The lotus in you

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A proposal to explore the most subtle sensations from movement, asanas (postures), visualization and guided relaxation. The lotus is a beautiful symbol of the raising and sprouting of consciousness in you. Nayana Yoga is a style of yoga with an energetic and subtle approach, which develops mindfulness and universal alignment.

Namaste and welcome to this practice, my name is Harmony, I am a Nayana yoga teacher

and I hope that you can really dedicate this practice to you, that you can disconnect from the cell phone and all of the usual demands and the proposed is to really feel, and this feeling should be from a bodily place, but also from a subtle place and to be fully aware of everything that appears during the practice for you

With your eyes closed, take a moment to place yourself in this space

You feel the body

Relaxing any small tension you notice, observe how the body breathes on its own

You observe any external sound, allowing yourself to really ground and come into this moment of the present, where whatever comes up, is part of this beautiful tapestry, which is the present

Let's also connect with a sense of positivity

towards all that is beneficial on a universal level

We chant the mantra Om three times to begin

Shanti Shanti Shanti Shanti

Hari Om

Slowly you are opening your eyes and we are going to place ourselves standing up for our warm-up

Rooted the feet well, the feeling of openness, weight also centered on the feet, opening in the chest

You connect with the earth, the sky and observe that the body actually contains these two forces: heaven and earth, are present in you

You take a moment to lower your head to your chest and begin to slowly rotate your head

to the right side three times

And then you change direction

At the end of the three circles, you center your head, with your eyes closed, you take long and deep breaths and take a moment to feel the effects on the cervical vertebrae, but also on a subtle level an opening at the level of the Vishuddha chakra

Next, we continue to unblock the cervicals, so important for the energetic flow between the head and the rest of the body and we perform two small movements to the left side, two to the right side, two oblique in each direction and gently two backwards

We repeat each one at his own pace

A lot of attention in every movement, to perform them just with the intensity that available to the body at this time

That's enough, you center your head, you breathe

You observe the effects

You notice the activation of the back area of the head towards the crown of the head, you connect with the crown of the head slowly, above the head

You experience a feeling of greater lucidity, connecting with Sahasrara

Very good

Let's bring our feet together now, raise our arms and grab the left wrist

With the inhalation we're going to pull the whole arm, shifting the weight a little bit to the opposite side

to open and extend the left side

We're going to repeat the other side, take the other wrist, inhale, we extend all this side, enjoy this extension

Once more on each side, we inhale

we extend and also the other side

We lower our arms

You can do any little movement that the body asks for

You observe the effects, especially this greater availability and openness

on the sides

The feet are a little bit more separated now, feet parallel, you can flex the knees a little bit to protect them and with the arms at shoulder level, with the inhalation, we're going to turn to the side and we're going to turn to the side and the exhalation to the other side

The gaze follows the hand going backward

The arms remain at the level of the shoulders, and the arm forward may bend and slightly touch the chest

In this way, there is also an activation of the thymus

You make these turns with the intensity that the body allows, observing that this pressure of the scapula inward, induces greater opening in the chest

You finish the round you are doing and gently lower your arms

To center yourself, you gather your feet, eyes closed, breathing

You observe, above all, the activation of the chest area of Anahata chakra

And it may be in your case that you notice some affective sensation, a change, some emotion, but you don't have to identify yourself with what you perceive

We separate again the feet a little bit, with the inhalation we raise the arms upwards inclining subtly backwards, just enough to let go, raising the arms backwards

Repeat, inhaling

You use the voice to be able to unload also on the emotional level

That's enough, you become centered again, you close your eyes if there is no dizziness, you observe the effects, you observe greater discharge, a sensation of greater lightness and openness

You especially notice this change in the chest area, where it offers a sensation lighter

Very good

Let's put our feet together now

Let's get the feet and legs ready, also testing our balance at this moment

Keep your eyes open, with the inhalation you go up on the toes, lengthening, raising also the heels

With the exhalation, slowly bending your knees, without touching your heels to the ground

