What were the main currents of early Christianity?

Early Christianity was born after the death of Jesus, who never wanted to found any religion and was always faithful to Judaism. Now we know with absolute certainty that Christianity is born reinterpreting or rethinking the figure of Jesus. If Christianity was born as a rethinking of Jesus, it is evident that at the beginning there could be relatively several ways of doing it since those reinterpretations were made by searching the Sacred Scriptures that already existed and that could somehow illuminate the life of that Jesus. The first idea is the possibility that the primitive Christianisms were multiple, now in reality and very early there were nothing more than two fundamental groups: The followers of Jesus, ?? very Jews, very Israelites who live in Palestine who speak Aramaic, who have had somehow contact with the apostles and who are fundamentally in two places; in Galilee and another group in Jerusalem. The churches, that is, the communities founded by Paul of people convinced or converted by Paul to faith in the Messiah who are Jews but also pagan.