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Qi energy or Prana manifests in the body and in the universe in the form of two opposing and complementary forces called Yin and Yang. Yin is associated with the feminine and darkness, water, introversion, cold and the moon, the Tha Yoga part of Hatha Yoga. Yang is associated with the masculine and light. It is also associated with fire, movement, extroversion, heat and the sun. The Ha part of Hatha Yoga. In this practice both energies, Yin and Yang, are combined through asanas of stillness and movement in the Vinyasa, to try to balance both energies and reach the state of Dao, or balance.

Hi I'm Lorena and I welcome you to your Yin Yang yoga practice

Yin is the energy female, the energy that is related with the water, with the earth, passive energy absorbing

Yang is a force male related to fire and air, with the movement, a penetrating energy

In this practice we are going to try to balance those two forces, those two energies

to find the state of "Dao Tien"

where everything is balanced

Enjoy your practice

I place my hands one on top of the other two or three centimeters below the navel, that's where it is your "tantien" or your "jara"; the most important energetic centers, also called "The sea of energy", is the center where we accumulate and where we store all the energies that come to us from the outside, as consciousness

mini Tantien of my energetic center bringing the breath to it, I will try to maintain this consciousness throughout the practice

Slowly you're opening your eyes, legs together go to the arms when breathing in behind the head and perhaps vertebrae by vertebrae you could incorporate yourself to a sitting position

I carry one leg and the other behind, open them as much as you can while keeping the knees and hips aligned, join your big toes together if you can, you rest your left hand on the center of your chest, support the back of the right hand while breathing in, and when exhaling slowly I slide my arm, supports the shoulder where I had the hand, I breathe in, palms together, and as I exhale I open a twist, look up, I breathe in, and when exhaling I'm sliding, undoing the torsion, I rest my hand on the floor and come back to the center; I align myself

Right hand rests on the center of your chest, the back of the left gently rests, and as I exhale I'm slipping arm up to shoulder support and head on the line where he had the hand, when breathing in, palms of hands together, when I exhale I open my arm, the chest, and opening the torsion; inhaling and exhaling undo the torsion, you rest your hands on the ground well aligned, you carry one leg and the other behind, together; you inspire, a little Bhujangasana, inhale and exhale Balasana, buttocks to heels, arms stretched; breathes in and walks with your fingers farther, and the sacrum wants to rest more on the buttock and buttocks on heels

Breathing in, I move my glutes away from my heels to go into a quadruped, I adjust it; begin a Pranayama; breathing in you sink the lumbars, shoulders back and exhaling from the chin you are bending, push with your hands, tuck your hips, round yourself, you breathe in

I sink lumbars, feel the inspiration from abdomen, ribs and chest; and as I exhale I empty myself from the chin, close ribs and sink navel, tuck hips, I push with my hands

One more time, inspiring

sinking lumbars, and as you exhale you arch, closing ribs, sinking navel; I inhale to return to a neutral position, support my toes and when exhaling Adomuka

Inhale and I'm going to lift my right leg by bending my knee and take it between my hands, and as I exhale I slide my leg back, in Kapotasana; inhaled and exhaling, arms outstretched, palms outstretched and hands come together, bending elbows and "mudra" towards the nape of the neck

On each exhalation I relax my hips more and more, breathed in, arm lengthened, hands come under the shoulders and I rise; I pass the back leg forward, I adjust; both buttocks are resting on the floor, I separate a little bit the foot from the pubis, left hand rests next to left foot, arm parallel to leg, open twist, inhale, open the chest and when exhaling complete the twist

Breathe in where you are, and exhaling you dissolve, from the head to the rest of the spine aligns; I bring my feet a little bit closer to the perineum, begins a flexion, I pass the left arm from behind, the right one wants to tie off, and exhaling slowly you surrender

Relax shoulders, relax hips

I'm letting go slowly, flowing into the movement, I rest my hands on the floor, left leg back, right leg

inhale and exhale Adomuka; I adjust from the feet

Breathe in, left leg up, bend your knee

that is going to rest between the hands, as I exhale I slide the back leg down and adjust

Breathing in and out I want to go far away; palms together, flexing elbows

Mudra towards the nape of the neck

You stretch out your arms, hands slide under the shoulders and the back leg comes forward; I align myself by resting both buttocks on the floor, right arm parallel next to the right leg, inhale, open the chest

and as I exhale I open my torsion

I breathe in where I am and exhaling I dissolve and undo the torsion; I bring my feet a little closer together, breathing in I seek tying myself with the right hand left arm throw him out and I give up

