5 - Fear and love

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In this episode we are going to talk about emotions. A Course in Miracles establishes that there are only two thought systems: the Ego's thought system and the Holy Spirit's thought system, and in the same way, identifies that we can only feel two types of emotions, either Fear or Love, teaching us to distinguish between the whole range of emotions that we feel which comes from fear and which from love, the origin of all the sensations we experience.

Hello, how are you? All right, welcome, welcome back to a new chapter of this introductory course, to a course in miracles

In this chapter we're going to talk about emotions and we already know that a course of miracles tells us that there are only two systems of thought, the system of thought of the ego and the thought system of the Holy Spirit and in the same way it tells us that there are only two thought systems, the thought system of the ego and the thought system of the Holy Spirit

two types of emotions, that we can only feel two types of emotions either fear or love

In general we are accustomed and we have learned that we feel many kinds of emotions, that we can only feel we feel many emotions

We are used to feel sadness, pain, anger, happiness, rage, in short, a great number of emotions and this is not a coincidence because it comes in this form of perceiving through the ego

As the ego divides everything, separates everything, the ego does not have a unified mind, then it seems that we can feel many different emotions, each one with a different range of energy and so on

A course in miracles actually teaches us that we just we can feel two kinds of emotions, fear or love, and it teaches us just to distinguish between all this range of emotions that we think, that we feel, which one is fear and which one is love

So this would be like our task within the course, when we are doing the course

The problem that we have is that we tend to confuse what is bliss with pain and this is precisely because of the investment that the ego makes

I was telling you in a previous chapter that the ego inverts everything, then everything that seems real to you in reality is not real, what happens is that the ego inverts it

made you believe it and inverted it

So the problem that we have between the confusion of between bliss and the pain is justly caused by the ego

A course in miracles says everything that brings pain to your ego is caused by the ego

ego actually makes you happy

And here he is evidently referring to this true being that I was talking about in the first chapters, this real being that we are

The ego to the is a part of our mind, it's certain ideas that we have based on fear, in guilt, everything that we have already seen, that is mirrored in everything that we perceive and of that same way also causes us to have a concept of ourselves, we have an image of ourselves

ourselves that we fabricate through the ego

And a course in miracles tells us this imaginary self, this being that you have fabricated, just because it's an image it's not real, it's changeable and you can change it and in fact you can heal it

But what makes this imaginary being happy is actually not real

makes your being really happy

Why? Because the ego what it does is all the things that the ego does

makes it happy, all the things that this imagined part of your mind makes it happy are things that make it happy

which are justly based on guilt and fear but which you are not aware of, because we keep it in the unconscious

So all these desires that are born from the ego in the unconscious

reality are based on just deficiencies

The ego feeling separated from God, from love, what it does is just to have desires to complete this internal lack

That is why a course in miracles actually tells us that the fulfillment of the desires of this ego is not your own satisfaction because all it does is increase this feeling of separation, this sense, this feeling of lack, this lack of self-love that deep down inside very unconsciously we all have ingrained in our unconscious mind

Whereas what makes your real self happy is something else and it is only one thing, which is just to be able to find this loving reality, it is the union with God, the union with the real love, the only thing that makes us makes us happy

And the one who knows how to approach this is the Holy Spirit and not the Holy Spirit

the ego

So from this place is that we also tend to confuse what is bliss and what is happiness

with what is pain and it is this very confusion that we have to gradually walk and go and we have to give it to the Holy Spirit so that we become more conscious

What is fear? What is fear? is these two emotions? Well we already know that on the one hand what is love, this love that you're talking about

a course in miracles we already know that we can't define it but at least we know that it's not a emotion that I feel for someone

However, the course teaches you through these opposites that you can begin to differentiate energy of love, energy of fear, behind the superficiality of all the emotions that we apparently feel

Love itself does not we can define it because it is an experience, however fear we can define, fear and guilt can be defined and it is necessary to see them and examine them justly in order to realize when we are actually feeling fear and guilt and when we are actually feeling fear and guilt and when we are actually feeling fear and guilt

having these types of beliefs

The guilt is part of the fear, they're linked together, it's almost the same thing

