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Hip work is essential to be able to perform flexion postures. In this way, the gesture during the flexion will come directly from the hip and not from the spine, which would be harmful. Throughout the session we will become aware of the pelvic area, the groin area and the hips so that they are calm and open. We are going to help each other with a series of positions that are specific to this.

Hi there, my name is Silvia Jaén and I welcome you to my yoga session, in which today we are going to treat especially the work of the hips

From this moment, Groins, hips will be the same, it is a fundamental job to be able to perform the flexion postures

In this way this gesture in the flexion will come directly from the hip from the movement that it has

and not from the spine since then the only thing we would do would be to harm it, damage it, sinking it and crushing the vertebrae

So let's become aware all the time, during the whole session of this area, the pelvic area zone of the groin and the hips, so that they are calm, so that they open up, and we are going to help you with a series of poses that are ideal for this

Let's start as you are sitting, help yourself with your hands to Push your buttocks out to the sides and out so you'll create a very good foundation for your posture

In this way, the spine can be stretched more and better

Place your hands on the knees, extend your arms and allow the trunk be an active trunk that grows skyward

Bring your shoulders down and back and in this way observe how a clear space is generated on the clavicles shoulders chest

Finally let your head be in line with the spine

Once this is done make sure that the groins do not pull the knees towards the sky

Give them up if you let them go to the ground

Create awareness of the whole trunk going up, in no case does it collapse or sink

You can close your eyes or you can leave them open, looking straight ahead

A wide and panoramic look

Contact your body, contact with your breath

Very good, little by little try to open your eyes slowly, do not do it suddenly

So opening your eyes and let the gaze go to the ground for the moment, little by little go up until you look ahead finally

And let's begin

We are going to need a belt in the first postures that we are going to perform

So let's lie on our back make sure you are straight on the mat and once here we will use the belt

We are going to make a kind of handle so that when it comes to holding it we find it more comfortable and the hands do not tense

Pass the belt at the level of the right heel

Make sure the belt measurement is just right so that neither your leg is brought too far towards you nor is it too far from you

We try to keep the leg vertical

Depending on the flexibility you have, you can make the belt a little longer and direct the leg forward but if this is not the problem we will never keep it vertical way past the hip line moment

Once here, the belt always at the heel

Is the harder part to be able to push and that the position does not sink

Well both legs are very firm remember when we work standing postures

Much firmness in the legs so that the rest of the posture can be done correctly

It is the only way to access the groins, as we have seen in previous moments in sessions depending on what the foot and leg do, so I can access the movement of the hip in the push-ups

Very well once this is done try that the hip does not move towards the armpit, remember that there must always be a lot of space on both sides in this case from the groin to the armpit

So the bone of the right buttock is going to go towards the left heel

Now both hips will be on the same line and the right groin will go deep

What do we get out of this? Let the edges of the trunk stretch equally

That the column stretches, the belly lengthens

Breathe easily

Keep both legs very active and a long and soft belly

Very well lower your leg make sure you stay straight and this time you place the belt at the level of the left heel

Again, take the belt as if it were two handles and once this is done with firm legs, active feet, again direct the bone of the left buttock, the ischium towards the right heel

You generate again that space on the left side and the two lengthen equally

You have to keep in mind that the more space you generate in the hips in the groin more the better the spine will stretch

If your lower back bothers you, this is an ideal position to create more space in them

To stretch and relax them, breathe

Well, lower your leg

We put the belt aside and stretch them again

Hold your head and check that your whole body is in line

Once this is done go back to leaving your head on the ground and continue with the next posture

Bend your right leg and hold your heel with your left hand

Try that the foot stays in line with the tibia, do not let the ankle out and once here, with your right hand you place it inside your thigh, turning it out

Little by little in function of your flexibility you can bend your elbows to bring your leg a little closer to you

There, you are already working a little more in depth on the right hip

Let your breath go loose and you can bring it closer a tad more towards you

Apply everything you already know to the trunk in your spine, which lengthens all the time backwards

Remember, shoulders away from ears never to get close to them

Very well lower your leg and you do the same with the other one

Now with your right hand hold the left heel

The ankle in line with the tibia and the left hand inside of that thigh turning it outwards to aid hip rotation, bring your leg closer to you by bending your arms

Stretch the spine well, lengthen the sides well and keep the leg that is on the ground very firm

Breathe, relax the face and belly

Put that leg on the ground

Take your belt back to do the following pose

Raise your right leg and put it back at the heel

That's it this time with your right hand hold the two ends of the belt and both legs are going to be very firm

