Twisting poses

Essential to clean, to feel the movement of the spine, to lubricate the pads that are between the discs and thus be able to favor a healthier, more agile and more flexible spine apart from working with intensity the internal organs. The importance of stretching the spine to later do the twist. Balancers for the nervous system. Beneficial for the vertebrae that must be separated to later be able to perform the torsion. Ideal for the correct functioning of the organs. 1.BARADWAJASANA (blankets). With what has already been learned in previous sessions, the result of a stretched spine will be clearly seen. From here I put emphasis on torsion. Importance of placing both hips on the same line. 2.MARICHYASANA III. I add what is seen standing, leg, groin in the previous posture groups. 3.MARICHYASANA I. 4.SVSTIKASANA (in torsion).