4 - The mind

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In this episode we will see the two systems of thoughts that govern our lives and decision-making: the ego's thought system (protection mechanism), based on our unconscious programming influenced by fear, guilt and the idea of separation and the system of thought of the Holy Spirit, whose essence is unity, peace and love. You have the ability to decide on which system of thought you want to base your existence.

Hello, how are you? How are you? Well, I hope very well, again welcome, welcome to this new chapter on this introductory course on a course in miracles

In this chapter we're going to talk a little bit about how our mind was left, how the mind was left after all this that I left you with

telling you about this dream that you went into

Evidently in what is the reality that a course of miracle refers to, which is love, evidently nothing happened, the mind follows being one, but within this dream we can say that the mind was tripartite

It remained for on one side this mind asleep through this protection system which is the ego, on the other side the mind was one side we have what is the awakened mind, which is this mind that is guided by the ego, and on the other side we have the awakened mind, which is this mind that is guided by the ego

awakened part which we call the holy spirit

These two types of mentality also a course of miracles calls it wrong mentality and right mentality

Wrong mentality again when we are in the sleeping mind, when we are directed by the ego and right mindedness when we are in the sleeping mind, when we are in the sleeping mind, when we are directed by the ego and right mindedness when we are in the sleeping mind

awake, when we are directed by the holy spirit

In the middle we have the neutral mind we could say, which is our ability to reason and make decisions about which of these two minds, which of these two systems of thought we want to be governed by

A Course in Miracles says that we are always being advised, that is we are always being guided through a system of thought

Our task is to learn how to decide which of these two systems of thinking we ultimately want to be guided by, and so today we are going to go more fully into analyzing each one, to examine each one in order to be able to justly decide

The ego thought system, this wrong mentality, this protection mechanism that we have, is initiated as a protection mechanism but in the end it ends up hurting them more than anything else

Because our being, our essence is love and as such needs to develop that love in order to feel happy, in order to feel fulfilled

This protection mechanism that came up, which is the ego, yes, in theory it protects us from the fear and guilt that we have inside a dream, but of course it also it limits us and prevents us from waking up and prevents us from developing this being of love that is our essence

The problem is that just the ego is our unconscious programming, that is, on autopilot, so to speak, we have already installed the ego, the programming of the ego

unconscious that has guilt and fear behind it, yes, hidden

So to the Holy Spirit, to the thought system of the Holy Spirit, a course in miracles tells us that we need to learn to choose it

Never a course in miracles is not going to quarantine our will, that's why it's so important to learn to choose it

important that we learn and make the conscious decision to be able to choose the system that we want to choose

and not the thought system of the ego

And that you keep in mind that every time you don't make a conscious decision, it automatically defaults to the programming

just unconscious programming of the ego in our mind

The issue with just this decision is that it's the decision that keeps us asleep or leads us to awaken

In other words, it is the decision that keeps you unconscious, unconscious of all the causes of your suffering, unconscious of all the causes of your happiness, if it makes you keep seeing them outside

So that's why it's so important to choose between one thought, between one system of thought and between the other system of thought

of thought, because one keeps you unconscious and the other by making you conscious makes you wake up

and makes you able to know what is the cause of your suffering and therefore also to know what is the cause of your suffering and therefore also to know what is the cause of your suffering

the cause of your happiness

So this is the main thing that you're deciding by deciding about choosing one thought system or the other

Another difference you need to know about these two systems of thought is that the ego system of thought, its essence is the idea of separation, guilt and fear

This is implicit in everything, which you are going to see it in everything, without realizing it

Whereas the thought system of the Holy Spirit, which is coming directly from God, its essence is unity, peace and love

On the other hand, what I was telling you every time I tell you or what you read in the book Wrong Mind, you have to know that you are thinking with the ego or, as a course in miracles would say, you are not thinking at all, you are simply in autopilot running your life through unconscious beliefs

Whereas, when you read Right Mind, you are indeed thinking with the Holy Spirit

And on the other hand, what we've already seen, that the ego thought system causes you to live in a world of illusions, as the course says, and therefore, everything that is derived from that world is illusions or, as it also calls, hallucinations