The heel of the right leg points towards the sky pushing, the heel of the left leg pushes forward as if you were pushing a wall

With both legs very firm bring the right leg towards you, bending the elbow

Right shoulder way down and then we will bring the leg to that side creating a very clear movement from the hip out

Done this, create more awareness of the right side so that it lengthens

Move everything you can groin, right hip, of the right armpit

And above all, do not tense your belly or throat

Breathe if the leg movement is not very big you can always do the belt grip smaller

If the leg movement is not very long, you can make the belt grip a little longer

Well go back to the center lower your leg and change

Alright it's now the left hand the one that holds the two ends of the belt

Two very firm legs with the right heel you push forward and with the left heel towards the sky

Very firm in them all the time

Breathe in and when you breathe out you bring your left leg towards you

Left elbow out bent, left shoulder lowering

Without losing any of this, bring your elbow to the ground, that's it and little by little see that gesture of the hip, how it opens

Check now that the left side lengthens the same than the right side

The belly and throat relax

Return to the center inspiring

Very well, leave the belt to one side, hug your legs for a moment, bringing them towards your abdomen

That is it, that the lower back keep loosening, softening now but nevertheless the spine continues to stretch

And when you release the air, bring your legs a little closer to you

That's right, keep your feet on the ground

You're going to spin to either side and little by little with the help of your hands get up, to sit down

Ok, let's place now the right leg in front of you

Supporting the outer edge of that foot on the ground

Make sure the foot is right in the center of the chest at the level of the sternum


The inertia of this position is that the foot goes towards the pubis and is not in the same line of the knee

To work especially the movement from the hip you will carry your foot well in the same line that the knee even if you are very flexible it can advance a little more in this way you will notice clearly the work that the hip does

For now we are not going to go down much, try to work with breath and depending on what you can, we are going down a little more

At the moment we will not make much effort

Let your right hip loosen slowly with each exhalation, the left leg extended and very long column, especially creates a lot of space on the front, front column

And little by little observe how the leg goes down more, how the hip becomes looser

Well, come back, bring your leg and now we shift back, now your left leg forward

As before, take a moment to place the foot correctly, right in the center of the chest is very important and see how the hip goes mobilizing more

Try not to shrink your posture but lengthen the entire frontal column well from the pubis, so that there is much more space and with the exhalation little by little let the left hip go lower, softening more

If the support of the knee behind you bothers you, you can always put a blanket just below it to make it softer

Very well

Come back and from here put your toes together, spread your knees and little by little sit back on your heels

If the knees bother as we have seen on other occasions, stay on your back, bringing your knees to your chest

If this is not the case, we are going to position ourselves in this way, without separating them too much, lengthen the front column well and little by little go bringing your forehead to the ground

Activate your toes a little on the ground, let them push the ground and that way you access easily to the groin, the hips let them soften and never seize up

All the time bring awareness to them

Very good, little by little you are incorporating

We will stand up

Once we are up separate your feet hip-width apart and let them be parallel to each other

Try that they are really parallel to each other, that gesture, that shape is very important since if any of the feet comes out a little bit it already dislodges the entire structure of the leg, it is very difficult to get to the sacral and then everything that comes after it would crumble

So always, it has to give the feeling a little bit like your toes are deeper than your heels

It is the ideal gesture, it is the ideal posture, separate your fingers well from each other make a very good base with the soles of your feet and once here activate your legs kneecaps up and arms stretched out towards the sky

Exhaling go forward and rest your fingertips on the ground, if it's easy for you keep this posture, if not you can also hold ankles or even calves in case that your flexion did not have too much movement

Once here bend your elbows to the sides and little by little go bringing the trunk fully to the ground

Finally the head comes loose the neck is lengthened and at no time do you lose the firmness of your leg (s) nor the rise of the kneecaps

Go lengthening a little more, lengthening and widening the belly

Feel the movement coming from the hips which is not a round gesture from the back, but you create the space from the flexion in the hips, in the groin, so that the torso loosens

Stretch your spine well, stretch your arms forward and with your back very stretched, look forward and lower arms by the sides

Again sit over the heels

Knees a little bit apart from each other and rest your fingertips on the ground

The hand is cup-shaped, try that the fingers are very stretched and that there is not too much weight on them

So on the fingertips, arms stretched out let the hips, the pelvis in general sit on the heels

From the hips, from the groin, it raise the two edges of the trunk forward and up

Open your chest wide and little by little with your hands forward

we are not going to go down much but try that the buttocks are always supported on the heels and that the spine is especially stretched actively this way we will easily access the dorsal area, the upper part of your back, so that it receives that stretching impact and can benefit the space in the sternum and chest

