What do we know about the Virgin Mary?

Although Mary is the mother of Jesus, we know almost nothing for sure about her. She was the mother of Jesus, the wife of Joseph, and during Jesus' life she disagreed with her son. The image of Mary appears in the Gospels in a scarce way because the Gospels focus totally on Jesus. If we know that he was not a descendant of David. The Gospel of Luke says that Mary was related to Elizabeth and Elizabeth was not from the family of David but from the family of Aaron, therefore, she was priestly Levitical. There are three moments in which the Virgin Mary appears in the Gospels. The first of them is the story of the Wedding at Cana, another of them is the story at the foot of the cross and the third when Mary and Jesus' brothers go to look for him because they think he is not sane. The conclusion is that we know very little about María and of the little we do know, the relatively positive part is doubtful and the negative part is from a certain confrontation between María and her son. Devotion to Mary did not begin in the Christian church until the 4th century, and it was then that legends about Mary began to form that have little historical basis.