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September 28, 2020

We continue with the second week of our #21DAYSCONSCIOUS CHALLENGE. In it, you will discover how practicing yoga daily substantially changes your life. Here are the yoga practices for beginners and intermediate level.


Throughout the first week you have learned the basics of yoga practice, the sun salutations. How wonderful! You are a committed, strong person, committed to your personal and spiritual growth. We know it is not easy to create a routine but you have succeeded.

Starting from the base that you have created the first week, in this second week we are going to keep moving forward. Take note of the following routine:

STARTER CLASS. Sun Salutation Practice II: https://conscious-tv.com/sun-salutation-practice-surya-namaskar

NEW CLASS 1. Standing postures I: https://conscious-tv.com/standing-postures-i

NEW CLASS 2. Standing postures II: https://conscious-tv.com/class-4-salute-to-the-sun-and-standing-postures-ii

NEW CLASS 3. Hip opening: https://conscious-tv.com/hip-work

EXTRA CLASS. Pranayama practice: https://conscious-tv.com/introduccion-a-la-practica-de-pranayamas

EXTRA CLASS. Conscious relaxation session: https://conscious-tv.com/yoga-nidra-relajacion-plena


This week it's time to go a little deeper. We will start working on opening the hips to get into more demanding postures such as extension, twisting and bending. This is your yoga routine:

STARTER CLASS. Hip opening: https://conscious-tv.com/hip-work

NEW CLASS 1. Extension postures: https://conscious-tv.com/extension-postures

NEW CLASS 2. Bending postures: https://conscious-tv.com/flexion-postures

NEW CLASS 3. Twisting postures: https://conscious-tv.com/twisting-poses

EXTRA CLASS. Pranayama practice: https://conscious-tv.com/pranayama-practice

EXTRA CLASS. Conscious relaxation session: https://conscious-tv.com/yoga-nidra-relajacion-plena

Recommendations before starting your practice:

Do not eat any heavy food at least 1 hour before the class. Observe how you feel and do not force your body, you will avoid injuries.

Move gently, feeling how you flow in each posture.

Be sure to set aside a time when you are calm and undisturbed.

Review well the routine for that day so that you have enough time to perform it.

Choose a space with pleasant light, without noise and ventilated.

Create a cozy atmosphere: candles, incense, relaxing music if there is meditation.

Disconnect your cell phone! It's your time, calls and notifications can wait.

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