The 21-day challenge

Conscious TV

September 28, 2020

Is there a habit you want to change? Eat healthy? Lose weight? Calm your anxiety? Sleep better? Manage stress? Feel happier? We assure you that you can do it and that achieving it will cost you less than you think. Discover our 21 DAYS CHALLENGE, a new beginning awaits you.

The theory of the 21-day habit was first presented by surgeon Maxwell Maltz. He discovered that after drastic surgical operations his patients became accustomed to their new situation after a period of 21 days. He concluded that "these and many other observed phenomena require that a minimum of 21 days is required for an established mental image to disappear and a new one to take hold".

Everyone is different and it may take 21 days, maybe more or maybe less but what we do guarantee is that you will feel the change and it is certainly a good way to work hard and persistently at something from the beginning.

It's also a reminder that habits are found in routines, no matter how unlikely they may seem at times. However, you shouldn't base all your success on day 22. Creating habits is not an all-or-nothing process and it's okay to mess up from time to time, as long as you keep trying. What you want to make into a routine must connect you to something that really motivates you.

These changes can only be created with those goals and values that you feel aligned with. There is no point in wanting to exercise or eat healthy on a daily basis if it is not connected to something important to you.

It is essential to find meaning in what you do and find an answer to ''what am I doing it for? '' and not '' why do I do it? Transforming our actions into habits allows us to lead a healthier and happier life, away from anxiety, stress, insomnia that generates the current life.

Think about it, change is within everyone's reach and all you need is motivation, to feel it and know that this is something really good for you. Repeat it like a mantra.

1. What is the #21DaysConsciousChallenge?

We have created a 21-session program that combines yoga, mindfulness, healthy eating and yogi philosophy to lay the foundations of your new routine. At the beginning of each week, for 3 weeks, you will receive an email with your routine, guidelines and tips for you to work on during those 7 days.

You can start the challenge whenever you want, the important thing is that you register in Conscious Television as soon as possible. If you want to do it later, no problem, follow the same guidelines that we are marking.

All classes and routines marked will be hosted within our platform. Hence, the importance of signing up for Conscious Television. On this occasion we have created a promotional coupon for you to redeem on our website and enjoy 3 months free subscription. You get a free subscription!

We would love you to share your progress and experience using the hashtag # RETO21DÍASCONSCIENTE.

How does it work? How do I sign up for Conscious TV?

In order to do the challenge you must be registered on Conscious TV.

We want to simplify the registration on the platform and for this we have created a promotional coupon with which you can enjoy a free subscription for 3 months. You only have to redeem the coupon TVCONSCIENTE following the instructions below:

If you are not registered in TV Consciente do the following: Go to:

  1. Leave your personal information.
  2. Enter your credit card or PayPal data (don't worry, enter all the data requested because the TVCONSCIENTE coupon promotion is for 3 months from the moment you sign up. There is no permanence and you can cancel whenever you want).
  3. Finally, validate again your coupon (TVCONSCIENTE) by clicking on "APPLY" and finish.

If you are already registered, log in with your passwords.

Now that you are registered in Conscious Television, send us an email to to receive the "step by step" challenge every week.

Remember that in Conscious Television you can access the content from any device (mobile, tablet, computer, Smart TV and Conscious TV mobile app), just log in with your passwords.

Download the Conscious TV mobile app ( Android & iOS ) and you will be able to do the sessions / routines from your own mobile.

To access the Conscious TV App from your cell phone you just have to enter the username and password with which you have registered through the Conscious TV website.