They're things that change, just as if the ego is an illusionist magician

Whereas, if you go on to choose the thought system of the Holy Spirit, the thought system of the Holy Spirit takes you out into the real world to be awakened and that you can then become aware of reality

And just, coupled with this, is that a course in miracles teaches us that the world that we perceive, this world of ego, this world of illusions, is just a world of ideas

What happens is that the ego, by taking control, What does it mean to say that it reversed everything? When I heard this example once, I thought it was very accurate and that's why I want to pass it on to you

When you start reading a course of miracles, it is as if you take a sock, you put your hand inside, you take it from the tip and turn it inside out

That's exactly what it is

Everything in our mind is reversed, everything is upside down

from how we think about it, from how we're used to thinking about it and that's because the ego reversed it

The ego makes you believe that the world that you perceive is the real world, whereas the spiritual world, what you can't see with your eyes, well, those are hallucinations

And a course in miracles we teaches us that it's completely the other way around, that actually the real world is the world that you don't see with your eyes

you're perceiving now through your senses, through your organs of perception, whereas the illusory world is the world that you see, the world that you perceive, the world of forms

And he says to us, in other words, it tells us why? Briefly it tells you why the reality, the truth, does not change, it's immutable and it doesn't change with the passage of time, it doesn't change through whoever sees it

The reality is always the same, it is always unity and it is always love, whereas in the world this illusory in reality everything is changing continuously, you see something dying, you see something being born, you perceive a fact, for example, in one way and in 20 years you perceive it in another way and a person who is next to you perceives it in another way, so this is a world, being changeable it's an illusory world and then a course of miracles also through the help of the Holy Spirit

helps us to understand this and tells us how this is an illusory world in the end

it's a world of ideas, everything that to you is your world in the end is just an idea to which we have become attached to because obviously we are only conscious of that, but in reality it's a world of ideas and that's why there are no degrees of difficulty in miracles because to the being a world of ideas ideas the ideas can change and an idea that contained separation, fear and guilt can become contained by cleansing all that, by purifying the conditions of the reality that is love and peace, that's why we have to learn to see this world simply as a world of ideas, a world that is not real and for that we are helped by all the teachings, the methodology of a course in miracles

Now, before we can begin to test this, yes, we can begin to test this

actually we have to see what is the ego, we have to see what is this protection mechanism that makes the mind go to sleep and we together with the mind, every time we choose the system of the ego, we have to see what it is

ego thinking and I remind you that it is already by default already installed until you take another decision, you are always just seeing right through this essence that you have whereby we have to start to analyze it, first to realize that we have it because if we don't we can't go to examine it and then to examine what it is and how it works in our mind so that we perceive the illusory world as a real world

So then, what is the ego? the ego as we see it, the ego as we see it

says a course in miracles is nothing, why does he say this? because evidently in the reality of reality if the ego doesn't exist, the ego is a dream, it's a hallucination and it never existed but in the mind

the ego does exist, in the sleeping mind

So that's why we have to examine it inside

of the sleeping mind, not to analyze it but to examine it to know how it works and to be able to choose, to let it go, not to believe in it anymore or well to continue believing in it, in the end each one has the decision, that is to say he makes the decision that he wants

So the ego within this world of dreams, a course of miracles tells us simply one more idea, the ego is a frightening thought that when it and the mind believes it, it goes to sleep, but it is simply an idea, a frightening thought, the problem is that it takes many forms

I like to put this analogy, the ego is as though we have on a pair of black glasses that are completely dirty and we don't even know that we have them, we forget, or rather, we forget that we put them on ourselves

So everything that we see through these glasses is evidently how the glasses are, if the glasses are are dirty you're going to see a dirty world, if the glasses contain idea of separation, of fear, of guilt, that's what you're going to see in the world and you're never going to realize it's not there, just that you have your glasses on because you forgot you have your glasses on

So that's what the ego is and it operates in our mind, by operating in our mind it is in absolutely everything that we perceive, in all of our relationships, in all of our problems

that we perceive, in how we relate to our dreams, is in everything that we perceive

