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Yoga session with different supports that will help you download. The perfect class for those days where menstruation alters your body and mind. Ideal for alleviating any of the symptoms of the menstrual period.

Hello my name is Silvia Jaén, welcome to this session

Today we are going to dedicate especially to menstruation

A session in which we are going to use some support, such as, blankets, chairs, brick, belt

Especially so that there is a download of the positions that I am going to propose to you

They are postures that can be more or less active, so you will see that there is a little bit of everything

And we use these supports so that the posture inside that action, inside that activity, can let your body relax deeply

To create spaces, especially in the belly area

Today we are going to dedicate that time to feel how it softens, how it goes loosening

Mainly to avoid, that right now at this moment in the middle of your cycle or at the beginning of it ideal to practice this session, you may have less pain or even that pain will disappeared

Even discomfort symptoms like a little dizzy, feeling bloated

Even when there is a heavy flow, we avoid that this symptoms appears, with the different positions that I am going to propose you

We are going to start the session, with the legs crossed, in a comfortable posture at home

With the hands on your knees, keeping attention, in all your body but principally in how you feel that the belly lengthens

Only if your spine stretches, so you have to be focus on stretch it

So that the belly can crawl can lengthening with her and so it can calm down at the same time

Keep your head in line with your spine

You can leave your eyes open or keep them closed Bearing in mind the state in which little by little you are entering, thanks to the posture and also thanks to your breath


Little by little you can do more deeply Cover and wide Become aware of your whole body in general

Trying to create this space that I told you before, that feeling which you can keep throughout the entire session

Little by little, open your eyes

So that they look ahead

Okey, we are going to start with the first posture supported by Konasana is a posture

It is one of the most important when you are in this moment because it is a Passive posture that thanks to the blankets and the belt that we are going to use will make us that space you need ideal just when you have that pain in the belly

That generally many times doesn't go away and you have to use this posture so that it can go away

We are going to use three blankets and a belt

We are going to pick up the blankets and we are going to fold them in a longitudinal shape, well folded without wrinkles

One on top of the other, matching these two round edges on the same side

We place them well aligned with the mat

And a third blanket that we are going to fold into squares, for the head

We are going to sit down on the blanket

We are going to pass the belt above Under the sacrum, under the feet

Trying all the time close the belt backwards, that is very important

Probably, when you do it the belt wants go up towards the lumbar area but I have to insist all the time that it goes down towards the sacrum

Once here, I lie down and I go to the ground first and I stay right in front the blankets

I return to the correct position of the belt and little by little you lie on them

Firstly the blanket which is in your head has to touch the shoulders and with the support of the hands forward so that the lower back is stretched

Once here you leave your arms gently placed on the ground and we keep The edges of the trunk lengthening So that it is inevitable we want to abandon the deeply posture

But it is highly recommended it should be like this that the two sides lengthen to the maximum towards the armpits We are going to create a lot of space in the belly and therefore a lot of space in your organs

Thats what we always need in yoga but especially Today in the abdomen let the belly sink and fall towards your lower back

Keep your eyes closed or gaze down, and move your breath upwards and to the sides always creating a lot of space in this whole area like you can widen it every time you breathe in

And when you breathe out without collapsing the posture, you relax the belly

We take the belt buckle you loosen a little and slowly you are pulling on either side to sit up

We take the belt off

We put it in one side and we leave the blankets in a place where it doesn't bother us

We are going to stay for Konasan

That is, we put the soles of the feet together again as you have done before in the previous position With the hands you bring the buttocks out to the sides and back

And holding the ankles or calves

With your arms you have to maintain the column straight

Remember everything that your spinal column does it will receive from the belly in lengthening

And this is always going to produce a large space within you

Focus on your hips

The previous position simply fell it

Now we are going to push the legs a little towards the ground creating that space by stretching the column well

Move your breath

Let the gaze be wide and panoramic, insists on lengthening the belly and his ease at the same time

