Was Mary Magdalene really at the Last Supper?

The stories of the Last Supper are also partly legendary, we cannot even be sure if it was an Easter supper or it was not. Nor are we sure if there was an institution of the Eucharist in it as we understand it today. The testimonies say that the only ones who attended the Last Supper were the twelve apostles, absolutely nothing is said about a woman. Therefore, if the texts do not say it, the historian cannot invent it. Centuries later, it is told in an Apocryphal Gospel that Mary Magdalene at the Last Supper laughed at something she found funny and Jesus, who had little sense of humor, got angry and expelled Mary Magdalene and the other women. This is a legend that has no credibility whatsoever. We can conclude by saying that, in no way, did any woman attend the Last Supper.