Was Jesus a healer?

There is no researcher who doubts that Jesus had the gifts of a healer. It would be practically impossible for the Gospels to have 45 miracles of Jesus, of which the majority are healings, if they had not occurred. In ancient times, disease was linked to diabolical possession, so whoever was a healer had to be an exorcist at the same time. Therefore, the number of healings attributed to Jesus is too high to be a literary myth. If Jesus' adversaries say that He cast out demons by magic, it is clear that those adversaries are accepting that Jesus was a healer. Jesus' miracles are not only healings, he also performs others that go against the laws of nature, for example: resurrection, the calm tempest, walking on water or the multiplication of loaves and fishes. These miracles about the forces of nature are the most discussed among historians. Did Jesus work any resurrection? In the Gospels there are 3 cases. For most commentators the resurrections belong to the realm of miracles against the forces of nature that contribute to improving the image of Jesus.