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Emotional openness is reflected physically and mentally. Emotions are present in many points, such as the forehead, eyes, mouth, chin, chest at the level of the diaphragm especially. In this session we are going to create space, to let the energy flow, for your body to connect through the chakras and for that vibration to resonate from head to toe. We will help you feel the movement and open the chest area well so that you can really feel the tranquility of each opening. You will be surprised because you are going to feel yourself again. All sensations will emerge from the inside out. Feeling the emotions will make you whole.

Hi, I'm Silvia Jaén

Welcome to this session that we are going to dedicate today, to opening your emotions

You know that emotions are reflected at different points throughout our entire body,

especially the chin, chest, and around the diaphragm

And today

we are going to spend some time, to create space in this area

To feel the movement, and open up our chest, so that we can really feel the tranquility, the peace and openness

Feeling YOU again


we can release all these feelings

So first, I propose that we start by sitting cross-legged, on the buttocks, hands on our knees and, straightening the spine

Little by little,

let your body sink into the position

We want to BE in the moment

FEEL how you are sitting, how your legs are crossed


Your hands should rest comfortably on your knees

Straighten your spine

Help yourself with a deep breath to stretch it a little bit more

And try little by little, to focus on your breathing

paying attention to how it moves

At the beginning it will be a little slower, shallower, but little by little as you insist, that breath will get wider

And then, you can feel the movement in your diaphragm

It is very important that you keep your attention there, during the session

To feel it expand

as you breathe in

And also how your ribs move, the skin

that covers your ribs

Leaving space, a very clear space

From the center of the chest, outward

Connect with your body

Feel it

And above all, adopt a position of just letting yourself be

Little by little,

we are letting ourselves feel our emotions

Trust that you can release what is inside

And let your breath help you

With each breath, feel more movement

Focus on it, and be more aware of it

Work more and more on feeling it

It is a good ally

to calm us,

to release emotions

Above all, let yourself just be

Let whatever has to happen, happen and flow


and breathe

Throughout the session, try to pay attention to each movement, to each gesture

and accompany each movement with deep and conscious breathing

Very good

Let's slowly open our eyes

And let's get started

First we'll need to stand up

Stand up, with your feet parallel to each other

and let's focus first on our upper body

Let's feel and start moving our shoulders

This is an area where many emotions usually build up,

whatever it is, creating tension in the shoulders and generating tension that is not going to allow you to express your emotions

They are somehow reflected in a specific point, and we can't externalize them

What we are going to achieve with the movement of the shoulders, is to be able to relax this whole area, so that any kind of emotion be it sadness, tiredness, happiness, can be externalized, so we can express it

So to do this, we are going to make very big circles

As big as you can, backwards

That's it! Feel how you are loosening up that whole area

and, accompany it by breathing

As you breathe in, raise your shoulders, and when you breathe out, lower them

Okay, let's stop in the center and do the same movement forward

That's it! And again, as you breathe in, raise your shoulders, and lower them as you breathe out Very good

Okay! Now with the right hand, let's grab the left wrist and pull that arm to the opposite side, letting your head hang

Keep your legs steady

And what we are going to achieve with this, is to create space in the entire area of the trapezius and the shoulder blade

So, pull as hard as you can, as if you were trying to pull your shoulder out of joint

Breathe into the area where you feel the stretch

and hold that pose

Okay, now slowly come back, and we'll do the same with the other arm

Pull, and let your head fall

Your legs should be stable,

and now again you feel the stretch on this side, in the trapezius area

As you breathe deeply

Very good, now release

That's it

Now, in the same position, keeping your feet and legs are active, intertwine your fingers, look calmly forward, and little by little, stretch your h ands towards the sky

That's it

Stretch your hands up towards the sky, as if you were trying to touch it

And observe how you start to notice your diaphragm a little more

You will feel it rising

And you will feel your belly lengthening, with your arms stretched fully towards the sky

Now take advantage of this expansion of the diaphragm to breathe in deeply

Very good

Now, keeping your arms very straight, lower them to your side and then slightly back

and interlace the fingers of your hands behind your back

Very good

From here, stretch your hands down toward the floor and back towards the wall behind you

As far as your shoulders will allow

And feel again that expansion of the diaphragm

Accompany it with a deep breath, otherwise, we won't be able to reach those areas in which we often find a certain blockage

Your breath will help those little knots to loosen up

And so you can flow and express your emotions


Good, slowly

Without losing that openness in the chest and in the diaphragm, bend forward, as if you wanted touch the ground with your chest before your head

And now, pull your arms over your head as far as your arms and shoulders will allow

