Recipe: Juice to Purify the Blood

Currant juice, pineapple and nettle infusion recipe to purify the blood and prevent bladder problems. Currant: diuretic, decongests the intestine and liver, cleanses the body of toxins in cases of rheumatism, protects blood vessels, prolongs life. Pineapple: diuretic, detoxifying, nutritious and digestive. It has up to 87% of its composition of water, anti-inflammatory, digestive, antithrombotic, immunostimulating, analgesic action. Nettle infusion: effective medicinal plant to purify the blood. Wild plant that grows spontaneously, especially in humid areas. Nettle is used to prevent and treat a multitude of common ailments: dandruff, gout or high uric acid, physical and mental fatigue, blood circulation problems or poor digestion.