Regression Beyond Death

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This documentary reports the experiences of people who returned after "that light that is seen at the end of the tunnel" through artificial resuscitation by medical personnel ,and/or an extension of resuscitation coming from the divine hand.

Death as a process that derives on the horizon towards eternity is immanent to life

In the biological, it is not possible its existence or evolution without the renovating action of death

Only rebirth opens the way to psychic development and transcendence of the spirit

The reverence and cult to death is inherent to the soul since the dawn of humanity

Even in animals like elephants, a link is expressed in the encounter with mortal remains of their congeners

Death is universal and, at all times, it has meant a primordial archetype of the unconscious collective

The current work of Brian Weiss, who after being a psychiatrist of scientific conception orthodox and conventional, discovers the therapeutic value of regressions to other lives involuntarily during the psychotherapy of one of his patients

(Music) After a study of 25 years, where I worked with the induction of subconscious to deep states of trance, that deep sleep where people met with their memory, was born the concern to work with the hypnotherapy; rather, the themes of the regressions that led me to some way to continue working in order to get answers at the level of subconscious, and there is born a sample, a study for more than 10 years in which eh

I ventured to try to work with people who died and returned from death

Significant experiences that when transcending bring a clu

a cluster of information that comes from that other border to this border of the third dimension

The interesting thing about this, in that cluster of knowledge, is evidence that they reveal that there is a, there is a

a fundamental aspect in the human being, which are life missions, and those life missions huh

assigned by the creator, by universe or by all those people who transcended or master guides, that mission of life here on earth is framed in personal development, personal growth; despite that work internally the person manages to synchronize with those great truths that are in universe, to extract information and knowledge that will help to take his life once he returns from death and upon discovering his lifetime missions


it is also evident in this research for ten years, Hey

in a very large sample 450 cases in which a sample is taken, where this person takes a small sample of 30 people, in which these people reveal that knowledge of beyond

That the great masters of those protective guides, in some way, reveal those life missions, and one of the fundamental things is the

that internal work that allows access to those codes that are in universe, where there are great revelations and that goes in tuning of an evolution of the human being as such

And, also another thing interesting that are revealed in that investigation is that eh

a the

the significant work of the inner being goes very hand in hand with thought

Thought is vibration, every time we

have, we put on a positive thought, we have a resonance at the level of everything that is the molecular parts, both plants, animals, the whole environment and such, but also at psychic and mental and spiritual level, that is to say that any thought goes affinity to solve things, but we also have to be careful with the vibrating rate or the thought vibration for generating and attracting in a given moment eh those positive things in life, and that another of the interesting things, uh

of the revelations that had in this research is that: whenever we find the

the course of


of our internal work we discover our rhythm

Let's work more towards our inner part, we can synchronize and also by law of affinity, extract knowledge from that great unconscious collective, through which the teacher, that wise teacher Carl Jung gave us, spoke to us ever about that collective unconscious where our thoughts and feelings are there

And that's where all that is born

that cluster of investigations of great thinkers, because somehow they connect with that unconscious collective and extract information, inspirations comes and motivates to walk towards what

towards what is the world of inner work of intuition of a given moment of these wonderful beings that are connecting with those great truths of universe

Lucy F: seamstress and housewife, had an encounter with death by smelling a cleaning product

How did you feel before the attack? (Music) I felt good, with the intention of

of doing my work, my work, my duties, then, I felt very good

And, when I go to the bathroom, I get to clean the bathroom thoroughly, as I am asthmatic, the vapors of the

of the chemicals that are used to clean the bathrooms, I mix them with chlorine

By mixing these chemicals with chlorine, they emit very strong vapors, then I get up, I stopped breathing

I felt that I did not not a ghost of air



I could not breathe and I started getting dizzy; clearly for the lack of oxygen

And, then everything closed



I didn't get a breath of air

I had time, invoking God with all my faith, my God: let me that I can even look out

I looked over to the balcony and called a neighbor, whose name is Nury, whose name was Nury