Inhale, raise yourself up again and exhale, lowering your knees

heels and arms, let's repeat

We inhale

Exhaling, slowly flexing the knees

Inhaling, we elevate

And we exhale, we descend our heels

Once again, we inhale

Exhaling, we slowly bend our knees

Inhaling, we stretch towards the sky

And exhaling we go down

You spread your feet apart

Eyes closed, you breathe and appreciate the effects

of this exercise that prepares the body, but you also makes us more aware of this vertical axis

Let's finish our warm up with one more exercise

With the inhalation we are going to feel that we are collecting energy from our aura

With the exhalation we are going to feel that we are introducing it into the body through the central axis

With the inhalation we are going to pick it up to the level of the navel

And exhaling, we purify the lower centers, we repeat

We inhale, we collect, you can feel the energy almost palpable in the hands

Exhaling we feel that we are introducing it into the central channel of the body

We inhale, we collect the energy and the lower chakras

Y we purify

You breathe spontaneously, you observe the effects, especially in this area

Very good

We're going to continue with our practice, we're going to start with a little sequence

We approach the beginning of the mat and let's invoke Pushnest to accompany us in a soft and conscious way and flowing this practice, this sequence of asanas

With inhalation, we raise our arms upwards

and with exhalation the hands lovingly in front of the chest

Om Pushne Namaha

We inhale, raise our arms upwards, backwards

And exhaling, we're going to go down to the Earth, with the inhalation we're going to touch the right external ankle with the left hand and we raise the arm upwards in a twist

We exhale, we take the left ankle with the right hand and we lift in the other direction, we go down

Hands on either side of the feet, inhale, take a big step back with the left foot

Inhale, join hands in the lotus form

and lift up to the sky

Exhaling, we lower our hands and we will enter in Parvatasana, the sacred mountain, we move our buttocks away

We go to the inclined plane, Santolanasana, and then we lower our knees, chest and chin to the floor

We inhale, entering Bhujangasana and with the exhalation we will turn to face the left foot

We inhale, returning to the center

And exhaling, we turn to contemplate the right foot

We inhale in the center

And with the exhalation, we can go back to Parvatasana

We bring the feet together and with the inhalation we lift up the left leg as far as we can reach

Exhaling, we bring the foot between hands and again we offer our lotus towards the sky

We exhale, bringing our feet together

We inhale, entering Utkatasana, the chair

We finish extending the legs, leaning backwards

And hands in front of the chest

We take a moment to rest in standing Savasana

You can do a couple of deep breaths

Observe the defects, the sensations of the body but also notes the space surrounding the body

Connecting also the whole energetic body

And the sensations that you perceive from all the stimuli at this moment

We're going to repeat the other side

We inhale, raise our arms upward

And exhaling, hands in front of the chest

Om Pushne Namaha

We inhale, raise our arms upwards

We will extend backward and exhale to the earth

We inhale rising in an extortion to the left and exhaling we go down

Inhaling, we repeat the twisting on the other side

We go down, place our hands on either side of our feet

We inhale, take a big step backwards with the right foot

We inhale, offer the Lotus to the sky

And exhaling we enter Parvatasana

We inhale, we come forward in Santolanasana

We lower knees, chest, chin on the floor And we enter Bhujangasana

Exhaling we turn to contemplate the right foot

We inhale in the center and exhale to look at the left foot, inhale in the center

And exhaling we return to Parvatasana but joining the feet together

Inhale, raise the right leg and exhaling we bring the foot towards the center

Again we offer the Lotus to the sky

Exhaling we pick up the left foot

We inhale we enter Utkatasana

We extend the legs backwards and we return


Observe the effects

All right, let's continue

Let's add some more positions to complete

Inhale, raise your arms up

exhaling towards the center

Om Pushne Namaha

Inhale upward, backward

Exhale lengthening as we go down

Inhale turning to experience this twisting, repeating on the other side

Inhale, left foot back and we're going to now hold the leg elevated

Again we take our lotto and offer it to the sky

Exhaling we place our hands and we enter in Parvatasana

Inhaling in Santolanasana, we descend to enter in Bhujangasana

We keep the posture now, closing the eyes we bring the energy from the pelvic area, from Svadhisthana chakra, to the heart center

