Hips: working towards Padmasana

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In this series there is a deep and conscious work on the movement of the hips, facilitating the work to reach the Padmasana posture. With precision and subtlety it tries to reach the mobility of the head of the femur to provide space and ease. In this way we will also achieve an optimal result in terms of the other yoga postures to stretch the spine, such as the flexions that depend directly on the hips. Required support: belt

Hello, my name is Silvia Jaén and I welcome you to my yoga class

Today we are going to work on the whole pelvis hips area and for this we are going to need to work on the first postures A belt, which we will leave aside To use it When we need it Especially in the first 3 - 4 positions so I hope you enjoy it

And we begin

Let's stay seated On the buttocks And let the ischiums be well placed on the ground For that If you notice or feel your back rounding slightly With the help of your hands, direct your buttocks backwards and sideways

Places the hands on the thighs in calmness from there stretch well the whole lower part of the spine Grows well with the sides to the sky And directs the shoulders down and back The head is in line with the spine And you keep a look wide and panoramic Observe the breath Observe how the body feels without judging Move the air in and out again and again And above all he observes That the look comes from the temples That you don't look at a fixed point What is a wide gaze Let the groins loosen up Softening Falling to the ground Legs Completely calm And watch as from the pelvis The edges of the trunk are stretched towards the sky

Creating a lot of space in the belly Let's get to work on today's series The whole hip thing as I was saying at the beginning

Pelvis for that you have to work with firmness the legs work the feet try that little by little The opening The widening, the internal loosening come with the breath for this we are going to start with Sutan Parighasana 1 We're going to lie down Face up And we use our belt Once here You place the belt at the right heel height And you take the belt as if they were two handles Once here You make sure you're straight You direct your shoulders slightly Towards the ground And you keep both legs very firm Focus your attention on the right groin You have to let more come in so that the right side in particular becomes longer

And that the head of the femur can move freely See That the two parts of the sacrum: The right sacrum, the left sacrum are well and equally supported on the ground

And that from there The column stretches without limit Backward Move the breath And feel how the trunk is fully active No loosening, no loosening Breathes calmly We now lower the leg And we change We do the same with the other one You put back The belt at heel height Always on the hardest part, try not to put it on the sole of the foot

Because it yields more and you can't push in the same way

Again you take the belt as if they were two handles You make sure you are straight That's it And always playing the game From the left groin entering It's like dragging the left ischium Towards the right heel Looking for space Creating a lot of space between that hip And the left armpit Move your breath while stretching the spine and trunk edges well

Allow the chest to open and the breath to move better

More space inside Deeper breathing Well We put the belt aside We check again that we are on the line To do Sutha Paranthagunasanaa 2 So this time bending the right leg Holding the heel with the left hand And the right hand You put it inside and underneath the leg

As we did before in the previous position From the floating ribs Feel like this space Does not shorten On the contrary More and more space You take it forward And outward Once there The calf is in line with the clavicles And little by little with the strength of the arms you can bring the leg a little bit more towards you

That's it, feeling how the head of the femur moves

Rota Creating space in the hips From there Stretch the sides well Let the belly be calm Breathe We lower the leg You leave it next to the left And we do the same with this one Right hand holding the left heel With the left hand On the inside and under the thigh to help you turn further Like the previous posture enxuta one Try to have both sides of the sacrum well supported on the ground And little by little I'm bringing my leg closer to you with the strength of my arms Work with the breath That's it and with the exhalation Let the hip talk more Let it loosen more Breathe We put the leg on the ground We take the belt again We put back on the seatbelt The belt on the heel Right We take this time with the right hand the two ends of the belt and the left arm you leave it stretched out with the palm of the hand looking to the sky You bring the leg towards you That's making sure the shoulder doesn't go up towards the ear

