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The postures in extension are very energetic, they stimulate the entire nervous system and all the nerves that are on the sides of the spine are toned when doing the asanas.The work of lengthening the spine will create certain sensations of awakening in it. . Spine extension poses can be very beneficial if performed correctly. - ADHO MUKHA or downward facing dog posture: preparation and warm-up - SVASTIKASANA (twisting): twisting is extremely important in preparing the spine and at the end of an extension session. - SPINE MOVEMENTS (cat): we work on elasticity and give the vertebrae ease. - BHUJANGASANA: from the understanding of Tadasana we arrive at the correct execution of the postures in extension. - SHALABHASANA: variations of the posture. - Urdhva Mukha Svanasana: we pay attention to the work of the legs, the sacrum and, above all, to feel the impact on the spine in terms of extension. - DHANURASANA: posture that includes all the others. - YOGA MUDRASANA: work to be done after the extensions to relax the spine.

Hello My name is Silvia Jaén and I welcome you to this yoga session which we are going to dedicate to the extension postures

Extension postures are very energetic postures, they stimulate the entire nervous system and all the nerves that are on the sides of the spine are toned at the time of do the Asanas

We are going to start with simple, calm postures and a little depending on what we have been learning so far

Before you start you are going stand like this in the easy position, with your legs crossed, in a comfortable position

Make sure you have a good base

For that help yourself with your hands to clear the buttocks to the sides, back and with your hands on your knees try to straighten your spine well

Make a wide circle with your shoulders back, let your head stay in line with your column and from here observe the space you generate in the body

Therefore also the space that you can feel internally and then keep breathing calm and normal

You can keep your eyes closed

You can leave them looking straight ahead making your look wide, panoramic and calm

Take a few moments to feel the body, see how it is, without modifying anything, observe your breathing

Let it get wider, deeper, and that at all times you know when you inspire, when you exhale, to do so, do it consciously, observing each of these gestures

See if the posture tends to drop if so, draw your attention to the base of the body where you are now sitting and move the body trunk away, as far as possible from it

You can help yourself with a deep inspiration To help it rise, to lengthen it

Feel your passive groin just like your legs

The only things that are active are your arms, hands and back

Observe all of this while breathing calmly

Little by little open your eyes

Try not to do it all at once let them open little by little and slowly

The gaze, for the moment, starts on the ground until slowly it goes up and you look ahead

This is very important, never open your eyes suddenly because it would suppose a certain impact on the brain, it has to be working little by little in yoga, softly, slowly, adapting, fitting to your gaze

Let's start with a spinal movement

It is very important that the spine is well flexible, well flexible too that you have some mobility when doing any yoga posture and especially in the extensions

There are many ways to prepare these postures as I have commented on another occasion, It can be done from the twists, which is an ideal gesture of the spine that you have to prepare the posture in extension and from other types of postures such as stretching simply of the column or movements that is what we are going to do now

So let's start putting ourselves on the knees and on the palms of the hands

Spread your fingers well apart

Create a very good base with the whole palm of the hand on the floor, try not to leave any piece of skin away from the mat

Accentuate this drive well so that enerything is transformed in the stretch of the arms

Remember that if you tend to shrink your hands everything falls, weighs and as commented in previous situations, the posture in yoga has to be a light posture, it has to be a posture that does not weigh, that does not sink

Having said that, we are going to place the knees just in the same line as the hips and for now let's leave the column neutral

So leaving it straight, as if it were a table, without sinking on your shoulders push the ground to get away from them, always respecting the neck space

Pull the top of your head forward and as if you wanted to reach back pull the buttocks to that part

In such a way that a kind of opposite directions is exerted where the spine stretches perfectly

You will notice that by doing that gesture, the ribs are separated from each other, leaving more space in the lungs

Very slowly we are going to start rounding the spine from the bones of the buttocks, then the tailbone, the sacrum, the one that is located right in this part, lumbar area, dorsal area, and finally cervical

So the head gets loose

Keep pushing the ground to round your back a lot, feel like now the ribs open up, they separate from behind

Direct the breath there

Very slowly from the bones of the buttocks and from the coccyx take the opposite gesture