That's it! And little by little, as you exhale, lower them closer to the floor


Breathe in, and return to the original position

That's it! Keep pulling your arms back

That's it! Keep pulling them towards the floor, towards the wall behind you, so that your diaphragm and your chest can open up even more

And remember

to keep your breathing deep and regular

Very good

Now slowly, lower your arms

Relax a little

Take a couple of deep breaths

And now, observe how this area begins to have a little more mobility

Enjoy each inhalation, each exhalation

Connect with your feelings

Observe how this whole area, your shoulders as well, that we have stretched, are more relaxed

Great! Now, we are going to lock our hands together, raising them above our head, and if your shoulders allow, a little behind your head

We are now going to gently move our arms from side to side, but we want the movement to come from the shoulder blade, rather than from the shoulder

This means the movement is going to be very slow

If it was fast, if it was from the shoulder, it would look something like this

Let's focus more on the movement, slowly

Noticing how the chest, once again, opens, while at the same time you are obviously working the area of your back

Take a deep breath

Feel your breath and let it flow more freely

Now, stop in the center and shift your hands, to repeat the stretch

You bring your arms as far back as you can, and little by little, move them from the shoulder blades

Very slow movements


And lower your arms

Great! Let your arms fall to your sides, and relax for a moment

Take a few deep breaths again

And exhale very slowly, so that that you are releasing everything you have built up inside

Connect with YOU

Feel at every moment that you are there, moving your body, releasing tensions

And the breath is always helping you

That's it

Very good

Now let's raise our right arm straight up, and we're going to bend it back, so that the palm of the hand rests on the back, like this

And then we'll bend the left arm around, grabbing the fingers of the other hand

If your hands don't reach, you can use a belt as a link between one hand and the other

Be careful not to overextend your shoulder


Once you are in this position, stretch your right elbow up, and your left elbow down towards the floor

Keep your feet and legs active

That's it, and stretch upwards in this position


Move your breath and observe the diaphragm, feeling it in all its dimension

Relax your neck and throat

And always try to make your stretches kind

not forced

Letting yourself be, letting go and feeling your breathing

Try to keep your thoughts out of the way

Try to feel yourself

Take a deep breath

Great! Little by little, lower first your left arm

Then stretch your right arm up, and lower it to your side

Now we'll do the same with the other arm

Raise your left arm and rest the palm of your hand on your back

The right arm goes behind and below, hooking the fingers together

Fantastic! Keep your feet and legs steady

You will probably notice a difference between one side and the other, because each side of the body is a world unto itself

There is more flexibility in one shoulder than the other

Maybe for the previous one you didn't need a belt and this time you do

Don't worry

Grab it if you need it

That's it! And get into the pose

Get into the Asana

Stretch your left elbow up, and your right elbow towards the floor

Focus your attention on your breathing, again and again

And feel how, with a deep breath out, if there is any discomfort in one of your shoulders, as long as you're not going to hurt yourself, let the tension go

This is an area where there are also a lot of built-up emotions

in any of those movements

in rotation, in stretching, in extension

Let everything loosen up now

Relax as you breathe out

All right, and slowly lower your right arm

Relax it

Reach up with your left arm, then bring it down to your side

Take a couple of deep breaths

And release the air

When you breathe in, feel how the diaphragm opens up

how it is now flowing more clearly

As you breathe out, let go of everything that is built up inside

Okay, let's move on

We'll start with our feet together

Then we'll separate our arms and legs

Keeping our feet parallel to each other

That's it! Once here, we bend our elbows with the palms of the hands facing forward, trying to keep the elbow and the shoulder in line

If you can, and without creating tension, press your elbows and your shoulders back as far as you can

Once again, focus all your attention on this area, and once you are in the pose, focus your breath there

A deep breath, one that you can actually feel its presence there, accompanying you

Turn your feet

The left foot inwards, and the right foot completely outwards

And, with your elbows and shoulders back, feel how your sternum opens up

Little by little, stretch down over your right leg

Hold your upper arm in the same position

Little by little, let your chest continue to expand

And try, to always keep your upper side in


Breathing in, stretch your arm up, and return to the center

Now we'll return to the previous position with our arms, and turn our feet the other way

Keeping your feet and legs stable, press you elbows and shoulders back

And you can feel how everything opens up again, right? Great! Continue to focus your breath there, and little by little, stretch down

Until you can grasp your leg

Your upper arm stays in the same position, and you're going to open up your shoulder and elbow

Careful with your upper side

Keep it in

Keep opening up

Stretch your arm straight up, and come back as you breathe in

Turn your feet back in, and bringing them together, we're going to do Tadasana

We're going to do Tadasana a little more exaggerated than usual

Roll your shoulders back, and your arms

as far back as you can

And observe how the belly lengthens and caves in, As the chest opens and expands

Try to dedicate more kindness to the pose from inside, more release, more calm

Enjoy what you are doing, and as you breathe out, let go of what you are feeling and you observing at this moment




