Flexion postures

The postures in flexion calm the nervous system. A great work is done in the back of the whole body highlighting all the space at the front level from the pubis to the throat, all the lengthening that implies and must have the front spine is performed back of the body. SUPTA 1,2,3 and 4 I talk about the importance of the work that executes the leg, the foot, the ankle and the internal face of the leg so that the movement of the hip (groin) can be accessed. I detail from where the flexion comes from (hip and not spine ) and have them check this.1. The importance of groin looseness is critical for correct push-up work.2. EKA PADA RAJAKAPOTASANA The work is more intense in the hips.....is seen more clearly.3. ADHO MUKA Groin entry and deep stretching in the spine.4. UTTANASANA I remember the work of the legs and feet so that you check and learn that from the action in the yoga postures the lengthening of the spine is produced and in this case also the looseness in the groins.5. ADHO MUKA6. ADHO MUKA VIRASANA English7. BADHAKONASANA Here I explain once again where the hip movement comes from, the work of the sole of the foot turning towards the sky is a clear example to feel this movement.