If not that it moves away from it all the time

Very well and from here Keeping that semicircle You're turning Until you rest your elbow on the ground Once there you stretch the spine well And you give more input To the right groin Opening the hip wide Leaving a lot of space between the right hip and the armpit Creating that space Between the groin And the first ribs Back to the center That's And with the help of both hands You bring the leg towards you And we change legs You put the belt back on the heel and this time it's the left hand that takes the two ends of the belt You extend your right arm on the ground And from there You bring your leg towards you releasing the air The trunk lengthening at all times And when stretching You're bringing your leg to the ground Until the elbow It rests on the ground as well Very good Creating a lot of space Between the groin and the first ribs Stretching the spine well Stretching the belly and breathing Back to the center And with both hands You pull the leg towards you Stretch the sides well and breathe Okay, let's put the belt aside again

You turn on either side and with the help of your hands you stand up

To pass to Mukha Shvanasana So let's place the palms of our hands wide open on the floor

Try to spread two fingers wide apart, the index finger and thumb especially pushing on the ground

With the whole palm of the hand well resting on the mat Separate your knees from the ground and stretch your arms wide Good for improving the upper arm swing It's kind of like an inclined plane kind of turning the upper arm well Biceps outward And little by little pushing the ground You direct the bones of the buttocks towards the sky Okay keep the upper arm swinging outward and the head loose Lengthen the sides well And with an inspiration you bring the right knee between your hands so that Once we're here we're going to place the foot so that it's right on the same line

That in the center of the sternum So the knee is going to stick out a little bit

Once I'm here Try with an expiration face Let the hip drop more To loosen up more, without losing the stretch in the spine Work with the breath While breathing in Stretch your spine wide open your chest and when exhaling Loosen the hip more And keep it there That feels like little by little it's opening up

The space in your right hip, try to stretch the sides well

Forward and up

That's it, and we're going very slowly

To Mukha Shvanasana again

Bring your right leg behind As before return to the inclined plane by rotating the upper arm well

Outward and maintaining that twist and stretching of the sides pull the bones of the buttocks towards the sky You rest your right knee on the ground And bring the left knee Between your hands again, try to keep your foot right in the Center of the sternum That is The back leg very stretched You rest your fingertips on the ground And from there the same as before When breathing in, stretch well the spine opening the chest And when breathing out You're lowering your hip a little bit more Loosening it inside Breathe Bring the left foot back to Mukha Shvanasana again on the tips of the toes

From the upper arm twist pulling the well lengthens the sides well Bones of the buttocks upwards That's it and keep your head completely loose

You rest your knees on the ground Cross your feet Svastikasana, stretch your spine well and as we saw in the beginning With the help of your hands pull your buttocks out to the sides to create a good base

The pelvis keep the ischial bones resting on the floor and from there on Something fixed, stretch the spine well towards the sky

Shoulders down and back and shoulder blades forward

Breathe We're going to continue with Upavistha Dandasana so for that we're going to get into In the center of the mat rather far back and we're going to spread our feet as far apart as we can

So keep, try to keep your heels just inside the mat

with the help of the hands we're going to rotate the thighs bringing them inward and backward

And with the help of the hands, also the right buttock even the right ischium you take it backwards and to the side with one hand in front of you and the other hand behind you check The difference in both ischia and how your spine is on one side and the other

You will notice that the right side is much more open, outwards

And which left side It maintains an inward gesture as an internal rotation

The most evident space is the right side So let's do the same thing With the left leg Turns outward You help yourself with your hand To take out the buttock too To the back and to the side And now yes Both ischiums are well supported On the ground From here Let's do Dandasana in Upavistha Konasana Try not to let the inertia of the posture come forward

That it does not roll towards the pubis, nor does it go excessively backwards, but that it is keep it in the center For that contact with the ischial pinch on the ground draw a straight line up to your head and keep your spine erect Okay, direct the shoulders well down and back and the upper shoulder blade Pulling in toward the chest, opening the chest

Head in line with the spine

Breathe From the groin, from the hips, stretching the spine more

The edges of the trunk towards the sky And keeping all the tension in the hips we're going to go Bending our legs to do Baddha Konasana so we bring the soles of our feet together

And we're going to use the belt that we had before for that

We're going to close it a little bit more

We're going to pass it over the top And we'll just place the back of it under the sacrum


In turn it goes through the groin and at the same time underneath the feet

Now once you're there, we're always going to try to close the belt

Backwards so that the skin also goes with it backwards and doesn't close the posture