How is it that the ego can accomplish this? Through all of its mechanisms which is what I'm going to tell you

tell you now

The ego what it did, as I told you, is to invert everything, right? So through this inversion what it did was to put the cause of all your sufferings outside of you, through the ego

perception and all its mechanisms that I am now going to tell you about

So by putting the cause of all your sufferings, but beware, the cause of all your happiness too, this is a contra face, to put it out and not to tell you, obviously this because we are unconscious, you seem to be impotent, you look like you're powerless, you look like the problems are coming from the outside and you look like you need external things to be happy

And this is just what the ego does, it invests, it always it is inverting everything that is reality into a world of illusions

So, how is it that the does it? Through the projection and through the mechanism of separation, well, a lot of mechanisms that now we're going to see now, but for that it takes into account what perception is, how the ego uses our perception

You may have already heard it said that the facts, the factual facts are innocuous, that's why each person interprets them in a different way and goes on to live a world different on the basis of the same fact

A course in miracles tells us, goes beyond that and tells us says reality is love, so if you are not perceiving this innocuous fact from love, it's because something is wrong, it's because evidently we are in the ego thinking system that doesn't let us realize it

The ego uses your perception to confirm the illusory world, that is, through your perception you confirm that what you perceive is true, that what you perceive is true, that what you you think is true for you and it is real and you never question it, it is never questioned

How does the ego use our perception to accomplish its ends? With an example you will I'll explain it to you, when you perceive something, first of all you already perceive yourself as separate from it

that you are just perceiving, as soon as you separate yourself from that the judgments start and start the comparisons

The ego somehow keeps everything that it considers adequate inside of you and the inadequate it carries on the outside, so you never really ever become aware of just this unconscious, because all the inadequacy is this guilt and this unconscious fear always camouflaged with different thoughts, with different images

But well, coming back, it comes up, you perceive something, you automatically detach yourself from what you perceive, you use your fears and your guilt, all the judgments, all the comparisons and what you do is you just projecting it onto that which you are perceiving, but fabricating an illusory world, fabricating your own problems, your own ideas about things, which according to a course of miracles has nothing to do with what is happening in reality

What happens is that we just don't perceive what the whole reality is like because our organs of perception, let's say, do not give us

A course in miracles says for you to be able to judge something you have to know the past, the present, the future, how it affects all the people that you don't know

you don't even know

Which is why we from this little mind, from this ego, from this mind asleep, we don't have the capacity directly to do it

But we are not aware of this and the ego what it does is again to use all this that we perceive to hide behind, in our world, in our world

imaginary so to speak, all this guilt and all this unconscious fear

Y logically it doesn't tell you that this is so, it excludes you from this so that you don't realize it

In other words that the most normal thing, the most logical thing is that you are not aware of all this

But all this happens in a second, as I was telling you a course of miracles in the previous chapters

For you to begin to to realize how this ego works, all these mechanisms that it uses inside your head, it is necessary for you to know how perception works

Perception is intimately linked to our beliefs and our beliefs to our faith

A course in miracles says that we all have faith in something

Even the agnostic person, the atheist person who doesn't believe, really first has to believe in a concept that he then later decides not to believe in

But that faith doesn't make you lacking, let's say you always have faith

The issue is in what system of thought you have it

That's why it's that when perception is used by the Holy Spirit it helps you to awaken

Perception, as I was saying, is linked to your beliefs and your beliefs are linked to faith

The point is who is directing

When the ego is directing, from the beliefs a message is sent to our organs of perception so that they take from these factual facts only the reality which conforms to your beliefs

Then always on the outside you will end up seeing what you internally believe

What happens that the ego doesn't say it and besides it's not a question of whether they are good beliefs or bad beliefs, positive or negative

Whatever your beliefs are, you're going to be seeing it out there

This is what the Holy Spirit teaches you

The Holy Spirit always uses everything that the ego manufactures, everything that is within this illusory mind to help you awaken

There is nothing that the Holy Spirit cannot use to help us awaken

So use perception

Since the ego does this let's use the perception so that going from what you perceive you will go and you can find out what your beliefs are and what your thought system is

