Was Jesus a Jewish Nationalist?

A man who considers himself completely Jewish has no doubt that he must be a nationalist. Judaism is an ethnic religion, that is, it is a religion of a nation. You are Jewish by maternal inheritance. Jesus preached a kingdom of God that is a Kingdom of the triumph of Israel over the rest of the nations. This can be affirmed because Jesus does not explain at any time what the Kingdom of God is and if he does not it is because he assumes that people understand it. The Kingdom of God was understood as an attribution of the chosen people, that is, the Kingdom of God was fundamentally for Israel and also for other nations that wanted to unite in some way with Israel, respecting Yahveh, for them the Universal God. Therefore, Jesus was a nationalist consistent with his religion as it could not be otherwise. It is with the successors of Jesus and with Paul of Tarsus when the Gospel is opened and it is said that Jesus had a universal preaching but only in potential, it was never in act. The act of breaking nationalism and preaching to the Jews is a work of the followers of Jesus and not of Jesus.