The thing about guilt, a course in miracles tells us that it's like the ultimate expression of fear and it is the symbol of the attack against God and here I want you to pay attention

A course in miracles tells us the mind is still one, your mind is holy, it says because obviously it's using Christian terminology, but well your mind is pure, your mind is love, your mind is peace, your whole mind

The problem is that you have your consciousness set on one part of the mind that needs to be healed, that basically needs to be purified, but since you have the whole consciousness there, the ego directs you and we have learned through all of our beliefs, our programming unconscious to perceive, we have learned to act, we have learned to think a certain way

The problem is to use that way to our mind which is actually pure, it's peaceful, it's holy, generates guilt

A course in miracles says every time you perceive yourself, you feel some kind of guilt, you feel some kind of guilt

separated from this reality of love, you feel fear and you feel guilt

In the same way that every time you, these words say, decide to think of a brother as God would not have thought, or the other way around, not to think something that God would have thought, or every time you act towards a brother or you don't act as God would have acted, you generate guilt, because your mind and God's mind go on being one, no matter how much you are not conscious, the mind is still one and the mind is holy

When through this mechanism of the dormant mind, we through what we have learned from the ego, we have attack thoughts, quote unquote, that I don't feel in love, that that person is doing something to me

Behind all this there is always fear and unconscious guilt

And it is unconscious, logically, we do not perceive it in this way


In fact, you see, when I started studying a course in miracles, I read guilt and I said, but I don't feel guilty about anything, because I didn't really know it was inside of me

As soon as you start to dig into your thoughts, into your emotions, you start to understand from where you fear arises, where guilt arises

And in the end guilt is this, it's every time that you you feel or you believe, better said, that you are separated from God, every time you believe that you are separated from your brother, every time you have any thought that is not as God would have thought, your mind automatically generates guilt

And that's why then you think that you impose on yourself an punishment, because everything

see how it relates to the first thing that I was telling you in the chapters first

The mind when it goes to sleep has these dreams that it got separated and that then now as she feels guilt, as she feels fear, she feels fear that God will punish her, but in reality all the mind is doing is using the ego and projecting

I know it's all a mess, but you discover this as you go through a course of miracles

All of this that you I am telling you happens like this in a second inside your mind

And since you just need to undo the guilt, because if it doesn't seem to you, if you don't undo this guilt, it seems to you that everything that you bad things that happen to you are punishments

You don't see it in that way because it's unconscious, but it's just in the unconscious mind

And it keeps increasing, it keeps increasing the guilt, the fear keeps increasing

Then suddenly every time, for example, I find myself in more and more situations

violent situations around me

Now, a course in miracles tells us, all of this is really a insanity

It's insanity that can't happen and never happened, but it's in your unconscious programming

You have to learn to be conscious to be able to forgive it, to finally realize that in it's actually crazy basically and let it go and let it go

But well, here's the thing with the guilt

Every time we feel separated from God or we don't think like God, every time we feel like we're not thinking like God

we attack in thought someone or even ourselves, because in reality we are the ones who are the first to attack ourselves mentally, our mind is generating guilt

What happens is that the ego makes us believe that it doesn't affect us

Because as the ego makes us see ourselves as separate from the the other, we think that what we are thinking of the other is of the other and we don't give ourselves realize why it plays with all these illusions of the forms

But in reality the mind is still being one, whereby your own judgments about the other are attacking yourself and you don't give yourself account

That is why within all of this elaborate dreaming comes forgiveness, because you need to to learn to forgive your own illusions to finally realize that none of all that you thought was real

But you need to learn to forgive yourself and each other

Then let's look at the subject of forgiveness in much more detail, what is the right way to forgive that gives us a course of miracles

And obviously the one who feels guilty, even unconsciously, is afraid

And whoever is afraid is on alert against all the others and you think that all the others are doing to you something and you think that life is always going to do something to hurt you, you think life is difficult, he believes that there is sacrifice and so on