And she lived in another building, well

Then I call her and I say, look you have to come fast


because I'm dying, Nury

What's wrong with you, are you crazy Rosa? Are you crazy? I'm dying, I feel like I'm not breathe, please come quickly because the little children are alone

Then, Nury arrived as soon as she could, because she had to come down from her building and go up to mine

And, when she arrived, well I already collapsed, it must be that

the very being of one is sustained until it knows that you can already

relax, it must be that

Do you remember when you were taken to hospital? I do not remember

or even having my eyes open

I do not remember, I do not remember; but I was told me that they put me directly in



emergency, I could not go through waiting room or anything because I was very bad then

And if I remember that there I saw the doctors reanimating me and shouting, they shouted

she goes away

she goes away

she goes away, She does not have, she does not have pulse, she has no

I do not know what they say, no has she pulse, she has no tension, I do not know, I do not know

Well, then said a doctor or a nurse, I do not know

She said, oh this miss is leaving, she is leaving, she is leaving

And the doctor said, c'mon, let's reanimate it, eh



she does not breathe, but let's put her

something to breathe, to help me

Well, they were reviving me, but I was already somewhere else, happy

I said, Oh, nobody revives me, I'm here very well, I said

I was so happy, so calm, with peace, indescribable! one

That has no description for us, we cannot understand it

Then, I would say, oh, what joy is being here, I have no obligation to anything, everybody loves me, I love everyone, I do not care about their color, I do not care about anything

I was happy


Nobody knows what feels there, it is wonderful

Well, then I was in that dimension

You see a lot of light, where I was, there was a wonderful but blinding light

And I did not see others, other beings or anything, but as a telepathic communication

I'm fine, I feel good, I love everyone, I do not matters if they are bad, if they are good, if they are rich, if they are poor, if

I love you all, infinitely, infinitely

Then, there you know that everything on this plane is so


so, so I do not know, so superficial I would say, that does not have, we just come to learn to be able to transcend And can have a lesson in something; but many people do not even know, they live clinging to everything here

And that's why I was happy there, because I do not cling to anything here, just to my children, I do

My children that evolve, that learn, that this, that the other

And yet, one of them I do not have him

And so, but, the experience itself of that

of that episode, it was so that

I learned, that to die is wonderful, that it is not anything terrible, that we will be more, no





at least, in my case

I do not know if we all have the same experience

If all uhm uh

we can go through the same evolution, I do not know, I do not know, because I did not learn it there either

But I know that peace is wonderful, that you get to feel even the desire not to come here anymore, to not come again, to stay

But, of course they sent me

My mom also told me, she rest in peace, that here all the people who knew me, who loved me well, who love me, they prayed a lot, a lot, a lot so that I would not stay there

In other words, they prayed a lot, a lot, a lot, and also because maybe that's why, Their prayers were listened to and

and I had to go back, that would be

And, well here I am

It's not that I was very happy either

I have had experiences terrible after coming, terrible ones, that maybe he had to come to live them

(Music) Did you receive any telepathic message? No, I did not see, alone, I was only in an immense light and in a feeling of of





unlimited kindness, unlimited love, huh

How to say? but I had no contact with any entity that I know of, no



It was just like a floating dimension, wonderfully well and I felt surrounded by love, of understanding, of all that, but I did not see it

It's like something telepathic, I do not know how to explain that

Do you think that you have a life trial after having come back from death? Of course, I consider it, but it's not that I came to be super happy, either

I came to learn other things

I have had other experiences much more rough and stronger and harder than those I had before and I had to overcome them then

That's what I think

That I had to overcome many, many stages, rough and strong and hard horrible

Do you believe that your son kept company in your regression? In the regression, I felt it but I felt him sad

I know, that's the way I feel, I swear

That's how I felt him

I felt him sad, I felt him like eh

sorry, it must be for my own anguish, because my anguish was so strong and so

deep, so deep that maybe because I reflected that anguish of him in me then

But if I felt him but as sad, I felt him

that what happened should not happen, that's what I felt

Do you feel that there was a process of liberation or evolution for both of you after the regression? If I gave him an evolution, yes, because I