And while breathing in the posture you can visualize the Lotus

Its roots are at the bottom of the lake, in the first chakras

Suites aunt tallers stretches across of the trunk

And its flowers, its flower, is open at breast level

You can feel this elevation of the energy towards the heart

Gently, we are going to retract, turning back to Parvatasana

We bring the feet together, with the inhalation we raise the left leg

Exhaling, we bring the left foot forward without lowering the back knee

We turn the foot to place it on the ground

and in this way we can rise

We open well, from the center of the chest

We extend the left leg with the inhalation and with the exhalation we can descend entering in a triangle, Trikonasana

Inhale, we go back up to the previous posture, and exhaling we will contemplate the hand in the extension to the other side

In the center and we return to our position on the ground

We bring the right foot forward

We inhale, raising our arms upward, backwards, and exhaling the hands in front of the chest

Resting for a moment

You observe the effects

And you bring the attention to the heart center

Let's practice the other side

Then we inhale, we raise our arms upwards

and exhale with the hands in front of the chest

Om Pushne Namaha

We inhale, raise our arms upwards, backwards and exhaling towards the Earth

We inhale, turn towards the right side and then to the left side in rotation

We inhale, project the right foot backwards keeping the right leg stretched

We pick up our lotus and with the inhalation we offer it to the sky

Exhaling, we place our hands firmly on the ground, we carry the leg left backwards, to enter into Parvatasana

We inhale, we come forward, and exhale, we lower our knees, chest, chin and with the inhalation we enter in Bhujangasana

Again settle back into the posture to hold it a little bit longer, if necessary

you can bring your hands a little bit more forward to make the posture less intense, but mostly we are going to connect with the visualization of the Lotus

To allow that there is a sublimation of the energy from the pelvis

towards the heart, you visualize the Lotus inside the body and how it blossoms in Anahata chakra

We take a breath and with the exhalation we're going back to Parvatasana

We bring the feet together, with the inhalation we raise the right leg

We bring the foot forward, keeping the left leg extended

and we turn the foot, placing it well on the ground, raising the trunk

We stretch the front leg and with the exhalation we're going to bend over entering in Trikonasana

We inhale raising the trunk, flexing the front leg

And inhaling, we are going to rise

The right arm with an inclination to the left leg

We inhale, return to the center, exhaling we return to our left leg

position on the earth

We bring our feet together, inhale upward, backward and exhaling, hands in front of the chest



You guide the attention to Anahata chakra, to the heart

You connect with the fullness and also with the universal love towards all beings

Very well

So we're going to continue with our asana program

We're going to spread our legs apart to the practice of Prasarita Padottanasana, feet firmly anchored on the floor

Let's go to start by lifting the arms up, really feeling this huge extension and connection with the the sky and with the exhale slowly we're going to be slowly leaning down forward

We place our arms to the sides and if we arrive, the forehead or the crown of the head on the ground

If you need a support for the head, you can place a block or a cushion, such as you need

You relax as much as possible, in the posture, keeping the legs extended, see a feeling of channeling energy from the Earth going up the legs towards the base of the spine

From here there is a sublimation of energy, which is rising in the trunk towards the head

If you can place the crown of your head on the ground you can channel energy into Sahasrara, to the crown of the head

You connect with the breath to allow yourself organically enter into the posture, melting more and more

To get out of the posture you can place your hands on the back, gently flex the knees and raise the trunk

When you arrive, you bring your feet closer and if there is no dizziness you can close your eyes and contemplate the effects

You notice, not only the strong work on the legs, but also the sublimation of the energy

toward the crown, toward Sahasrara chakra

You contemplate all what is the connection between the base and the crown

All right, we're going to take advantage of this elevation of energy to to perform a balancing posture