All this, as I was explaining to you, all this madness, all this dream is fear, says a course in miracles and puts it as the opposite of love

Likewise a course of miracles tells us that fear does not exist, however, as a part of your mind you believe in fear, well, you have to begin to analyze it, you have to begin to see it and you have to begin to make it conscious, like through your emotions

That's why it's so important that when we feel a emotion we learn to distinguish, is it fear or is it love

And the easy key to learning how to distinguish it is how much peace is in that emotion

Anything that upsets you, anything that takes away your peace, that's already fear

And a course in miracles says, this is regardless of whether it's boredom

Whenever you're not blissful, whenever you're not loving all your life circumstances, it is because there is fear

This can manifest from a great fear and guilt, with a great fear and guilt, with a great fear and guilt, with a great fear and guilt, with a great fear and guilt

conflict ahead, as with small minimal conflicts that we surely go unnoticed

Manifestations of fear energy to give you examples, boredom, laziness, obviously anger, depression, anxiety

There are countless examples of fear energy

What you have to be aware of is just your emotion

Let's say your emotion is your compass

When does fear arise? Fear arises whenever, for example, you make a judgment about another

Even if you are not aware of it, then, as I was saying before, it starts to accumulate

fear guilt in your life

Every time you, for example, don't prioritize peace, fear begins to arise

Every time you think bad about somebody, anyway

You have to start to see internally what is behind these emotions

Don't let yourself guide you, because then we are going to see how certain emotions that we believe that we can are love or are good, actually contain fear energy

And a course of miracles is always going to tell you, in reality, neither the thoughts nor the emotions are neither good nor bad

Are they of fear or are they of love? And, therefore, are they false or are they true? One will lead you to go on dreaming and the other will lead you to lead you to wake up

So, that's the way that you realize, beginning to become aware, starting to see how much peace there is in your life

Logically, to the more suffering, the more ego control there is in your life

And yes, even if there is not much suffering, we can already know equally that the ego is there and the fear is even in these small emotions of laziness

What turns out to be laziness or boredom, apathy, because there is an emotion of fear behind it

what is the remedy to all this? Again, what the Holy Spirit interprets, the vision

of the Holy Spirit

As I was telling you, the ego, us from our sleeping mind, although we are not conscious, we believe in fear and we believe in guilt

By that, outside we see punishments, we see problems and we see others

The Holy Spirit knows that fear doesn't exist and so it reinterprets it as a lack of love

That is to say, every time you become aware that there is energy of fear in you, that there is fear energy in your mind, all you have to know is that there is actually a lack of love there

And that is solved with perfect love, as I did a course in miracles

It is solved by loving and forgiving, which is what we are going to see later on

So, you have to know that your thinking and your emotion are always united

When you are experiencing a certain situation in your life and your thought and your you are living from the conflict, you know that's where the ego is

You know that there you are perceiving from the ego

You have a wrong perception

Holy Spirit? Bringing us inward, start looking at our beliefs, our thoughts

There we can begin to see what fearful thoughts we have

But first, surely, you will have first connected with the emotion

So, when you have a circumstance, the first thing you do is you go to the emotion

Am I feeling happy? Am I feeling loving? Am I feeling feeling warm and fuzzy about everything? If the answer is no, there is fear

And from there from the emotion you go to the head

And at the end it's all together

It's not separate

It's not your thought on one side, your emotion on one side

No, it's all together and this is one more representation of what it says, that what it says a course of miracles is true

Whereupon, by putting your attention on one, you immediately begin to see your thoughts

And as you see your thoughts and transforming these egoic ideas, your emotion starts to be different and your perception starts to be different

And you see that everything is coming together in this way

It is important this small dose of goodwill, of which a course talks about

of miracles, because you, by default, when you perceive a conflict, you are not going to remember all of this

