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Our teacher Silvia Jaén will help you to release tensions, blockages, all those sensations that we end up somatizing and reflecting in our body and that do not help the energy to flow. A class with which to undo all the knots of the body that immobilize us. Allow your body and mind to feel again.

Hello, my name is Silvia Jaén

Welcome to today's session, in which we are going to spend a little time to emotions

To be able to feel the body, to be able to unblock them, to be able to make them come out

To be able to enjoy of everything that is inside and many times we do not give ourselves that pleasure, nor that luxury and then being able to remove those little knots that remain in the body at a physical level in the form of contracture, in the form of tension

To be able to expand, to be able to let go and to be able to enjoy what is inside ourselves

Let's start sitting down

We will bring attention to the head, to the neck in particular and with the back very straight, we are going to bring the chin to the chest

Always remember to keep your face relaxed, completely loose

Feel how it stretches the back neck while relaxing the throat

And now with an inspiration let's raise our head on the right side, without taking it too far back

You drop it on the left side

And we repeat, two more times in this direction

When you stop in the center, you straighten again your spine if it has sunk and we do the same on the left side

Breathe in, go up

Don't take your head too far back and, you go down in your right shoulder

And two more times

And feel how little by little, you loosen your neck, with very relaxed shoulders

And you stop in the center

You raise your head and leave your arms at the sides of the body to move them back

By inspiring they go up and when stretching, they go down

And now, we are going to do it forward those circles when you breathe in go up, and when you breathe out, they go down

And, you go unlocking and releasing at all times the shoulders, traps

Where there is a lot of pent-up emotion too

Hence, when our day to day, we tend to shrug our shoulders, we tend to grip our neck, and even tense our throats

Many times this is a symptom of not being able to express, of not being able to get out, what each one feel in that moment

That is why it is important to keep all the time the attention on a face that is calm, in a throat that is relaxed and throughout the upper body so that it opens, so that it expands

Okay, let's continue now, standing up

Very slowly you sit up


You put yourself at the beginning of the mat and from here, with your feet apart, let's stretch arms to the sky

We are going to try to turn our gaze towards the sky and little by little you carry the trunk backwards in extension

When you breathe out with your arms wide open, you bend over your legs

Uttanasana, folding over them

Release the air

Breathing in, bend your legs a little you raise your arms by the sides

Keep opening them a lot

That's it! When you breathe out your palms facing the ground

And by inspiring, towards the sky

And we link to the next cycle

You stretch your arms, you lean back

Opening your chest, you separate your arms and hands on the sides of the feet

You fold Uttanasana

Folding onto your legs, you release your head

You flex them, open your arms wide back

Open your chest wide, inhaling

As you breathe out, palms of your hands toward the ground

By inspiring, upwards

Recreating yourself, you stretch your arms, open your chest

That's it! And forward Uttanasana

Bend your legs at the sides, very wide take a deep breath to open the diaphragm more and when exhaling, hands to the ground

As you breathe in, palms up

Stretching the arms

We do it a few more times, more fluid forward Uttanasana

Well, you leave your arms at the sides of the body and separate your feet a little more

That's it

Once here, we are going to drop vertebra by vertebra your back in round

You can bend your legs or you can leave them stretched out

As more comfortable you are

For now, let's bend them

Yes, we will bend them

So that you feel more secure in the posture

Let your back drop to the ground and your arms completely free, as if it were a rag

Let your round back drop to the ground and your arms completely free, as if they were made of rag

And, little by little from here, you start to move your arms to one side and to the other

That's it! As if they are not part of you

Destructuring, letting the body move, letting it do

The swing can be more or less depending on how you feel it

And above all, while you do it, breathe enjoying the movement

Letting go of you completely

Releasing the neck, releasing the shoulders

That's it!

Little by little, we will go up, letting the trunk continue to move towards the sides until you incorporate

And you move

And you feel the movement of the body to one side and to the other and, enjoying the sensations all time

That this provides you

You can go down, bend your legs

Then go back up as you need

Move your arms, move your shoulders

One forward, one backward, shaking his head and letting the body go completely loose

Until finally, you end up with the trunk loose towards the ground

Head very loose

Breathing deep

See the feeling of rest here

See how all those areas that you tend to tighten and the ones that you somehow forbid, or restrain to get your emotions out

To observe that you feel, now let them loosen, let them loosen up through breathing

Very good! Little by little observing your body during all time

Raise your back, vertebra by vertebra

Take advantage of a deep inspiration until you sit up

That's it! And with your hands clasped behind your back direct arms back, up breathing

And watch the expansion, across the front part of your body

On the ribs


Good! To release the arms

And continue with your feet hip-width apart, bring them together now a little more and, we do the same as before

When you breathe in, you stretch your arms well towards the sky going backwards

Separating the arms well to the sides, opening the chest Uttanasana

You bend over your legs

As you breathe in, bend your legs and wide circle with your arms

Exhaling, hands to the ground

Breathing, hands up to the sky

You raise your arms




Breathe in from the sides

Hands down releasing the air

Breathe in going up

You stretch



On the sides, hands down

Let go off the air


Hands up, in front to the sides Uttanasana

Towards the sides

Open wide


Hands down

Breathe up and release your arms

Round your back, release your head, and bend your legs

Little by little see more looseness in the body

The hips too

In the shoulders, in the lower part of your back and on your head

Move sideways

Move your shoulders, move your trunk

Loose inside

Loose the outside

And, enjoy the feeling

That's it! Little by little you go up

You can go tucking to one side and to the other

Arms completely loose, as if they were rag

That's it! Until you sit up

Very good! Fingers behind your back and pulling them back and up, opens the chest wide