Y this is important because a lot of times we think that our beliefs are different than what we think they are

what is happening and a course in miracles tells you no, what is happening you always chose

Somehow unconsciously, evidently, that is being chosen by some part of you

real self or this imaginary self, this psychological self which is our ego

And at the end with the help of the Holy Spirit just what it does is it helps you to wake up

Because in reality you're always going to be seeing outside what you believe and so it's like a circle, it's closed

You put faith in the ego thought system, in those egoic beliefs

therefore they contain fear and guilt, they will send the messages to the organs of your perception

so that you will only take from the factual facts what corresponds to those beliefs, thus you then outside in the world that you perceive you will see what you internally believe and you will never on top of that you're going to question it because to you it's real

Through the thought system of Spirit Holy we go the other way

I'm perceiving this from my consciousness I may or may not agree with it

I agree, it doesn't matter

A course in miracles always tells you what you have in front of you in some way

you're choosing it

So we do this reverse path

From this that I perceive I go to my beliefs and there in that act of going inward, into your beliefs, is when they start to come out

all the egoic beliefs and emotions that we have

Of course at the beginning in the most superficial the ego doesn't make itself seen, it's not so clear

This requires a process, it requires also and it is fundamental mindfulness techniques, meditation and so on, so that we can slow down the mind

and we can just start to see what's underneath at the deepest level

And that's how we go seeing

And that's how one can identify, okay, I have obviously fear beliefs, fear beliefs

of guilt, beliefs of seeing myself separate from this

I'm putting my faith in the system of ego thought

Whereupon the other alternative that a course in miracles offers us, once we we are aware of this, is to forgive it, to surrender it, to let it go, which we are going to see how it is done, and start practicing the thought system that the Holy Spirit offers

Because in the end as I was telling you before, as this is a world of ideas, if you abandon these egoic ideas, if you abandon these beliefs, logically little by little the world you see will be transformed

And when you begin to be governed by the beliefs of the thought system of the Holy Spirit, based on the love, in oneness, as your mind is transforming, as you are leaving one system and incorporating more of the other, logically your external world is going to be transformed

So this is the other alternative that a course of miracles offers us

On the one hand, to learn to be conscious, and once we are conscious to learn to let go with forgiveness, which we are going to see

And on the other hand, to take it as our own, incorporating to our life the teachings of the system of thought of the Holy Spirit

That is why is that actually in every situation that we live we only have to ask ourselves the question how I want to live this situation

Since you're going to live it anyway, because as I was telling you at the beginning, in reality the curriculum is not chosen by you, your life, the most important events, by at least you don't choose them, since you are going to live them anyway, decide from where you want to live them

Already you know that if you live them from the ego thought system, you are going to live them from the separation, from conflict, from suffering, and you will never become conscious to be able to overcome it, transcend it and create something else in your life

Whereas if you live it from the other thought system, at least through that event you will begin to awaken

And as you awaken you are going to go discarding these obstacles that prevent you from having an experience of what love is

In other words way, as you awaken your ego, it is going to be shedding, because in the end it is an illusion, and the only thing that will remain is the real thing that is love

That's why it's so important that before every situation we say how I want to live it, what I want to learn, the thinking system of the fear, which I know where it's taking me because I've come this far, and surely if you're reading a course of miracles or if you want to start reading it it's because it hasn't made you very happy all your beliefs, or I want to live it, I want to give at least the possibility of there being another world that I don't know how to get to it, and that's the world that the Holy Spirit thought system teaches you

So having said that, now you pretty much know what two systems of thought there are

Already you know what the ego is, at least you have an approximation, then obviously how the ego acts

within each one of us, that's a completely personal process that is what you do with a course of miracles

And now you also have an approximation of what is the thought system of Spirit

Holy One

I would also like to tell you a little bit more about what this thought system is, about what it is, what the Holy Spirit is

So the Holy Spirit is that part of our mind that is still in communication with God, it's that part of our mind that knows our essence, but we are not conscious of that part of the mind, so there is no need to confuse, it is inside of us, but it is not us rationally who does the work justly And what is the work of the Holy Spirit? His function is to direct all this process of atonement, to direct all the little processes of forgiveness, his function is to undo in your mind what is real and what, better said, what is illusory, in order to remain only with what is real

