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The following sessions are dedicated to all those who suffer from a problem or condition in the pelvic area, whether due to accidents, mobility difficulties, or an operation. It is also aimed at those who begin their yoga practice, each of the classes being a progression of the postures, in terms of depth and work. In this class, special attention is paid to the hip joints, to improve mobility and therefore flexibility in them. The result is greater ease in the lumbar area, respecting the line of the spine and the spaces between the vertebrae. Necessary material: yoga belt

Hello, my name is Silvia Jaén

Welcome to my yoga class

Today we are going to dedicate it to the hip joint

Before you start, you are going to get high on the two buttocks with the legs crossed and the hands calm, resting on the knees

Let the sacrum go down gently to the ground and that the spine stretches, clearly towards the sky

Keep your gaze wide in a panoramic way, without leaving it focus on a point

Little by little, look down until your eyes close

Stay for a few moments feeling how the column clearly grows towards the sky and the shoulders are directed, gently down and back

Mantain your spine well stretched and your head in line with it


Slowly, open your eyes and begin to look up little by little, until finally it is well centered

And we start with the first position: Supta Padangusthasana 1

We are going to lie on our back

And for this, we will use a belt that we are going to place just at the height of the right heel

We take the belt as if it was a handle and we will keep both legs very firm

Elbows slightly bent

From there, the right groin is going to enter and both legs will be completely firm, with the kneecaps up

Open both soles of your feet

Once here, lead the shoulders, down and back

Make sure the spine is fully stretched and the belly and throat are calmed

Let the sides lengthen

Calm breathing

We will now do the same with the other leg

Leave the leg stretched out on the ground, ensuring that the feet are hip-width apart

Very important for any discomfort that may be in the lower back

The sacrum in this way enters better, also the coccyx

We pass the belt at the height of the left heel, in the same way as before, we hold like if it was a handle

And we keep both legs very firm

Once there, the left groin goes very deep, so that both hips are in line

Remember that the two kneecaps have to go up, and both soles of the feet very open

From there, create a lot of space on the sides, especially in the left one, from the groin to the armpit and bending the elbows, keep the spine very stretched

Breathe in calm Very well

Lower your leg, we leave the belt in one side and again "Supta Tadasana"

Keeping the legs very firm, keep your arms calm, relaxed and the throat and the belly, soft

Take advantage to breath deeply

Let's continue with Eka pada Rajaka upta

So for this, let's bend the right leg

We are going to let the right foot be in calm, relaxed

And with both hands we hold the knee

Keep your left leg very firm and the two sides of the sacrum completely supported on the ground

Once there, like we are working the hip joint, with the strength of your arms, bring your leg a little more towards you, without putting stress on the groins

The right groin is deeply and it is growing, going forward and a lot of space between groin and right armpit


We release the leg

You leave it extended next to the left, to do the same with this other

The foot is relaxed and the right leg is very active

The groin goes deeply forward, creating a lot of space between groin and armpit

This way the side can be lengthened more

Keep in mind that at during all time we are working on the hip joint and improving, also, stability in the lumbar area

So, with the exhalation, you bring the leg a little more towards you and lengthen the sides and leave the belly calmed

You leave your left leg on the ground

Again, Supta Tadasana

With the help of your hands, you raise your head to check that you are on line, and your feet are still separated thanks to the hips

Arms completely relaxed

Observe the belly lengthening and the breath flowing

Next, we will continue with Supta Padangusthasana 2

For that, we are going to bend the right leg, holding the heel with the left hand and the other hand, passes under and inside the thigh

The left leg maintains firm, as in the previous posture

The two sides of the sacrum are clearly supported and equally, on the ground

So once here bending your arms, you bring your leg closer little by little towards you

And again, observe the joint in the hip

The groin going deeply and the sides, clearly lengthening back

Let your shoulders go down so that the do not congest the neck area, and maintain stability and stillness in the posture while breathing calmly

Carefully, you leave your right leg on the ground and we do the same with the left