Very well slowly let's bring our knees together

We take the belt that we had left in one side for the next position

We are going to lay down leave your leg leg lying on the floor, and the foot in a vertical position

We are going to pass the belt around the right heel let's make it a little bit bigger

Once there you have to keep your legs firmly, both feet active and the foot that is on the ground vertically try not to fall out

Take with your right hand the two ends of the belt and take the leg towards you bending the elbow

Little by little lead the elbow to the floor, strech out both sides equally, create that space in the abdomen, try not to think

Stretch the spine, remember that if the spine is stretched the abdomen lengthens and from there you can widen

Let the breath move sideways and up

Very good, go back to the center, stretch the right leg and do the same in the right heel

since then, you can widen, let the breath move sideways and up

Keep both legs firmly, the foot vertical, bring the leg towards you bending the elbow and little by little you let the elbow rest on the floor

Lengthen both sides, keep the abdomen very long, wide

Remember, stretch the spine so that the abdomen lengthens, breathe

Well and slowly we return with the leg, leaving the belt aside turn on either side to get up

Once you are up, go back a bit depending on the separation you can make with your legs always trying to keep the feet inside the mat so that they do not slip

With the help of your hands, put your buttocks out to the sides and back With the help of your hands on the ground, push yourself so that the spine grows towards the ceiling and keep the verticality of the feet and the firmness in your legs

Raise your spine well, lengthen your abdomen a lot and breathe

Always keeping the foot vertical, helping you with your hands to grow towards the sky

Breathe and let your gaze be wide and panoramic

All right, keeping the same attitude in the spine, we are going to put our legs together, but not quite, leaving the feet hip width apart

We always do this, so that the abdomen area and lower back, have a correct opening, widening and so there is more calm in this area

So, we are left with firm legs, vertical foot and with the help of your hand, you again let the spine grow towards the ceiling

Always paying attention to the abdomen

Try that the posture does not collapse quite the opposite, that it grows towards the sky, that the abdomen lengthens with your spine and you breathe doing Dandasana

Get ready for the next posture

You have to pick up 4 blankets

Let's fold all of them in this way, taking advantage of the fact that we had them half bent from the previous position, we increase one or two more

Let's place in front of us, making sure that they are well aligned, between your knees

And from here riding on the blankets, practically on top of them you have to lengthen your belly well

You have to separate your knees a little be more than usual

And from here by stretching the spinal column, you can make a pillow with your hands

And lay down above them

I use this support to allow that this can open the whole belly area, the whole lumbar area Lumbar especially so that later the belly will be benefited

It is simply stay without more, Deeply relaxed on the support, letting the breath move sideways as if you want to make your lower back wider

Take a deep breath

Little by little with the help of your hands, you are going to incorpore

You stay a few moments in barsana, raising the column to the ceiling

Letting the sacrum, tent towards the heels and again, creating that space that the belly needs, in length and also wide

Very good

Take a breath We are going to leave the blankets in one side to give way to the chair

We are going to stay with a couple of them

A couple of blankets or three better

We left them in one side and we take the chair

That we are going to place right in front

We try that all the chair legs are inside the mat

Lets fold at least two blankets to sit on top of them

Well we will fold them like this to sit down above

You have to put this third blanket on the chair

I put it there because then I am going to support my forehead above the chair and so do not bother so much

I will cross my legs in your healthy Astica

I am going to place the point between the eyebrows, above the chair

Trying to stretch the spinal column but it not going to be an overly active posture

Leave with the help of the blanket that the skin Of the forehead come down, towards the nose

And letting the back be completely and deeply passive

Let the head come loose and completely abandoned above the chair

Let your arms loosen so that they are not holding the posture Granada

Bring the attention again and again to the belly

Let the breath be wide so it can expand

Open your posture to the sides

Don't stop breathing deeply over and over again

Little by little with the help of your hands, straight the position, try that the eyes remain closed and change the crossing of your legs Swastikasana again supporting the point between the eyebrows on the blanket