Let them go pointing towards the back, the lumbar zone is going to sag, just like the dorsal, the upper part of the back, until finally the cervicals take a certain curvature

The last thing that rises is the head

Now observe the space you create in the front, on the ribs, and direct your breathing there

We do these same gestures in a more fluid way, starting at the base of the spine go up until it ends up releasing the head completely

Here you release the air and when the column makes the opposite gesture you inspire

Round again your spine and release the air

Make sure that all the time the movement and the breath are one

Once here, bring your feet and knees together and without sinking on the shoulders, all the time, remember, far away from them, you lead your gaze towards the right foot


the entire opposite side is going to stretch, the left side

Now look a little more towards the opposite foot

That's it and feel how this side is stretched much more

Breathe, feel your breath move over and over again

Go back to the center and do the same to the other side

First you you look at the left foot, noticing how the opposite side is now stretched

Then you look a little bit past the other foot, feel more stretch on that side and slowly return to the center

Well, you spread your knees a little bit

Bring the buttocks towards the heels and creating a lot of space in the front column, lengthen and separate as much as possible the navel from the pubis, the sternum of the navel

Walk slowly with your hands forward and little by little bring the chest towards the knees

With the fingers of your hands widely spread sit up on your knees again, separate them from the mat and stretch your legs over the tips of your feet

Separate your heels from the mat as much as you can, pushing yourself with the palm of the hand to project the entire stretch of the spine back and up and finally if nothing bothers, bring your heels down

Let go of your head and breathe

Very good, once here you put your knees on the ground lie on your stomach and place your hands right at chest level

Rest your forehead on the ground and place your toes inward and apart the width of the hips

With the contact of the whole palm of the hand on the ground and its thrust included, taking into account that the shoulders do not rise however they go down, stick the elbows close to the body

Once here, pull your heels back, as if you wanted to push a wall

Feel the contact of the pubis on the floor, without activating the buttocks, without pushing them

Just feel the pubic bone on the mat, on the floor

Very soft buttocks all the gesture of the sacrum learned in previous sessions complete the spine stretch and only from that understanding we can make the following postures in extension

Creat lots of space bringing the sacrum lower with which you will notice that the pubic bone hits the ground more and feel the posture stretch

It is as if you did Tadasana, that basic posture that we saw but upside down

Take your shoulders back and breathe

Well, loosen your posture, extend your insteps and with the strength of the arms sit up

Ok we're gonna stay seated over heels

If the knees or insteps bother remember that you can always do and work easily from a sitting position

If nothing bothers, well we continue over heels

Right here we are going to do a twist, as we spoke before they will always prepare the spine for extensions

So without, without flinching the sacrum we are going to let the spine stretch, but let it stretch vertically, don't let it incline forward

If not, if this happens, it is because we have not laid the previous foundations well

All that Tadasana gesture, all that action what directly influences the strech of the spine and in being able to execute the posture correctly

Once the lower back is stretched, the buttocks rest on the heels and the shoulders go back, we do a twist here

Head in line with the column

Wrap your waist with right arm from behind

Place your left hand on the opposite thigh and when you breathe in you stretch the spine well and when you breathe out you turn on the right side

The further back you carry your right shoulder, the easier it is to twist

Spin all you can

Come back to the center

We make it a little more dynamic

You do the same, right hand to the opposite thigh, make sure that the buttocks rest on the heels and with the other arm you surround the waist from behind

You stretch when you breathe in and you turn when you breathe out


Go back to the center and we do it one more time

Surround, buttocks towards heels you breathe in, stretch, breathe out and turn

Come back to the center change sides

Inspiring you return to the center and one last time

Move your breath well and go back to the center and to the center


We repeat the previous position again

Slide your hands forward make a very good base with them and lie face down

Good, hands at chest level, forehead resting on the ground and the sacrum never tilting up, quite the opposite, direct it downward so that As I mentioned before, you will notice that the pubic bone hits the ground more

Activate your legs, do not rest your knees on the mat, pull your heels towards the wall you have behind and shoulders clearly down and back

Once you do this you can separate a little bit the forehead off the ground

Do not stop pushing the ground with your heels or with your hands

Keep pushing, keep your legs very firm

Make sure your buttocks don't tense up and breathe

Very slowly put your forehead on the ground, extend the insteps and we can leave the feet separated from each other to do the next pose