I felt myself that when he communicating hey

he already felt he could evolve

Well, but I feel liberated never

I cannot today, I cannot, that's a lack that you have to deal with it, that you lack in your courage, in your spirit you cannot overcome such a death

And, you know he's fine, and you know which is something that happens and that is going to happen to all of us, that we all die that everything, that everything is perishable, ok


But, it is something that was born from me and that it was mine and that part of me that I have been extirpated

You always feel that lack

Death always reminds us that Life is a gift of the Creator

The Art professor Robert Saimon comes back from death after drowned in the sea and suffocated with sands by stroke

Within the cases of that sample that was taken for the book "Regression beyond death", It is

the case of my friend, Robert Simon, Professor Robert Simon, art professor

But, an important characteristic, that joined me to him, was that I was invited to a television program, and in that television program asked me this

that I would take a psych, but seen that way the psychics have; rather, psychic in the sense that he is an art professor and art professors that handle the hemisphere of, right one, brain, have a predisposition to connect with other realities that are not easy

Clear, managing himself in the art of caricature, of painting and art professor as such, that predisposes him a

a sensitivity to connect to other realities that are not in this plane

We go to the television show, in that television show, it was not a challenge, just that through a photograph, with two data, date of birth and uh

some personal data, he should do a sketch or a caricature of a person that she was not alive, a person who had died

Well, surprise that in that program there was a very important success because he managed to determine many characteristics of that person who supplied the information that had deceased and another of the interesting things that happened is that in one

one of the cameramen also ventured to bring uh

some information about his mother, the bigger surprise than when he sketches the the caricature huh

he realizes that it's his mother and apart from that all the characteristics that corresponded in life of the mother

Well this

this cameraman went in tears

Then this



this great friend lived a series of circumstances in his life

He had activated the extrasensory perception; rather, he was an innate sensitive, a sensitive person who

perceived things of his surroundings, of his environment, could guide many people, and that his life was growing in function of all those people who approached him and were increasingly empowered his extrasensory faculties

He lived an experience that within that world of the perception of extrasensory, the professor has a premonition, and the premonition is that

he saw a girl who was drowning, uh

by circumstances of life given that he is invited to

to one of the Venezuelan coasts, and greater surprise than eh

by the ravages of life is not well known, a great wave comes, one of her friends is taken by the wave and got her inland, he knows how to swim, He went to help his friend

The truth is that in that interim, a series of setbacks emerges, and then he is imprisoned, he is imprisoned in that situation, of avatars in life and

and sinks

He sinks in those waters and there he has a very transcendental experience

However, her friend is rescued, some rescuers and rescue her

Well, there he lives his experiences, he drowns as such, but he has one, some assistances from the parallel worlds, from those master guides, eh

saints, virgins, who are present at the moment of anguish of every being human, they help him and somehow he feels that he's taken to the shore

But, on the shore, once he has that

that drowning, he dies there; rather, in those fractions of a second, his life passes through his

his mental screen, he connects with his memories, he has meetings with masters, but somehow they bring him back from that experience, as

as a sensitive person

On the shore, comes to him what is called an ACV; rather

The last straw! What he already lived, now it is complemented with a stroke on the shore, he cannot react, however the life

the lifeguards somehow attend him and then his life goes developing through one

a process of initiation too, because it is a learning where he has a reunion with his life, he goes towards his chapters of his childhood and is defining more his mission of life

In spite of that, he overcomes his life

Today day is a very sensitive person in which he despite having lived all those vicissitudes, today his extra-sensory perception has been consolidated to guide his neighbor

Enigmas of the experience with Death

Francisco A, cosmetologist and tanatologist

His journey to afterlife granted a special sensitivity to deal with the deceased

How was your experience in the afterlife? I was gathered with some superior masters, all dressed dark