Breathe easily and if you can, try to move a little further forward

Breathe, carry awareness on hips, let each breath soften them and loosen them more

Very well

With the help of your hands get up again and sit on your buttocks, as you did at the beginning of the session

Once you've created a good base, remain seated on your sit bones

You are going to point the soles of your feet and let's check how that space is generated, that movement in the hip, depending on how you place even the skin of the leg

With your hands, take the right thigh and carry it from within outwards by rotating it and also make that gesture with your buttock

Come a little bit forward to check that it really comes out all the way that you can actually move skin, flesh, even no longer just the buttock, try to take the bone of the buttock that is the ischium and move it to the side and out

Once you got it straighten the posture, can support ankles or calves and look at the difference between a buttock and another

There is some imbalance between the two

See how even the right leg goes down a little more where you have now made that gesture of turning the thigh

Bring your attention to the right hip the one you have moved and to your left hip, see the difference

Very well, we are going to equalize the other hip so as not to be unbalanced so with your hands now you help yourself on your left thigh by turning it from the inside out with the help in the hands, hold it well, do the same with the buttock even grab once more the bone of the left buttock, moving it back and out

And once that we have equalized the two buttocks, check how more space is really generated between them more space was also the sacro-lumbar area because there is more room on your hips

If you can, if they don't bother the knees or lumbar bring your feet a little closer to the pubis, without losing anything you have done before

Hold the ankles or calves and bending the elbows slightly out drop your shoulders and climb to the maximum, all you can the trunk towards the sky


Each exhalation releases and softens the hips more and more

Well now let's check even more space in the hips

With your hands spread the soles of your feet outward as much as possible, like a book

Little by little, open it more and observe how at the height of the groins, there is more stretch, that means that your hips are opening more and that gesture comes from the foot, that's why it is so important and I emphasize so many times the action, the posture of the entire sole of the foot, of the foot in general, so that all the postures can be built

Try to open well feel how your hips open more and more and above all do not shrink your posture

Open as much as you can, let your breath move and watch the knees go lower

If you can, lean forward

Breathe in let the calm breathing be the one the one that is softening that area

Take your attention there

Alright, you go back to the center and see how those knees have lowered a little more, therefore you have made your hips more flexible

Now bring your right hand behind your back, resting on the ground try to the more the hand goes towards the opposite buttock, the greater the torsion will be able to be more turn you will be able to make

Take your left hand to the other side, to the other leg and once here stretch the spine and go spinning

Try that the groins do not tense or rise they stay down all the time

Go back to the center and do the same on the other side

Now the left hand is the one that rests on the ground taking it as much as you can to the opposite buttock

Place your right hand on the left thigh and from there you stretch and you go pulling go back to the center

Very well

Bring your knees together place them in easy pose

And for a few moments with your hands on your thighs

Feel how they are looser further away

Well, change the crossing of your legs

Loosen them, and slowly we are going to prepare for the final relaxation

As always we will use the blanket to place it under the head

Okay, we're going to lie on our back

Put the round edge of the blanket in contact with the shoulders


Hold the upper arm so that the desired space is produced at the height of the chest, clavicle and sternum

Remember that when you make this gesture, the index finger is the one that has a tendency to go to the ground

Bend your legs with the help of your hands, create more space in the lower back

I stretch one, then the other, pulling as much as you can the heels forward, to now create plenty of space in the back of your legs and finally drop your feet to the ground

Let the whole body letting go, loosening, falling down

Soften the face, all the skin of the face falls towards temples and ears

The eyeball relaxes, the tongue becomes loose

The sides of the throat widen

Feel how the shoulders, arms and hands are left deeply towards the ground

With each exhalation you are more and abandoned

Very wide back abandoned, preparing for holding all your internal organs that loosen deeply

Hips, groins relax

Legs and feet deeply relaxed

With the next deep breath, leave your whole body at the same time on the ground

Go making your breath deeper start to move and feel your whole body again

Moving the feet, hands, arms and legs

Wake up and do whatever gesture you need

Feel everything your body again

Get in touch with it and with the sensations

Slowly turn to either side and stay a few moments with legs and arms collected

With the help of your hands sit up

The easy pose

Stay a few moments observing, feeling the changes, that you have had, that you have been able to feel throughout the entire session

Breathe those sensations for a few moments, let them become more and more integrated

Let these sensations accompany you throughout the day, that you make them yours more and more

Let yoga settle more and more in your body and in your mind

Bring your hands to your chest in Namaste

Hari om tat sat

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