Before we start let's rise the right leg androtate well to assist the thigh when turning inward

You place the instep on the ground, do the same with the other leg, turn the thigh well and support the other instep

You can leave your feet apart to make it easier or without disturbing the lower back as well relaxes more, opens the whole area more

If not, if there is no problem of any kind then you can put them together, always contacting finger and heel

Once there, dedicate a few seconds to direct the sacrum towards the ground

That means that I will not cut this whole area it is going to stretch

The sacrum goes down this entire area is stretched but without pushing, especially notice that there is no tension in the buttocks this would produce a shortening and tension in this entire area and we want avoid this

So, the sacrum goes down, you contact more with the pubic bone on the ground and the legs are very firm, all this space more free

Now place your arms at the sides of your body rest your forehead on the ground

Do a shoulder roll back and down and once this is done without losing anything elevate a little, feet, legs and arms off the mat

Try to keep your buttocks as soft as possible

Try to keep bringing the sacrum to the ground and stretch well your spine

Apply now all the criteria for standing postures

We're not going to go up a lot, just a little bit but keep there

Before anytthing bothers, come down, make a pillow with your hands and place one of your cheeks or forehead, as you prefer, and let the back of the body relax

Let's do it one more time

The postures in extension to be more intense, last less time, especially at the beginning of your practice if it takes a little time, but nevertheless they can be repeated twice, it is okay, so that the work is more integrated

So let's repeat

You put the big toes together again, the heels, we do that gesture of turning the thigh again, the same with the other, to get more space with this gesture in the sacro-lumbar area

If we did the opposite we close all this space so always thighs turning inward, we return the arms to the sides of the body in front on the floor shoulders very back and with very firm arms and legs stretching, you enter the posture

We don't go up much, just keep there

Open your chest wide and breathe and very slowly go down

A way to rest too and to neutralize the posture it is the Asana that we have been doing so far

Again hands to the sides of the chest, very firm legs, heels pushing back, hands pushing the ground, lower sacrum and pubis pushing down

Front away now from the mat, keep all that action

Feel these two opposite directions that make the spine stretch more and better notice space in the lumbar area, no shortening

Very well and slowly support your legs, support your forehead to continue next posture

We do the same as before

You raise one leg you turn the thigh, you raise the other, you tour again

Same criteria as the previous position

If nothing bothers you keep your feet as they are

If they bother you, you separate them a little

Opening the sole of the foot wide, place your hands this time a tad lower

Fingers well apart

Forehead resting on the ground with your shoulders far back, leave your legs firm and the sacrum down

Try to make the buttocks soft

Inspiring you stretch well column forward, upwards and without stopping pushing with the hands, extends the trunk forward and up open your chest a lot, lengthens the neck and to go down, lengthen the spine well until the last thing that rests is the forehead on the ground

This turn is very important, if we go up to the position and we go down suddenly we are not creating any kind of space in the frontal area so the descent has to be lenghtenning, as much as you can, to the maximum

Let's repeat

Rest your forehead on the ground a lot of firmness of the palms of the hands against the ground also shoulders behind

Quick review

Firm legs, low sacrum

Breathing in, stretch the spine well forward push hard with your hands on the ground and up

To go back, lengthen, lengthen, lengthen all you can and finally you put your forehead on the ground Relax for a few moments

Make a pillow with your hands and support your forehead on them

Let the entire back of the body loosen

Let each exhalation release your lower back

Very well

As before and between postures in extension is very good to go back to neutralize the spine

Toes inward, activate your legs, good of the sacrum

Hands at chest level pushing the floor and shoulders back

Stretch the spine well

Pull your heels back well, push the ground with your hands, stay firm as if you wanted to get off the ground even if you don't

Hold there, as if you wanted to push, to separate from it

Breathe and slowly loosen

Very well, we continue to put our feet together again

We are going to bring the right leg bent, as if you wanted to touch the buttock with your heel and with that same hand you hold the instep or the ankle, it depends on your arm length and flexibility

So holding this, you place your chin or forehead on the hand that is resting on the floor