If it were the other way around I would pull it towards the ground, downwards it would close the posture so we take it backwards

Let's put our feet together as much as we can

We adjust the sacrum there and repeat what we did before The previous posture with the help of the hands pulls the thighs well backwards One buttock and do the same with the other, so that the lumbar spine is well stretched

Once you're here, you either fasten the belt or the ankle, according to how long your arms are and from there you make a good leverage with your arms

Arms to stretch the spine, to bring the shoulders well back

and the upper shoulder blades forward

As we were talking before, the pelvis is something stable that remains And the trunk has to go all the way up towards the sky

Searching the space inside while breathing Always in a very active way The sides growing up Well let's get With your hands on your feet and turn them outwards, opening them like a book

Well you're going to check, the hand has to hold the foot tight to be able to open it properly

And check how to open it and the instep when turning it Towards the ground You have more space in the hips in fact the knee Lower more So keep your feet firmly apart Lean forward a little bit And observe how little by little the hips are coming out Gently And the knees go down

Stretch your spine well Bring your shoulders well back And they breathe calm With each inhalation stretch the spine well towards the sky with each exhalation let the hips yield more Lengthening well the trunk, the belly very long

Breathe Okay now Keep the soles of the feet open Without the help of the hands Holding the ankles or calves Doing a little bit of traction With the arms backwards And you always watch That the ischiae are in contact with the ground And from there as we talked about before You create a straight line to the sky The upper shoulder blades are doing well Forward Towards the chest and head in line with the spine, check the hips go down a little bit more and that you keep this gesture of the feet

Open Instead of the English creates a lot of space between the groin first rib So that the trunk grows well towards the sky And breathe calmly Well let's get out of the posture You loosen the belt a little bit We take it off We put it aside To do it again Upavistha Konasana or Dandasana in Upavistha Konasana so with the help of the hands you come back to Pulling the thighs well out, you pull the buttocks back, that is staying Well seated on the ischia and then from there You bring your hands backwards Leaning on the fingertips, keep the spine stretched Well try to push as much as you can With the femur to the ground From the ischia Stretching the spine well And bring the shoulder blades well forward towards the chest And you breathe there calmly Watch the flexion from the hips Always the groin very low So that the rest of the spine goes upwards That and watch how little by little you can even move the feet a little bit further apart from each other

And work more on the hip space opening


and continue to breathe Good

to continue with the next one posture that's going to be Janusirsasana so you bend your right leg Bring the knee backwards And try to keep the leg In line with the hip We're going to pull the left buttock backwards only And outward We take the belt If necessary in case someone doesn't arrive well Towards the foot we would pass at the height From the left heel And we would take with the right hand Supporting Fingertips on the ground We would stretch the spine and make the trunk rotate From the navel In line with straight leg If you reach it easily you take the external edge of the foot And you keep the stretching of the spine Towards the sky Well try that with every breath Stretch the spine well And with each exhalation The right thigh goes down more And keep there A calm breath Okay let's go back To the center of the posture And with the right hand to give a little more lowering to the hip for more space Let's push from the groin Mid-thigh Towards the ground turning the skin of the thigh down and back once I'm here

The right leg is completely relaxed however the left leg is active

You rest the fingertips well on the toes On the ground And from there you push with your right hand to the thigh below And the rest of the spine growing towards the sky Always Facing the straight leg So keeping your thigh down, you lean forward

You can take the belt In case you can't reach the foot, if you can't, you take the outer edge

E inner edge of the left foot Stretch the spine well And give it An extra lowering to the right thigh to the ground And with inspiration You stretch your spine well We get out of the posture Breathing in you stretch your arms towards the sky And we go down by the sides well we do the same with the other leg Using the belt if you need it you would now place it on the right heel

We pull the buttock outwards We would place the belt just at the heel height Okay, and from here you stretch the spine well and let the navel turn in front of the straight leg

we've agreed that the left knee in this case would go well backwards

And the leg is relaxed The active stretch So either you take the belt if you won't reach well or you take the outer edge of the foot