The Holy Spirit what he does is everything that the ego fabricated, notice I use the word fabricated, not created, because it fabricated, the course uses it to refer precisely to all that the ego does, because everything that can be fabricated can be undone, it is not creation, that is already what would come to be God

Then the Holy Spirit uses everything that the ego fabricated to help you to awaken, as a learning resource to help you to awaken, in other words, to make you conscious

It is also the inner teacher that gives you a course of miracles, that is everything, for everything, you have to appeal to the Holy Spirit

Again remember, when I spoke to you about the miracles, I told you that it was something natural and that you did not have to direct it, because when one directs, when one wants to direct something, a process, it can come from a false advice, like I did a course in miracles

Why? Well, now you know why, because always in your mind is the ego

and it's installed by default, so, as always you're going to get confused because the ego doesn't want to that you know that it exists, because if you know that it exists you directly become conscious and the ego stops exist

Then, because the ego doesn't want you to know, it is confusing you all the time

That's why is that it is necessary that you always learn to appeal to the Holy Spirit, because that is the safe thing to do

Every time that you want to work a miracle, every time that you want to direct forgiveness, every time that you even you want to decide, I want to perceive this or I want to perceive something else, you are in the ego, surely, and it can deceive you

So, your function is simply to make you aware, for example, that you are in the ego

you are perceiving through the ego, but you don't have to invent a perception yourself

What you do is go to the Holy Spirit, teach me how to perceive in another way, because the Holy Spirit is the one who corrects your perception

In your mind we, the truth is we have a great mental confusion, especially when you start to do a course of miracles, and if you don't practice mindfulness techniques meditation and so on, we have a lot of mental confusion and it is not really possible to put order in our thoughts with a certain degree of coherence

This is done by the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit puts order in your thoughts, the Holy Spirit undoes what is not real and leaves what is not real

that is real

Holy Spirit undoes the fear and gives you the right perception

Remember I told you that the perception has to be purified

Well, this erroneous perception that comes from following the ego thought system, it has to be purified and this is done by the Holy Spirit, and he brings to you the right perception, which is the perception based on love and peace

In other words also, it is the innocent perception, because it is just the innocent perception, keeping ourselves free of judgment, is faith in love

So these are, among others, the functions of the Holy Spirit

The most important thing that you have to know is that when it comes from God, it comes from God or from love

If you have any problem with the Christian language it can always be replaced, because by coming from God, it comes from God

In the end they are concepts and what matters is the content, not the form

So the Holy Spirit, that you could say for example the higher mind, coming from God or coming from love, its essence of everything it transmits is that, it is unity, it is peace and it is love

And it's to that part of your mind, that you don't is you, that you have to go to for a solution, to tell you, or for healing, would be a better word to say it

The Holy Spirit basically teaches you, well it teaches you, well it teaches you many things, but basically in the face of conflict three lessons

The first one is that it says, to be able to have gives everything to everybody

Translated between all that it says a course in miracles is in the face of a conflict to be able to have da

Da means that you release for example the thoughts, give the Holy Spirit your thoughts, give to the Holy Spirit your conflicts, give to the Holy Spirit all your conflicts

this that you interpret the situation

Even the book says, give to your brother, as it says a course of miracles, everything he asks for

Why? Because behind every resistance that you have to that they are asking you, there is the ego

We are going to see that too

So the first lesson is give everything to everybody in order to have

The second lesson is that to know what is peace you extend peace

And this also before a conflict give, let go, before a conflict prioritize peace

Peace we are going to then we are going to see it together with forgiveness

And the third lesson that the Holy Spirit gives us is to be on the alert

alert for what and alert for what? Just alert to the conflict

Why? Because in every conflict you have the ego manifests itself

So don't think it's something natural, Within this reality of love, just conflict is not natural

When there is a conflict it's because we are in the sleeping mind

And while the ego uses all of that to continue to grow and grow

the conflict, to keep increasing your unconsciousness, the Holy Spirit, like I told you, uses it to awaken you

Then the conflict becomes an opportunity for you to you can begin to become more aware of just your unconscious