Probalbly if you need it and want to increase the travel of your spine forward push the chair forward

But without moving your head

Keep relaxing your lower back and allowing the breathe become wide and deeply into the lower back and abdomen

Relax your shoulders

Very good

Slowly you go back inside

We leave the blankets in one side

You are going to sit down above the buttocks stretching the left leg and with the vertical foot

And again you rest the point between the eyebrows above the chair, remember that the knee does not go too far behind the right knee

The foot stays in contact with the straight leg

No tension in the belly Leave it lengthens at the same time

You have to take a breath

Your head has to be completely loose and you have to feels its weight

Now you stretch your right leg, and you have to bend the left leg

Once again you need to have contact with the inner thigh

Again you support your forehead leaving that the skin go towards the eyes

You have to softens and widens the belly

And very slowly you straight

Well for the next posture that is going to be for healthy chimbotana you can place a blanket under the buttocks to raise the hips

And so the back can be more comfortable

Pick up one or even two to be more comfortable

When you are there you stretch your legs, leaving your feet separate

Remember that this session for menstruation we are going always to work with our feet apart to create that space in the area of the abdomen and lower back

Little by little you go forward and again you leave the weight of your head above the chair

Breathe widening your belly

And slowly you come back

Works the eyes quickly Little by little the eyes are going to open

You are looking ahead Well, lets place the chair in front of you making Boavista

We do not need the blankets we already had

You can stay sit down above the buttocks

You separate your feet like you have done before, trying that they stay inside the mat

And from here little by little you are going to lean towards the chair and again the same intention to support the point between the eyebrows above it and remember the skin from the forehead toward the nose

You keep your legs firm, Let the weight of your head fall on the chair And your eyes are completely closed

Take a breath

Slowly You can open your eyes and you start straightening your spinal column

Let's stay in bandhasana

Keep your spine upright

Open chest and wide panoramic gaze

Take a breath

Let's leave the chair in one side We are going to put our legs together

We leave the chair in on side so it doesn't disturb

With the posture of Sukhasana, just like we started

With your hands on your knees, straight your spine and feeling that this area is much more open and relaxed

The belly is wider and it is in calm

Looking that the breath also flows better

And make you feel relax

Straight your spinal column in an active way

Take a breath

Take a breath

Very good

And now slowly you are going to lay above your back

We can use a blanket so we can put the head and that you are comfortable in the position

You lay on your back

And you leave your legs stay out of the blanket

Later, you leave your armas completely loose

Let's do one little thing before relaxing them completely

Leave the legs very stretch and the foot have to ve vertical

And you drop them sideways, right now turn the heel forward, As if you wanted to advance with your leg a little more in forward

And just like they are, leave the leg falls

Look the difference between one side and the other one of your body

Feel especially the area of the right groin

In comparison to your left groin

It is something very subtle but you have created a little be more of space that is going to favor this ovary

We are going to do the same with the other leg

With the food towards until you can't more

With the foot towards until you can't more

You adjust the position of your hand

Now the space is bigger in this segment in the lower abdomen just in your ovaries

Thats allows that area to be widened, and soft

Look how does that same feeling look like the one you have right now your throat

When the belly relaxes your throat relaxes and vice versa

And if one of the two tenses, the other will do too

So use one of the two as a reference so that the other also relaxes

Loose completely your arms and hands

And leave every muscle in your back become relax

The lumbar area is completely relax

And the belly rest on it

Relax the buttocks

Loosens deeply your legs and your foot

And with the following deep breath abandon all your body above the floor

Continue with the relaxation for 5 minutes

Start to move and fell all your body again

Start to move and you make the movements you need, also you can stretch

Be conscious in the place you are again

And the feeling that you have right now

And little by little you have to turn on your right side

With the support of your hands you sit up

Hands at chest level in namaste

Leave everything you have been able to experience keep with you during the day

So you can be a little be more conscious of that subtle part that know is working for you, the menstruation

Thank you for being here

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