We work with Vrikshasana, the tree posture, relying well on the left leg to to support us

We're going to raise the right leg, you can place the foot in front or on the inside edge of the thigh

You feel that you put some roots deep into the ground to anchor yourself, and once you feel this connection, you can inhale, you can grow your branches toward the sky

You guide the attention towards the left side of the forehead, activating the faculty of concentration and balance

And whenever you want, you can slowly go out and when you finish, you close your eyes, you breathe

You observe the activation of the left side of the body

And you guide the attention to the left side of the forehead to feel the activation of the Ajna Chakra in its receptive side, its lunar side

We work the other side to balance

We put our attention to ground the right foot

We raise the left foot by placing it as you are more comfortable for us

Also ensuring that the hip is aligned to help with balance

Join hands in front of chest in Namaskara Mudra

Opening the chest a little bit and once you feel this stability, this grounding with the earth you can inhale, collecting the energy of the environment, making your tree grow towards the sky

Joining the palms of your hands, lengthen a little more and guide the attention to the right side of the forehead

Thus activating the emissive aspect of Ashna Chakra

Awakening mental faculties

Completing the practice, you gently lower your arms

You return the foot to the earth

You connect with your center, with closed eyes you breathe

You evaluate the effects by yourself

Especially feeling the activation of the side right side, is the most emissive side

You guide the attention to the center, the forehead consciously uniting the work of the two sides

You can even visualize it as if you were closing two sides of a walnut shell, bringing it to its fullness

Very good

We're going down now to the ground

Lie face up on the ground

Take your moment to establish a connection initial with the earth or relaxing the back muscles, especially

And the first posture that we are going to practice Navasana

The activating posture the navel

Then guiding the attention towards this center

Legs together, arms to the sides

You take a breath and with exhalation you are going to raise your legs a little bit, arms and shoulders

You focus all your attention on the center of the navel

And even if it's a demanding posture you try to hold it as long as you can

Ensuring that the lumbar region is approaching the earth

You use your inner strength, your motivation, your will to stay a little bit more in the posture

However, if you need to come down, breathe from the abdomen

and then try again, do it

Over time, with practice you will being able to hold the posture longer

It is enough, you rest, breathe, relax your jaw

If you notice that you have loaded the jaw a little bit, you can force a yawn to let go a little bit more

Very good

Turn gently to one side to sit down

Place yourself in Vajrasana and let's practice a variant of Gomukhasana, to experiment now again opening at the chest level

If you need to use a tape to connect the hands, have one nearby for this purpose

In Vajrasana, the knees do not touch, nor the big toes, to maintain the polar work

on both sides of the body

With the inhalation, we will raise the arms upward extending and lengthening the sides

and with exhalation, the left arm stays up, the hands are looking up behind the back

Behind the navel a little bit inward to flatten the lower back a little bit more, lifting the chest, guiding the elbow towards the sky, centering the head and close your eyes

You channel the energy from the sky, cosmic energy, through the uplifted arm to activate a secondary chakra, located in the left nipple

You allow maximum opening at the level of the heart

All attention to attract energy to this center located at the level of the left nipple

If you can dedicate a little bit more time to practice, you can pause the video and continue a little bit more, but for now let's get out of the position

We take a long, deep breath

And we appreciate the activation of this side, the left side of the chest

Our receptive side

You can connect with this reception of the energy of universal love

The feeling, receiving

You integrate this, observing any change in your state of mind

Also compare with the other side that we haven't worked on

to gain a greater sense of sensitivity in your practice

We repeat the other side

We inhale, raise our arms upward

Now we keep the right arm up, hands are searching

We bring the trunk to its center, raising the chest and the elbow

The head is centered and once we have found comfort in the posture, we channel cosmic energy through of the raised right arm

Energy currents go entering the right side of the chest

Fix your attention on the right nipple

You feel that you are carrying this center, with energy

Each time the body offers greater openness

That's enough for now, we slowly get out of the position, we connect to feel the effects of this emissive side, offering us greater capacity of expressing, of giving, of sharing this universal love without judgments and preferences