They told me eh

"we will protect you in the journey of this time, but after you will have to be able alone " They told me like that with a strong voice, it's scary

When you are in that moment because you do not know if you are dreaming or what or if you are living, it is very strong


But uh

at that time they told me that, you'll have to continue only after that we support you in this journey


a lapse of time passed like this, and then uh

from one moment to the next uh

come to be in nothing, nowhere

What is nothing? According to what I lived

Because each person has a different perspective and experience of what is nothing


it's like when you close your eyes, and you see only the darkness, from the closed eyes

I stayed like that, I could only listen to, breathe, feel cold or warm

You simply know that you are there

But there is no time, you only know that you are there


after that nothing, I started

to see

When I came out of nowhere, I started to see uh

my own spirit ah

myself, I got to see myself in the incubator

I got to see

It was floating like a bubble

Watching, watching

and I was surrounded by a light, of a strong blue light, a strong energy


was my spirit like in a process of decision

I will return, I will not return, I stay, I come, I go

It is strong that decisive moment, it is strong

And because I was born prematurely, and that indecision came from that then, from

I'll have this problem, I'll have this other, what will I face? Life is already

life is hard being a healthy person, how will it be if you know or suspect that you will have a problem or problems, according to the birth But I fought

I was destined to have several

problems, and I, with my spiritual energy, was doing my best, as when you pedal with the bicycle as hard as possible, until winning the race

I fought like that


it was like I came to life as healthy possible and with this fabulous and wonderful gift

How do you realize reprogramming? How do I reprogram them? Eh

reprogramming them is like reprogramming a computer, the hard disk of a computer

That for example when they do not

they should to be alive so to speak, but they do not have a defined mission or they do not



they do not know how to comply

I give them the spiritual energy that I work with, to reprogram them, that is like remembering information on a disk hard computer, and I explain it well this is so, this is so, you are destined for this and for this, you need someone like that, well

well and you will know how to make from from now on, it's like remembering

Like someone who records a tape on top of another recording, that is badly made, and you record a recording on that tape, which is well made, just like that

Exactly the same

That is the reprogramming of the spiritual being

What was your encounter with your brother like? First, as he looked in this case, he was a meatball with blue eyes, He looked like an authentic meatball


he gave me a certain grimace, but when my spirit sensed that it was blood out of my blood, I embraced him, I played with him, he accompanied me


we talked, we played, we were distracted together, it's scary but true

I thought I could not meet him, in person, little one, as big as me, but at least, God gave me the joy and the opportunity to know him from the other plane, and thanks to this gift

to this gift that God gave me


it's very interesting everything

the times I had in that moment with

my brother

Even the feeling that I felt was of

of eh

between sadness and joy, but when he began to see that I started to approach, to play more, to

to be less afraid, that feeling that I perceived in his spirit, in him, it began to remain as joy, joy and sadness in him began to disappear

Because he realized that I recognized it, as something of mine, as blood of my blood

When do you make reprogramming at energetic level? Well I did at the time of making uh


the makeup

the makeup when I had to make up, I was doing that reprogramming

He talked and made them understand, look no, if you must go back to life it's for something, nothing is in vain, nothing of

what God says and does is not in vain, you must come back to life, but as re-empowered, reprogrammed

Or as more aware of what he's going to do and not deviate

Doing it, that is, what I do is make him create awareness; apart from reprogramming him

I make him create conscience about what he has to do, why and how he has to do it, to do it well and concrete his life cycle or his mission of life

That's what it is about

In the experience with death was activayed the reset on the ordinary conscience, which allowed him to see clearly the mission of everyone on the Earth

Gertrudis R, she travelled to the afterlife once that she was pronounced dead, negotiating with his deceased husband the comeback of those planes

As we work on what is the

the development of the regressions with hypnotherapy, there are significant cases, in which open thresholds, and that there is a flow of contact information from beyond towards this third dimension

I'm going to refer to the case of my friend Gertrudis; rather, sister of a friend also in common, for many years, for more of thirty-odd years, in which we maintained a close friendship