You can begin to heal all your beliefs of fear, of guilt, of separation and you can go, let's say, cleansing, purifying your mind of all this in order to acquire, let's say, the beliefs that correspond with the energy of love, with the energy of God, with the energy of unity

These are the three lessons more or less what basically the Holy Spirit is telling us, teaching us to keep in mind to through the conflicts

And I also tell you that the Holy Spirit is also in your mind

Like such, you can also be aware or, rather, you can perceive his voice

The problem is that, let's say, the voice that always sounds the loudest, apart from the fact that we have all of our consciousness there, the voice that always sounds the loudest is the voice of the ego

So the book tells us that to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit requires effort and it requires willingness to learn

As I have already told you at another time, it requires a small dose of your will to be able to see which is the truth through this conflict that you are having

And once you do that, little by little, with the process and so forth, you can begin to perceive somewhat what is the voice of Spirit Holy

Some simple tips that I can give you would be that, for example, a course in miracles says the ego always, that is, they both speak instantaneously

In the face of something, they both speak, they give you an answer, both the ego and the Holy Spirit

The problem is that the ego screams

The ego screams, the ego demands, the ego imposes

Why? Because it knows that all that it proposes is not real and it that if you don't pay attention to it, it will fall

If you don't pay attention to these ideas it will fall

will fall

Since the Holy Spirit knows that what he tells you is true, then wait, the Holy Spirit doesn't want to control you, he doesn't have this need to control you because he knows that sooner or later just all the suffering that the ego generates you are going to look for another alternative and you will be the one who will decide to listen to the Holy Spirit and stop listening to this voice of the ego

That's why is that the voice of the Holy Spirit is a quiet voice, it says a course of miracles, it's a voice that does not impose, it is a voice that is always serene because it always speaks of peace

This means that will always give you the peaceful solution for you and for all the people involved, not only for you but also for all the people involved

for you

That would be the ego talking

So these are more or less some tips for listening to the voice

of the Holy Spirit and also, lastly, to tell you that the Holy Spirit never attacks anybody

With the perception that I can give you of the situation is always going to bring you the perception of the love and the perception of love is a perception that doesn't attack anybody, it's a perception that doesn't attack anybody, it's a perception that doesn't imposes, it is a perception that gives peace to everybody, to yourself and to everybody involved

So this is the Holy Spirit

Again, going back to the beginning of what we were talking about in this chapter, when one compares the ego thought system and the Holy Spirit thought system, in addition to everything that we already saw, we can say that the ego uses your perception always to go outward, to take you outward, to confirm this world of illusions

Whereas the Holy Spirit uses it to go inward, to be able to make you aware of where your faith is, where your beliefs are

This way the ego will always give you a wrong perception of where your beliefs are

the situation, you will never really know what is going on

Whereas the Spirit gives you the correct perception and this correct perception, as I was saying, is the innocent perception, the perception that is free of judgments, of comparisons, of conflicts, basically

So, having said that to you, remember that you are always being mentored by somebody

It's impossible for you not to have your faith in any system of thought because all of the world governs its life through a thought system

The question is which one? And as it teaches us a course in miracles, there are only two, either Holy Spirit or ego

And in that regard, the book does teach you gives you some little helps, some little exercises, in addition to all the practical part, in the part theoretical part, it gives you some exercises, some aids so that you can start deciding for whom to you want to be advised and that's what I'd like to read to you now

I want to share with you a little text that gives a course of miracles to help you in some way to make decisions or at least to become aware that you are making a decision, even from an unconscious level

The text says, I must have decided wrongly because I am not at peace

I made that decision myself, therefore I can make another one

I want to make another decision because I want to be at peace

I don't feel guilty because the Holy Spirit, if I allow Him to, will override all the consequences of my wrong decision

I choose to allow him to do so by letting him decide on God's behalf for me

You see, many times here the course of miracles is indicating to you that every time you don't feel peace it's that you have decided wrongly, but surely from an unconscious level, with which you can make the decision to choose again

And you want to make the choice because you want to be at peace, that's why you're going to allow the Holy Spirit to override all the consequences of this decision

wrong, even if you are not conscious of that decision, because the Holy Spirit decides in God's favor for you