You can join the palms of the hands in front of the chest, in this way, creating a circuit

closed which includes the heart

And in this way we unify the work of the two sides

Very good

You take a moment more to feel the effects

And then you can lie on your back on the floor for a posture


Settling on the ground

If you are used to using a blanket you can put it on

And let's practice Sarvangasana

We bring our legs together, palms facing down

With the inhalation we raise the legs to 90 degrees

Exhaling we raise the trunk, holding the back with the hands looking for maximum verticality, bringing the elbows closer

Once we are up we try to relax the ankles, the feet, you can rotate them a couple of times

You relax all the musculature of the legs, the buttocks

You relax the abdomen feeling the internal organs even relax

All the energy flows towards the center of the throat towards Vishuddha Chakra

You keep the attention focused In the center is the throat

You can channel energy cosmic energy through the soles of your feet for increase the work on the subtle plane during the practice

Remain with eyes closed

In this way you can enter into a state of greater Pratyahara

Isolation from the outside

If you have the opportunity to extend your practice I advise you to maintain the posture longer

However, now we are going to come out of the posture through Ardo Chakrasana

You hold your back a little bit lower, scissor your legs apart, until one foot touches the ground

Then you lower the other foot and change the support of the hands

You bring the heels a little bit closer, the feet parallel, you can even lower the hands

to the heels

The pelvis is elevated but the buttocks are relaxed, you breathe a moment longer

from the abdomen

Slowly you lower your back, buttocks to the ground

And you stretch one leg, the other

Turning your palms upward, settle back on the floor

Observe the effects, Especially notice the effect of sublimation during this posture

And the activation of the throat area

This Vishuddha Chakra is related to the element of ether

Whereby you may experience a feeling of estrangement, of the most material

Wherein what is the perception of space in time is altered

Let yourself be carried away by this sensation, allow yourself to transcend the limits of your own body

And in this way we can enter

So we're going to go straight to our relaxation

If you need to grab a blanket you can do that

But let's take advantage of this opening

In Vishuddha Chakra

To allow us the opportunity to transcend the limits of the body

Surrender yourself completely to the earth

You experience a surrender

Where there is a discharge of all conscious and conscious tensions


Allow yourself during a few moments disidentify yourself from the body

Notice that the body is at peace, restlessness

And that all the vital processes as it is respiration, digestion briefly occur without no intervention on your part

So you can completely disidentify at this instant from the body

Realize that you also perceive sounds, sensations

But the fact that you observe that means that you can disidentify yourself from them

You can reach to feel that I am not the body

If I can perceive sounds

I can also disidentify myself from them

If I am not the body and neither am I the elements that I perceive, Then the question may arise: Who am I? You can mentally repeat this sentence and relax and sink in space appearing next

If I am not the body, if I am not the objects I perceive

Who am I? Let yourself dwell in the sensation of simply exist, no more

There is something to observe, something that observes this own human experience

Stay simply in this witness space

Any object can appear in the form of sensation or thought

but it is observed

And from that location of the witness there can be equanimity

And from equanimity there can be peace, detachment

And a sense of Santosha may arise, contentment

Allow yourself to dwell a little longer or marinate

in the sauce of your being

And realize that it is not an extraordinary state, if not, is natural

It is the state of your essence

The rest, is drama

And that this state can be integrated into everyday life

In the way that as long as you keep this state you can initiate the lightest and subtlest movement with the body

Starting with the fingers and toes

But still retaining this feeling of the witness, of observing yourself

As you begin to awaken the body and you are spinning slowly and consciously, to the right side

Stay curled up for a few more moments

And when you feel the urge you can sit back down

Bring the trunk to an upright position, and you look for a posture comfortable

Maintaining this internalization but full awareness of the body and everything that is present

You taste the effects of the practice for yourself

And with a sense of gratitude for having dedicated yourself to the practice

this time

Namaste and thank you very much

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