does not match at all with the behavior of the followers of Jesus after the death of their teacher. How is it possible, if they knew exactly what was going to happen, that they fled Jerusalem? Why don't they believe the women when they tell them that Jesus had risen? It does not marry at all that people who were living with Jesus and who had heard him say repeatedly that he would die by divine design and that later he would rise again with that behavior of absolute disbelief before the resurrection of Jesus.