Gertrudis has a severe health problem, eh

her cells are modified, has atypical cells and enters a very aggressive cancer process

Within that framework, of her development of her life, she goes to one

to a regression as a method of hypnotherapy seeking a process of self-healing

In her experience long, the development of experience, recreating her death, thresholds are opened in that moment when that one opens, that threshold, from that window towards the beyond, her deceased husband comes along

At that moment

when one is working through the states of deep hypnosis, thresholds are opened, dimensional doors are opened

Her husband comes to take her; in short, he wanted her to accompany him

It is important to note that when a person is in this process in some way his conscience, that subtle awareness, his spirit, his inner being is integrated to that reality of beyond

Developed the theme, there comes the important part of the regressionist, the specialist has to negotiate with that deceased, make him understand that he cannot proceed, nor can he break a law

A law that somehow through the process of regression is entering into this field of communication, we are in the transcendence of this third dimension to beyond

A communication with those social networks that are there immersed, they are those deceased loved ones

A negotiation process is initiated through which we must make understand that being that he transcended and that his conscience still survives and, continues coexisting in that world, already fulfilled a mission on earth, already has a process evolutionary of transcendence

In that negotiation, it is established assertive words of orientation to that being

Work with the ascended masters, work with mantras, energy management, management of own resources of the regressionist to help that being to transcend, and the most important thing that he see in that world as a form of energy that has already evolved

Upon entering into consciousness this being that wants to take my friend Gertrudis somehow; attention, attempting against a contra natura, because, rather, if she still has a process of completing a mission, if you have an extension of life still returning from death she has to fulfill it, and she cannot leave that halfway

When her day arrives, through what is the process of regression, as a preparation for death, and she will assume her commitment to life to transcend the world

In some way, this being could understand

Rather, that gives me a clue in the investigations that these beings still with their conscience, they continue to reason, they continue to interpret and they continue to receive our requests, our contacts to the world beyond for their evolution and that they continue their spiritual ascension in everything that the spiritual universe for the human being

God's paths are infinite

Yanette S, young mother and her daugther's transient life, who experience feelings of love, grief and resignation

How do you feel on the day of delivering? Well that day


when it was morning I had a pain, It was obviously my second birth, my second pregnancy, because the first one was cesarean and obviously this second one too had to be a cesarean


The first pregnancy was a boy and this was a girl


when the contractions started, which was not very normal, because the girl was not practically in position


I left for motherhood in hours at 11 a

m, and

when they checked me in emergencies, they said: no that

that was missing a lot

In fact this

That told mea nurse because the doctor did not really answer me

At that time, the emergency was full, ok? Hey

Well I left, the nurse told me

And those pains will give you about 6 o'clock in the afternoon

I also told the nurse and told the doctor that she treated me that my thing had to be a cesarean section

Because already I had a previous cesarean, and I did not have a neck to deliver

Well, very good

I returned to the house, this

began the level of anguish, they started the strongest pains and like at 4 or 5 in the afternoon I go back to the maternity unit where I find myself alone, that there was no emergency, that only the doctor was actually sleeping and they had to wake up to be able to attend to me


an amazing thing in the maternity Concepción Palacios that an emergency is alone without any patient

With everything and this

the doctor took care of me, she checked me, she told me that it wasn't time, I say again that I cannot do a no, I have to do a cesarean, but it is not a delivery

She sent me to the delivery room I practically was kicked off

And then when I got to the delivery room, Hey

there was also no one who was attending, there was no one, no

there was nobody

That was in October, coincidentally in this month


and there was nobody and

only in the room where they put me there was a 14 year old girl who was in a birthing process

Well, very well, a doctor arrived, two nurses, uh

they checked me and he says "look, you have a good neck", I say "no but eh

what's mine has to be a cesarean, because not long ago, not a year ago I

I had a cesarean section

" So, the doctor ignored and sent me to pitocin, but cheating because the nurse told me it was