The second phrase that I want to read you, a course in miracles, says to say it whenever you have doubts about what to do

It says, whenever you have doubts about what what you should do, think in his presence

In his presence is referring to the Holy Spirit

And repeat to yourself this and only this

He guides me and knows the way that I do not know, but he will never deprive me of what he wants me to learn

That is why I trust that he will communicate everything to me

what he knows for me

Let him then quietly teach you how to perceive your innocence, which is there

As I was telling you in the chapter, we are always being advised even when we do not we are aware of it

For that a course of miracles gives us certain helps and that's why I want to read you small excerpts from this chapter in the book, which is called rules for making decisions

A Course in Miracles says that decision making is an ongoing process, but you don't always realize it

when you're making them

More with a little practice, with those that you are already conscious, you begin to establish a pattern that will help you with the others

The perspective right perspective has to be taken upon awakening

It says that if you experience great resistance, of course, of course, of course, of course, of course, of course, of course, of course, of course

wanting to experience a beautiful day, a day from love, if you experience great resistance and you see that your resolve wavers is that you are not ready yet

So it tells you don't fight against yourself

Think rather of the kind of day you would like to have and tell yourself there is an easier way

that this very day can be so spent

Try then once again to have the kind of day that you would like to have

day that you desire and say the following statement

I will not make any decision today on my own

This means you are choosing not to be the judge of what should be done, but it also means that you will not judge those situations in which you are called upon to make a decision

He goes on to say the biggest problem you have right now is that you still decide first what you're going to do and then you decide to ask what you should do

We're in a phase where you're learning to listen and then a course in miracles always says to remember that throughout the day and you have a moment of calm to reflect repeat to yourself again the kind of day you would like to have, the feelings you wish to cherish, the things you want to have happen to you, as well as what you want to experience and say

If I don't take any decision on my own that's the kind of day that will be granted to me

And then it tells us that there will be times when we will have unconsciously already judged our day beforehand

Then we will says remember again the kind of day that you would like to have and recognize that something has happened that is not part of it

In that moment you can be aware of how you feel and you can say by at least I can decide that I don't like the way I'm feeling right now

Once you have decided that you don't like how you're feeling now it might be easier to continue with

Therefore I hope I was wrong

And he says this mitigates the feeling of resistance and reminds you that it doesn't you are being forced to accept help but that this is something that you want and need because you don't like the way you are feeling

This tiny opening will be enough for you to move forward

and take the few steps you need to let yourself be helped

You have now reached a point crucial because you have realized that you will gain if what you decided is not as you thought

Until you get to this point you will believe that your happiness depends on being right but at least you have now reached a certain degree of sanity

You have realized that it would be better for you that you were wrong

You are not being forced into it but are simply hoping to achieve what you you want

Therefore you can say with perfect honesty I want to look at this in another way

Now you have changed your mind about what kind of day you want to have and you have remembered what you you really want

In this way the fact that you are willing to ask goes all the way to your conscience

And then he says this last step is just the recognition that you're not opposed to receiving


It's the statement of a receptive mind that although it's not yet certain it's willing to to be shown what it needs to see

And it says that, repeat, maybe there's another way to see this that I can lose by asking

Then he says it should be clear though that it's easier than your day

to pass happily if you do not allow unhappiness to make its presence felt in the first place


But this requires practice

We have said that you can start the day happily if you you decide not to make any decisions on your own

This in itself seems to be a decision

However you cannot make decisions on your own

The only question then is with whom you choose to make them

Your day is not random

The kind of day you have is determined by that with which you you choose to live it and the way your happiness is perceived by the friend you turn to for help


The friend here is talking to you about the Holy Spirit or the ego

You always ask for advice before you make any decision

And then it concludes with your counselor and you have to agree with respect to what you desire before it can happen

So again he is telling us that we are always being counseled and that we have to agree with that counselor to whom we are we are asking for help

And he tells us that the day does not go by randomly, but it goes by as it we ask one thought system or another

So you can apply these rules to start deciding again the kind of day you want to have

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