And the chest goes forward

It wants to be in the ground before your head

That's it! Let them pass over your head now releasing the neck

By inspiring, stretch your spine opening the chest a lot

Shoulders in the back

Without shrinking the neck

Exhaling you flex on your legs

You can flex them too, if you are more comfortable

Release the neck and the shoulders go lower

Breathing in, you go up

Mark your breathing well

And when you breathe out, mark it also very well

You flex on your legs

And the shoulders pass and move more

Release the neck


As you breathe in, last stretch forward

You open your chest a lot

That's it! You keep your spine very straight

And letting go of your hands, you bend your legs you go back, walking with them and from here you sit over heels

You spread your knees a little apart and rest your fingertips on the ground

Walk with them forward

Good! Little by little, you elevate your spine by inhaling

And when you breathe out lower your chest to the ground

You inspire once more

Make sure the column at the top of your head goes to the front, stretching the spine a lot

And from there, without losing those spaces that you are creating by exhaling

You go down bringing your chest to the ground and you stay there

Observe the opening in the chest, in the diaphragm

You will feel that the belly lengthens and it goes slightly towards your back

Once this is done, pull your hips back and insist in pulling the top of your head forward

Take your breath to the sides

Feel how little by little your chest can get closer and closer to the ground

Take a deep breath

Very good! You get up

You come back walking with your hands forward and bring your knees together

Okey and from here, let's move on, the left elbow, on the other side of the right knee

Put your palms together and you will try to stretch your spine towards the wall that you have in front of you

Try not to hang over your thighs

Stretch your back

Press one palm of your hand against the other

That's it

And bring the upper elbow to the sky

And you turn


Bring the attention again and again to your entire spine, stretching

To the opening of the chest and mark it well with a deep inspiration

When you breathe out, release inside

Without breaking your posture

Very good! and you go to the center and now we are going to do the same with the other side

You pass your right elbow to the other side of your left knee

You put your palms together like you did before

And pressing them together, you stretch your spine forward

What we get with the elbow on the other side of the knee is to create leverage, to be able to turn a little more later

Stretch your spine when you breathe in and when you breathe out, pull, while you breathe deeply

Calm face, always enjoying the feeling

Very long neck

Let the shoulders have their space too

Well, and slowly you come back

Spread your knees a little apart and stretch forward


Try not to get too serious in the poses

Try to maintain that harmony inside

Only like this and accompanied by your breathing, we can get to the emotion

To the emotions to be unlocked

So that physically the body is letting go, so that in a more subtle way there is a liberation, an opening


And feel

And slowly, you walk with your hands, bring your knees together


You feel now the sensation of freedom and ease in your body


Let's put our hands in front of you, on the ground

Make sure you make a good base with them

Spread your fingers well apart and place your knees hip-width apart

Okey to make the gesture of the cat and with this you will get greater freedom of your spine and release at the joint and muscular level

So it will be much easier to access to those knots that we have been talking about for a while and, to be able to more easily access the openness, the ease of emotions

To feel you, to put the head aside for a moment, feel the body and flow with it

Very well, as it is, we will make movements as they come out

You can make circular movements with your back, feeling how the lumbar area goes on one side, the dorsal area on the other, and the cervical area the same

Doing the movement you need, you don't have to follow me this time

You can use something as a reference, but mostly listen to yourself

And let the movement come out as you feel it

You can go backwards you can go forward

Let yourself go

For the moment you feel now, but really feel it

Take a deep breath and feel the body

Release your head well

It reaches all sides of the body in those you can feel a little more the cluster or closed

Work and move them to open

Let that the feeling is the complete freedom inside

Breathe it in

And then you put your forehead on the ground

Keeping the arms very straight


We are going to incorporate

Very slowly

Sitting on the heels bring your knees together

Vajrasana again

This time with the palms of the hands in contact with the thighs, instead of looking at the sky

You bring your tailbone to the back wall you take your head back and shoulders and elbows also behind

Slowly you draw your tailbone towards your heels

Elbows and shoulders forward and head release towards the chest

You do the usual cat movement but sitting down on your feet

One more time, until you sit up again

Take a deep breath

Exhales deeply, taking out all that is left over

Inspire one more time

Feeling the sensation to want to express yourself from the body

To release from the body

And when you breathe out, you release the air deeply

Very good

You sit down on the buttocks to lay you down on your back

And prepare the final relax

Make sure you are straight in the mat

And you lengthen the neck

Because you have enough space around you

So you can expand just as you feel

Just like the body asks and needs

Try to enjoy the space to open up, to be able to feel


And feel how your body can loosen

Your mind can relax

And your whole body is in a deep harmony and freedom

Continue with the relaxation about 5 minutes

Take a couple of deep breaths to feel yourself again

Do the movements you need, that the body asks you

Stretch out, wake up

Whatever comes up

And slowly go turning, on your right side

With the help of your hands you sit up

Breathe during a few moments

The feeling that you can have after the session

Try that it is not only this moment in which you reminded and you can not do it and feel it throughout the day

And, above all, dedicate that time to give you space for openness

To feel, to open your emotions

Let them come out through contact of your body

By the sensations, by feeling you, by flowing

And breathe all that

And enjoy it

I wish you have a good day

Thanks a lot for being there


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