Pull well on the extended leg, activate it, separating the knee from the mat

Activate the foot of the bent leg well and start pulling that leg back and up

We will not go up much, just a little bit

Keep the left leg very straight the active right ankle, try not to miss it

Pull that leg as if wanting to drag with her to the arm and if you can, go up a little more

Very slowly support your leg, loose it and you do the same with the other

You bend it, hold it ankle or instep as you can reach

Very active right leg, active left ankle too and little by little start to raise your leg as if you wanted to remove arm from your site

Keeping it well away from the neck

All you can, raising the pose up

Just a little bit, we will not go up much

Slowly come back, leave both legs stretched out on the floor, a little pillow with your hands again and relax

Let the breath move let it be the one to let go and let go of her whole body, especially the back

Slowly spread your feet again hip-width apart, again activate your legs, place your hands on the sides of the chest and that gesture neutralizes the spine well

Let it part low from back to back, top of head pulling forward

Create a lot of space the ribs do not stop pushing the ground with your heels with your hands towards the wall behind you, move your breath, slowly, you loosen

Well, with the force of hands you are incorporating

Put your toes together,spread your knees and as we did before once the hips, the pelvis rests on the heels keep looking for that space

Don't lose a millimeter of that space and little by little go bringing your forehead to the ground

And this time we are not going to support it, it stays close to it, there is more clarity in the lengthening of the trunk from the groin

Let it lenghten more, separate a little more

Look forward breathe widely and deeply, And if as you breathe you feel you become more flexible, you can move your hands forward a little

Let the whole spine, especially lumbar let go and loosen and slowly with the help of your hands get up

You stay seated on your heels or on your buttocks

Check that the spine is well upright and with your hands on your thighs keep Vajrasana pose looking straight ahead and calm

Very well, sit on either side, in easy pose

Support only the edges of your feet let the foot stay right there, don't let it sink and knees each one on its corresponding foot

Once there, stretch your back well and interlace the fingers of your hands

The first crossing, as we have seen on other occasions, is the one that comes out quickly

You turn the palms of your hands and go raising your arms towards the sky, lengthen as much as you can

Turn to the right side, as much as you can, pulling more from the left side, everything, everything you can and without losing that gesture, without losing height, left hand to the right thigh and the other hand from behind you help yourself to turn

Inspire and stretch a lot, and when you breathe out turn a little more

Go back to the center, second crossing of fingers

You turn your palms, you stretch, you turn now to the left side, turn as much as you can by pulling more on the right side and without lowering anything without losing anything in height, you turn now to the other side

Use this inspiration and stretch

Take advantage of the exhalation and turn a little more

Breathe calmly go back to the center and stay there for a few moments

Well we are going to lie down for the final relaxation

In this case and generally if there is any lumbar discomfort or if you want to be more comfortable, you can place a rolled blanket

or even two to make it taller, under the upper calf

By doing this what I'm going to do is relieve the whole lower part of the back that works especially in the extensions

You can do it in any kind of, when you do any type of practice, any type of posture but specially with the extensions you might need it a little more

So you place it right on the higher calf, lower than the hamstrings, just behind the knees

Once you have this and lie down, we can always use one or two blankets even a chair, resting our legs on it so that the lower back touches the ground more and relaxes more

You adjust the buttocks to the sides, out, let your back soften, widen and release

Let the whole body loosen into the ground

Give up your head completely the content in your head

You can place the heel of either of your hands on the forehead, directing it towards the point between the eyebrows and letting the weight of your hand gently direct the skin from the forehead towards the nose

The postures in extension being very energetic postures must be softened, calmed with the following postures

The gesture that you now make on your forehead allowing the facial skin to descend towards the eyelids towards the nose, creates a feeling of deep relaxation

Deep abandonment of your brain inside your head

The eyes relax, your jaw loosens

Go making your breath deeper, make contact again with all the sensations of the body, with the outside

Start to move your feet, your legs, arms and hands

Make any gesture that you need, slowly

Turn on either side hold your legs and arms bent for a moment

With the help of your hands sit up

Cross your legs, keep your back straight

Stay a few moments feeling your rhythm, Your breathing, your body, your calm and quiet mind

Place your hands at chest level in Namaste

Hari om tat sat

Thanks a lot

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