Well, okay, I trust him; in fact, the Doctor tells me: "I'll take you to the operating room afterwards to do the exams"

Obviously I trusted

And the pains began

What happened during the deliverance? They left, the doctor left, the nurses left, I stayed with the other patient, the 14-year-old girl who was in the process of giving birth


when the pains started, I started to call, I started shouting, I started call the doctor, the nurse, everyone, anyone who showed up, nobody appeared until a nurse came to the door of the room and I said


in a mocking tone, "that she did not see the child's head below"

Then I also shouted at her and told her to look for the doctor because I could not stand more, that this was not normal that

well finally the woman left, and nothing

came to me that I said, well I am going to give birth here alone, I am going to give birth alone

And then uh

I tell the girl I was


next to me, the girl, that I was going, that I was going to give birth alone because nobody was taking care of me

And when I start to push, instead of leaving the baby or the girl, what comes out are spurts of blood, spurts of blood, uh

it was a moment of

of pain eh

of confusion, it was my first time in a delivery, the pre or no


I was prepared for this, and

well nothing, that was every time I pushed, it was blood and more blood, until there came a time that the girl did not leave and until there came a time when


I passed out uuhm


I do not know I decompensated and only I listened more, I could not open my eyes well, I did not have the strength to open my eyes

I just listened to and listened to when it was someone passing, this

a doctor and the doctor to see all that, that scenario, this

she called emergency and there they presented all

The doctors showed up, the nurses showed up, They passed me to a stretcher, they moved me to the operating room; in fact, while they were moving to the operating room and was practically without vital signs and they sealed me, the fingertips

At that time, this

a nurse asked me, because I could half open my eyes while they were moving and a nurse asked me: "how was I going to call the girl?" They did not know what I was going to have in reality, they did not know what, whether, I went, it was going to be female or male, the only one who knew was me, and the nurse tells me: "how are you going to call the girl?" Ana Virginia, that was the only thing I said, she copied it

What did you see when you were on the surgery? When they passed me, when we arrived at

I closed my eyes again, when I they went to the operating room, Obviously they put me oxygen in the mask because

not that there was no time to open ways, there was not time of anything, my hemoglobin dropped at

at 2


the blood tension on the floor, it was already ready

How do I know I'm ready? Well, I did not know if I was ready or I do not know, but when I see myself my spirit comes out and I see on that operating table, And

I see that they are taking the girl out of my belly and I see that next to me is my grandmother's spirit and next to her is the spirit of that girl's great-grandfather


it was a moment of confusion, in

it was a moment of despair and it was at that moment when

they were going to put the electroshock to revive me and that's when I saw myself in a dark room completely and to say a, a light bulb, a light, a hole It is like that, it is a light

And I was trying to jump out of that room

When I get out I go back to my body again and that's when I open my eyes and listen again to the doctors say: "no

do not put, the part of the electroshock didn't take place

And well I mean, I revived and everything else this

When I woke up I was already in intensive care, I do not know how many bags of blood and the girl was also in intensive care


that obviously the girl survived nothing more for 8 hours

8 hours lived and died

Then I knew that truth was after 4 days, After four days, I knew


And well eh

henceforth this



happened, many things have happened in


in all these 20 years, that was 20 years ago that

that this happened, exactly in a month of October

Why did your husband name the girl? The

the days I was hospitalized this

obviously my condition of weakness, but it was organic weakness, not weakness, nor spiritual, nor

I want to get out of there, after learning about my daughter's death


I did not understand why, but that's how it was


At that time I did not understand, This

what I did was

I remember that my daughter's dad visit me one day he asked me if

if I wanted to go to the morgue to see her

And I did not, I had already seen her, when she was

they were taking her out and I had seen her, I knew who she was and what she was like


however good he insisted, but even I did not go down to the morgue and

I wonder what we were going to do? whether to bury herr or to cremate her

It was a question too strong at that moment for me, and I said: "you do not know what to do"