Is now the right hand the one that grabs the left heel

And the left hand the one that passes inside and below the thigh

With active foot and with the leg that you have stretched very firmly, you are approaching the left leg to you

Observing how little by little the hip opens

Observing how with the breath it calms down

From there, lengthens the sides well and let the breath move

Breathe in calm

And put all your attention on the left hip


You put the leg on the ground to do Supta Tadasana again

We check that the posture remains centered

You leave your head gently on the ground and your legs firm, arms in calm, Supta Tadasana

As we did before, with one leg and then the other

Now, we are going to make similar by taking both legs at the same time towards the abdomen

The tibias will stay in line with the thighs and we are not going to carry our legs excessively towards us, rather, the two sides of the sacrum will be in contact with the ground

Once there, as we are working the hips, try that the movement comes from the joint

Your feet are relaxed, and with your hands you help to bring your legs a little closer to you

Take advantage of each exhalation so that they get closer

The sacrum down, the spine very stretched and the belly in calm

Observe the immobility of the posture and how it is being done inside, slowly

Well, we continue with Supta Padangusthasana


Four, sorry

So for that, let's place again the belt, at the height of the right heel

The left leg, we are going to leave it extended on the ground and the two of them will be very firm

Once here, the right arm we are going to place in the cross, with the palm of the hand, facing the ground

And done this, you bring your right leg towards you with an exhalation

Be careful not to force

The hip joint is working and we have to stay firm on the legs and soft belly so as not to congest

Done this, keeping that approach of the leg towards the face

You are taking little by little, the elbow to the ground

In such a way, that the left foot turns out and I keep there, both legs very firm

Once here, you turn your head and you look at the opposite hand

Like the previous postures, the right groin should enter and direct it towards the front

The left thigh turns inwards and from there it creates a lot space on both sides and it feels like the right groin goes softening and letting go

Breathe in calm

From there, let the spine stretch, turn the head gently to the right hand and that the belly lengthens more and more, so then you are able to turn calmly

You go back to the center gently, you take off the belt and you check again that the body remains on line

We do the same with the other leg

You pass the belt at the height of the heel, you extend your left arm and both legs very firm

You breathe in

And when you breathe out you bring your leg towards you, towards the face

And as you turn, the right foot falls, it is loosening towards the ground, at the same time that the right elbow also rests on the ground

You turn your head to look at the opposite hand

Direct the groin forward, providing more space between it and the armpit

And let the belly turn calmly as well as the throat in opposite directions

Lengthens the sides well and breathe in calm

You go back to the center

Very good

You take out the belt and we leave it in one side

Again, you center your entire body on the mat

You leave your head gently on it, and with very firm legs, the active feet and the sole of the foot very open, you let the arms drop out

Observe how the entrance of the sacrum and coccyx is clear towards the sky

As, a consequence, the belly softens, sinks and it lengthens


Don't put stress on your hips nor on the buttocks

Feel how the posture is being made inside, little by little, no tension

And again, Pavanamuktasana

Tibias in line with the thighs and remember that the sacrum, the two sides of the sacrum, must be supported equally, on the mat

Bend your elbows, And without you lose that consciousness of the sacrum in contact with the ground, let the hips be the ones that move like a hinge

And that little by little, your knees get closer towards the abdomen

Once here, clearly lengthen the sides and breathe

And from here, we stretch our leg to the sky

Pull the right heel forward, creating plenty of space in your back leg, until you place it on the floor

And you do the same with the left leg

Pull the heel as far as you can

Create lot of space on the back leg

You let your feet and legs fall out

Pick up gently the skin on your back and upper arm

And with the help of your hands, direct the buttocks towards the heels

From there, go lowering your gaze, until the eyes are completely closed

Take two deep breaths and let the exhalation come out slowly and smoothly

Lengthens the posterior nape leaving the face, falls and rest gently towards the sternum

Keep a very light action from the dorsal area, towards the sternum

Trying, let the column follows concisely, aware

Without collapsing

Abandon your arms and hands

Relax your legs and feet

Feel like the whole body is on line

And in calm relax in Savasana

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