Yoga for seniors

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November 05, 2021

How does yoga help in old age?

Yoga brings physical, mental and spiritual benefits. Yoga is beneficial for any type of person, but it may be especially beneficial for the elderly, as it can bring priceless health benefits.

One of them is that it is a remarkable physical exercise without being excessively tiring or that triggers the pulsations. The adaptability of the different Asanas or yoga postures at any age, whether children or adults who practice yoga, distinguishes it from other physical practices.

The third age is a great time to practice yoga.

Let's take a look at some of the benefits that regular yoga practice can bring to older people:

Oxygen is distributed throughout the tissues: One of the fundamental keys to the practice of yoga is the soft, slow and deep breathing, which causes oxygen to penetrate into all tissues, slowing down the wear and tear of the tissues.

The muscles do not lose elasticity: The correct stretching of the joints and back helps to improve motor skills and avoid the feeling of stiffness that occurs in advanced ages.

They learn to concentrate and relax: Yoga is an activity that demands concentration and also produces a very intense relaxation, once you work with the whole body and mind in harmony. This is why it can be wonderful for those seniors who have problems with these aspects.

Let's encourage the elderly to do yoga. A healthy practice that has incredible benefits for their mental, spiritual and physical health. In our society the largest demographic growth is that of the elderly.

The ancient teachings of Yoga have a positive perspective on aging, seeing it as a time of wisdom and continued growth. In the West we should pick up these values intimately linked with the spirituality of yoga and not understand it as in fitness activity. Yoga without spirituality lacks motivation and purpose.

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