Slowly I'm letting go

hands come under the shoulders, right leg, left leg back, inhale and exhale a new Adomuka

Walking with the feet towards the hands try to keep your knees straight; in a vertebrate by vertebrate inspiration I'm getting up

End of the Yin part, transition to Yang

Interlace the fingers of the hands, bring them to the head, elbows come forward, I inhale and as I exhale as I exhale I bring my chin to my chest and I have the sensation of rolling my chin to my chest

spine on myself, perhaps the forehead might touch the knees and the inspirations are developing, lengthening I carry up, I open elbows and continue with the tree of life

Breathed in if you need again exhale and roll up Inspiration you will rising little by little; opening elbows, chest, exhale

you observe

Yang begins a more dynamic part

I inhale, hands to the chest and up; exhale, I try to rest my palms on the floor

I breathe in, bring my right leg back, on exhalation I support my knee and broken to the right side

A new inspiration opens up a variation of Parighasana

Shoulders away from the ear, feels the full extent, all the stretch from the outstretched foot to the hand

I inhale to the center, exhale

Breathe in as you sit up, exhaling rotate the hips, support the hands; perhaps you could go sit in the back

Front foot in Flex to get a greater stretch, try to carry hands away

Make an inspiration, forward traction, left hand in inside left hip, aligned and adjusted the shoulders; inhale and as I exhale I open a twist with the left arm, maintain the hip left firm but relaxed, maybe you could on the exhale go and hold on the left foot with the right hand; open the chest look up

Inhaled, exhaling dissolve, left leg back, you will align and you're going to release the right foot, firm relaxed, it's going to go sliding in front of the left, I align right hand with left foot, I rotate to look for Camatkarasana

To return inhale and it's an exhalation that brings you back to Adomuka, Inhale, right leg slightly up, look forward to bring foot between hands

Virabhadrasana 1

Search for a point a meter, meter and a half on the ground, on the horizon to seek balance in Virabhadrasana 3, you go slowly, shifting the weight and looking for your balance

Before falling, you rest your hands on the ground, left foot next to right

exhale and relax

I inhale up and grow, exhale again and down

Inhale, left leg back, as I exhale I rest my knee on the floor, broken hip and on an inspiration leads me to the Parighasana variant

Shoulders away from the ear, energetic line on the diagonal between your stretched leg and your stretched arm

Breathe in, stand up and link to exhale to the other side

Breathing in, I straighten up; exhaling hips forward, maybe you can go lean, and look for a flex

Take the hands away, foot on Flex to increase the stretch

With inspiration I traction and I go forward; I separate the foot a little bit, the right arm goes inside, I look for the alignment of my shoulders; breathe in and when I exhale I open the torsion with the right arm; and there maybe, you could try to go and grab your left foot

Open your chest, opens chains

Breathe in, when you exhale you undo the twist, rest your hand, right foot back; Adomuka

I relax the left foot and the whole leg, align left hand with right foot, I'm slowly putting my left foot in front of the right, broken hip, broken foot; Camatkarasana

Breathe in and when you exhale you come back to Adomuka; adjusting, I line up

Breathe in, left leg lifts up to bring the foot between the hands and rise to Virabhadrasana 1; looking for the point of balance and slowly balancing the weight I'm looking for Virabhadrasana 3

Before falling, I rest my hands on the floor, support my feet


breathe in

exhale long, inhale, right leg, left leg back, exhale Chaturanga

Breathe in Cobra

to exhale Adomuka

Bring right foot behind left hand, flex left knee, sit down, and search maybe today a different investment; you can cross your legs single, half lotus, or full lotus; according to you can do it and realize it

We were trying from here round the back go to an investment and perhaps you could prepare your right arm and support it below the knee, maybe you could with the left one a posture of meditation reversed

To dissolve you can put your arms back on the ground, uncross the legs, stretch them, and in an exhalation that connects your navel to your back vertebra by vertebra go melting

put the soles of your feet together, maybe leave them drop little by little, opens his arms; I grasp elbow to elbow, and form the figure of infinity; that way are distributed, energies are balanced Yin and Yang

I carry my breath abdominal towards the Hara o Tan Tien; and here I stay enjoying

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