So, something amazing was when I left the hospital, as a week, I'm watching the, the death certificate of the girl and when I see my name in the death certificate uh

I went to ask him: why? Why was the girl name like mine, if I had already named her Ana Virginia

And it turns out that he tells me that there was

it had to


had to deceive death, because death came to look for you

Watch out! All this comes eh

All this he says to me is because he was already a practitioner of

with the spirits, He had many years practicing with the spirits and I did this

also but not in the the same way he did, he was deeper in that, but I did not and

when he says to me, death came to look for me, and

I had to decide who? Whom was it taking? Because if it took you, it leave the child my first child alone

And if you

I am

and if

but the question was to take you both

This is why I had to deceive death; rather, so that death does not play again, It do not come back to you, I have to bury you


the name

Of course at that moment

I argued with him because I said, "no, but that was not the name of my daughter, my daughter's name is, it's Ana Virginia, not Mikaly and then this

Well, that's how it is, that's what the gravestone says my name but with the date of, of the girl

And well nothing this

I think if he mocked death


from there, from there to here, other accidents have happened to me, Uh

where I survived

During the regression did you feel liberation for you and your daughter? Sure, uh

when I start

to investigate with regarding the regressions, I already had some time researching, after the death of the girl eh

I had been investigating the, part of


of regression

In other words, it took many years to make the decision because I needed answers, why did she die? Why did this happen to me? Why did happen that to me? Well in view of

of my questions about what I was asking myself, I wanted to know What

what happened? Hey

I did the regression and

for what I could

remember from the girl's message, it was that

it was a liberation for her and not only for her but for myself


finish fulfilling my role here, my


my mission in this, in this plane


well I'm doing it and let's see how far I get, but I do not remember all the regression, but for the few things I know that my daughter uh

she did it was for


for her, for me and

and even for his dad, his brother and, well, really

it was something very


How to call it? It lighten my the load

It was



It is kept the subtle conscience still after the physical death

Thanks to that investigation for more, for 10 years in which that significant sample threw a series of very interesting results that can be taken up by the field of science, especially those who study health at level of mental processes, what

what is being as such in its expressions, psychic and mental parts

Following this investigation for a ten year span years, interesting conclusions were reached

In those conclusions, uh

it's fascinating to know that through hypnotherapy or what hypnosis is deep, you can virtually recreate a person, the death of a person

That is to say that this moment the person can recreate his death, which is a interesting point, because by recreating her death he again crosses the threshold to get in touch with that third dimension, with that third and fourth and fifth dimension that are in those parallel worlds

The important thing about this that once the person dies again he reconnects, but it's interesting because it opens windows to those other dimensions, that is to say that in those communication windows, the beings who have disembodied, our ascended masters, they have a communication channel through this person that has entered into that process of what is the

the regression as such, a virtual death

And, thanks to this, this wonderful research, it was possible conclude something interesting that we not only have 2

2 minds or 2 memories or 2 consciences A subtle awareness, which is what allows that link, that link towards that third, towards

towards that other dimension

A subtle awareness that is what survives even after the person dies, which is that awareness that brings some way a memory, a knowledge that when it returns is present and the person can remember

When the person remembers, he defines his life parameters, he can discover his mission of life, as interesting as that, he can rewrite his life so he does not repeat mistakes

Oriented always to know and continue with his internal work, apart from that he is given an extension to finish completing all the things that could not do in life and that

that small extension will exhaust the resources that lack for to complete this existence in his spiritual evolutionary cycle

Another thing interesting is that when the person dies has a reset of the ordinary consciousness

That is, he can reset all those negative aspects of his life, to reinsert himself again in this society on the day day, to try to liberate and counteract all the vicissitudes that will offer him, life as such

Then he adapts in that return, in that extension to continue his life eh uh

his daily life; of course, wakes up a great spiritual sensitivity, the person becomes more spiritual, has more knowledge of what is the transcendence of the world, of the body and of the spirit, because he can really understand many universal laws, the reason why which incarnated once here on earth and the missions that come to fulfill