For sure there is more space up top, more awareness

We have to keep breathing

And now, we are going to sit


We're going to sit back on our heels with the feet and the knees together

Remember, that if there is any discomfort in the knees or on the bridge of the foot, you can always put a blanket underneath


And, once this is done, intertwine your fingers behind your back, just we did before when we were standing

That's it! And, once this is done, little by little, we'll stretch our arms towards the floor

And as long as your shoulders will allow, pull your arms up

Raise your torso, and little by little, flex your spine slightly back, not too much

Moving your breath, feel again your entire upper body

Diaphragm, chest, collar bone

And shoulders


And slowly, we'll come back

Okay! We'll keep our feet together, with the knees separated slightly, and we'll walk back with our hands

Once here, try first to lean on your fingertips and depending on what your spine allows, you can rest the palms of your hands or even your forearms on the mat

Once we're in this pose, first, we start with the fingertips

This way we can really stretch out the spine, bending back for a better stretch

That's it! Try not to fall back in the position, don't drop down, but hold yourself up with your hands, and bring your shoulder blades in towards the chest, and the chest towards the sky

And there, feel every inhalation

Each exhalation

We can put the palms of our hands on the mat, and keep directing the chest towards the sky

You can let your head hang back if this is more comfortable for you

And slowly, just like, we were, you sit up

Sitting in the position of Vajrasana, in the neutral position, place your hands palm up

Press the sacrum into your heels, and straighten your spine

Notice how it is already lighter

Breathing moves more naturally and clearly

Breath in every sensation

Every change that you feel

And exhale releasing, everything that's left over

Everything that shouldn't be inside

Enjoy this for a few moments

Feel that

And remember, very important, relax the face

Let go inside

Relax your jaw

And feel the pleasure of feeling yourself

Roll over onto either side, and we're going to lie on our back

Once here, before lying back, place your hands under your buttocks as far forward as possible, towards your feet

Like that

As far as you can

That's it! And once you've done this, lean back on one elbow

Then the other

and stretch your legs out

Once you are here, bring your elbows as close together as possible

And, keeping your legs and feet active, you start to stretch your spine from the pelvis

Feel how your navel stretches away from the pelvis, towards the sternum

Rest the top of your head on the ground, without putting any weight on it

Stretch your belly, and breathe

And sliding your head along the floor, pull out your hands, bring your knees to your chest, and hug them, rocking gently from side to side

Release your lower back

Release your whole back in general, give it a little massage, back and forth

Enjoy this too

Feel how your back is much calmer and lighter

This is an area which obviously accumulates more emotion, both in the posterior and anterior vertebrae, in the lower part of your back, lumbar area

Let it loosen up physically, so that later you can unblock it at more subtle levels

Let go

Move your knees, making circles in the air

Listen to your body, and let the movements happen

777 00:31:34,400 --> 00:31:40,544 You don't have to follow me now,

Feel the movement of the body just as you like, what your body asks of you

Breathe here

Roll your head, whatever you feel

So, we'll stop here, in the center

Take a few deep breaths

And breathe out deeply too, nice and slow

Put one foot down and then the other

Stretching out your legs, and make sure that you're straight

Lift your head to check that you are

Lie back on the mat

And you place your hands in Savasana at your side

Take a few deep breaths

When you inhale, fill yourself with all that is good

And when you breathe out, exhale everything you don't want

Let your body and breath express themselves

Then we're going to establish our breathing, completely natural, normal

Loosen the entire structure of your body, head, shoulders, arms and hands

Let them go

Relax your back

And let your belly drop

Your legs, feet, completely relaxed

Your body relaxes, the whole body


Continue with relaxation for five minutes

Bring your attention back to your breath

Take a few deep breaths, and start to feel your whole body again

Make slow, gentle movements

Feel the movement of the fingers of your hands, of your hands

Of your feet

And progressively start waking up your body

Doing what you need, what you want and what your body asks for at this moment

Bend your legs

Little by little, turn on your right side and make a pillow with your arm, to rest head

Enjoy the moment of the return as well

Let yourself feel, all those sensations that you are feeling now

Allow yourself this moment

Very good

When you are ready, push yourself up into a sitting position, as we did at the beginning of the session

Breathe this moment

Let yourself be for a few moments

To end your session, but to continue with all that you have been able to feel

let it go

Try for all these sensations to be present throughout your day

And above all, remember, do everything from enjoyment, from the feeling of feeling yourself

Thank you very much for being there

I wish you a good day


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