And from there you stretch your spine well on the inhale

And when you exhale let the left thigh go down more Let it fall further to the ground Open more from the hip And breathes We go back to do as before With the help of the left hand You turn the thigh taking the skin with you Backwards And downward What you create a lot of space as the previous positions we were talking about Between the groin And the first rib that the tendency is not to drop But to create space And from there to open the hips well You push down And you let the column stretch And little by little with the exhalation you go forward To catch Outer edge inner edge of the foot Or, failing that, the belt

Stretch well in the spine while breathing in And leave the left thigh down and back, opening the hip well

Rotate the navel in front of the stretched leg Stretch well

Breathe And to come back Stretch the spine well You take advantage of an inspiration And you lower your arms by the sides Okay, we take out the belt We put it aside Well, and after having prepared hips, all the mobility, rotation External hip, we're going to finish with Padmasana

So for that you have to be very careful because this is the eternal posture that many practitioners They injure their knees

The movement comes from the hip not from the knee

If the gesture is done wrong If we put the leg over the other leg, what we will tend to do is to create a lever in the knee, and gradually That it's going to wear down so we're going to take the leg like this like a baby

The tibia and from the hip We are going to move the leg as if we were going to break it Very carefully And you're going to put it right on top Of the other knee The intention is that the foot Go to the opposite hip

That the movement comes from this not from a Easy way from the knee that would create leverage

And it would eventually injure me

So we take the tibia here with the active leg

Very carefully the rotation is going to come from the hip

I direct the foot towards the opposite groin Trying to make the instep Stay Looking at the ground Like a Baddha Konasana when we used to turn the soles of the feet with our hands And the instep had to be facing the floor That effect the one that produced that effect It was more opening, more space in the hip

Well, here we try to do the same thing the more turned The better the instep Well, once here I maintain The foot held with the left hand Stretching well the spine up, trying to loosen it from the hips Well Now

Next step It's going to be the other leg, which we do the same thing we take carefully And always trying to do it from the hip You bring the foot towards the opposite groin Trying to make the instep Turn as much as you can Once there, with your hands, you pull your buttocks out sideways and outwards You maintain the stability of the feet, even with your hands you can help you to turn them a little bit more

Stretch your spine well Put your hands on your knees Slightly brings the shoulders down and back And stretch the spine well from its base, head in line with it

Breathe And with each exhalation Let the hips loosen more And with each breath in, let the spine stretch further Wide gaze and panoramic To get out of the posture In the same way that we did when entering, very carefully hold firmly one of your legs Then the other one And we stretch them in Dandasana There hold The femur pushing towards the ground Heels projecting forward And with the help of the hands Incorporate more Let there be a lot of space on the chest, on the sides

So that the breath can move inside Wide, panoramic view

Expires Good, and little by little we are going to lie on our backs To do Savasana So I check that I'm with all the body in line With the help of the hands Pull out a little bit the skin of your back to make it wider And to have a good base Then You turn the upper arm inward, outward forgiveness And you let the feet fall to the side

Spread the buttocks wide Create good base on them and little by little let the whole body Go sitting in the Savasana posture Take three deep breaths And let with each exhalation The whole body loosens and loosens up more and more Relax the face Relax the tongue On the floor of your mouth and slightly drawn backwards Let the lips separate a little bit from each other Feeling the jaw drop Feeling how the brain little by little is resting inside your head That the eyes rest each one in its corresponding socket That the skin of your eyelids of your temples and your forehead Fall towards the ears Widen your throat Widen the edges of your throat And let little by little your whole back soften towards the ground Arms and hands relax They fall heavy to the ground Feel the groins Open hands Hips, more relaxed The pelvis more and more loose towards the ground It leaves deeply Legs and feet With each inhalation they are deeply abandoned And with the next deep exhalation Abandon all your body at the same time, on the ground Make your breathing deeper Start to move and feel the whole body Do any stretching you need That you feel like Bring your knees to your abdomen To turn On right side And with the help of your hands you're going to get on the right side With the legs crossed Observe and feel again your whole body How are you how do you feel it How you feel But without judging With hands at chest level Namaste You bow your head Hari Om Tat Sat

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