You're not going to perceive it, obviously, all this way

that I'm telling you

You're not going to do all this analysis

So, when you you perceive a conflict, it's important that the first thing that you think about is how do I want to do I want to live this? do I want to live it in peace or do I want to live it in conflict? Do I want to see the truth of this situation or do I want to remain in the world of illusions? And to from there unfolds the whole process of beginning to distinguish between this whole range of emotions that, in theory, we feel

Am I in peace? Is this real love? If it is real love, there is peace

But it's that there's peace for you and for everybody

And if no, it's the work of, okay, this is fear

And that's when we start to see all the emotions, sorry, all the thoughts that are associated with that which in theory we're is happening to us

And so we can begin to uncover the beliefs that are there and start little by little to forgive them, which is what we're going to see in chapter next, and to take the beliefs of the Holy Spirit

This is all that I can tell you briefly and briefly about guilt and about fear

About love, as I was telling you, it can't be defined

This is an experience that you have to have

No one can tell you what is love and what is not, because at the just like how the ego manifests itself in each person's life, real love, and me, I can't tell you what is love and what is not

I mean love in capital letters, we can also call it unconditional love, it also manifests itself in each person's life in a different way

So nobody can say what it is and what it is not

So we can name certain characteristics by saying that the real love is the love of God, as such it is unconditional, as such it includes everyone, it has no limits

And why should you I tell you this? Because the ego, so ingenious as it is, has given us its own concept of the love, which is what a course in miracles calls the illusions of love

In the end it's still fear, I like to call it fear disguised as love, because what it basically does is, behind a semblance of love, it hides all of the fears, all the guilt, the same ideas of separation, of comparison, of judgment, and with which it ends up bringing equally suffering

What happens is that this love, this illusion of love, better said, that is born of the ego, is born of the ego

just as a response to this feeling of separation

When you feel separated from what is God, from what is love, when you feel separated from what is God, from what is love, when you feel separated from the one next to you and you think that he is going to attack you and everything that you we've already seen, obviously nobody can live on that way, because nobody can live only with fear

So the ego what it does is give you its own version of love, and the ego's version of love is called love

special, is to see a specialness within love, all ego makes it special

We are going to see this more clearly when we look at the subject of relationships, of the special relations, then you'll understand it much better, but you in this moment stay with this, stay with the fact that the ego also has its version of the love, and this is what I was referring to when I said that many times we think that we have pleasant or loving emotions, and deep down inside in but this has to be looked at, this has to be seen and this has to be to discover it through this key that I told you before, which is of how much peace there is here, and whether it is a peace only mine or it is extendable to all

So the love, this special love, the ego love knows that it has all of its mechanisms, it still feels separate from the person it loves, it still feels separate from the person it loves

projects on the person he loves so much his causes of happiness, believing that the other is going to make him/her happy, for example, as well as his/her causes of unhappiness, when he believes that he is not happy because of the other, the ego manufactures here also its own illusions and all of this sooner or later causes conflict in the relationship and causes a lot of suffering, that's why we also have to begin to to discover this fear disguised as love that our dear ego gives us

So as I was saying, even though I cannot give you a definition of love to that you can say, well, okay, I know there's the love of the ego, so to speak, and the love of God, what's the difference? The difference basically is this that you I was saying about specialism and that the love of the ego is always limited, always has conditions, while the love of God is unlimited, it is unconditional, in the love of the ego there is also separation, whereas in the love of God there is separation, whereas in the love of God there is separation

God we are all one, there is no separation, there is no specialism, no one is special

because we are all one and we are all equal

As you can see, really this ego love is what we are all about

that we understand as an emotion, as I want and I love such and such

person, well there is the ego and we are going to see this in the relationships, and the love of God, this that I was telling you at the beginning, is more of an energy, a state of consciousness, the problem is that if we keep on being guided by this ego love, we are always in the same kind of relationship, without giving us always with guilt, with unconscious fear and never awakening to what is our true self, our consciousness of oneness and love with all, which in the end, remember, the most important thing about this is that it is what brings you happiness

So well, I don't want to make this chapter any longer, we will we'll meet in the next one and thank you and namaste

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