Another interesting good thing is that uh

hypnosis works like a polygraph psychic, that is to say a psychic polygraph, that is to say, serum of the truth

The person cannot be lying, because it is his experience, it is his reality that

that had that transcendence and is giving his testimony of life, of the aspects so interesting that can happen

Dimensional windows open, they are connected people who die and return, are connected with all those realities

The interesting thing about all this is that it shows that still

even after the person dies, a conscience is maintained, that consciousness evidenced through all and all of these books, of all these great writers, they say that conscience can masking or riding in a vehicle of transport of a subtle body, that is to say that the experiences are unfolding, remote viewing, people connecting with others realities, of


of relatives who are in places and yet, has the certainty of communication

So it is important that through this experience we can demonstrate then there is a transcendence, and that beyond, what is still gestating is what is called self-healing process, self-resurrection because, in the cases managed, people returned spontaneously, without assistance from doctors

So is seen that way, that somehow there is some assistance for those of us who remain here on earth, we have to fulfill these missions

It is important within the recommendations to the medical guild, the guild, the medical guild has to take care of people from the point of view of their personal, intuitive development and their development psychic, mental and spiritual, that is to say that practices against nature, the


not letting a child be born at any given time, in practicing euthanasia, eh

those are important factors to consider, because the person to the best has to, the person has to at that moment, recover his halo of light in his development and fulfill its mission on earth

We cannot blind someone to his mission on earth, and another recoman, interesting recommendations is that the who wants to repeat this experience has to be assisted by the guild doctor, because during the investigation, during the experience, the signs vitals are altered, and the person must be resuscitated at that time the person that is presented perhaps with a frame of the suspension of vital signs

Then you take a risk

It is important to have medical assistance, to have the relatives present at the time of doing this, this significant experience, and what another more important, that I think are the things we should, we should not let go, is that the, the medical guild must exhaust all the resources before decrees, decree a dead person

Because we can, the person may be in a state of catalepsy, may be in a suspended animation, and then there are many cases through which the person even after death came back

So all those aspects to consider are important, there are the open doors to research that gives, the most important the human being, the human being has a mission of life and has a conscience that transmigrate through time in its evolution, from its different memories in the space of this universe, of the creation of

of that great supreme creator

Credits (Music) [Sound] ok so we are going to start now with the abhyanga massage practice so let's go first to lying down   our person our client our client our  patient here on the table and we're going to see that the   body is well aligned always the arms  well next to the body that's very important   we cover with a towel we also watch that the legs are well  that the legs are wide open to have   at least a space between the legs and we are going to  start to connect a little bit and give some little pushes some points here on the feet we can massage directly with the towel a little bit there is not   specific points especially stimulate the foot a little bit before we start to connect with the person ok first we are just to stimulate and tell the body that  tell the body that we are going to work with it   we are also going to give a little bit of a push  also apart from the shoulders of the back   here of the buttocks part of the thighs, don't push too much  thighs we don't have to push too much   hard but at least that the person feels  and feels that we are in contact with her   we can move and stretch a little bit  the heels backwards and relax [Sound] we can use a bowl also to use and to tell the person that we are  tell the person that we are going to start the massage

[Sound] and gradually connect with the person then for the oil I use this type of  bowl which is a rather earthen bowl or   rather of ceramic and an oil heater  with its demonstrator is an oil heater

   that we can find in any store is very easy and we  very easy and we put a candle in general i   I recommend more this type of oil heater  because it's not going to burn the oil, it doesn't   it's going to make it too hot so we always have a control over the oil because it's important that   the oil is always the temperature of the body  like between 37 and 40 degrees just so we don't burn the   body of the person because it is important  to keep in mind to use a warm oil

   because the ayurvedic massage traditionally will not be with cold oil  will not be with cold oil but with warm oil   ok let's remove a part of the towel to get to the back part of  to get to the back part of the part of the back of the body

   the back is where we're going to connect to use and apply the oil

  apply the oil it's important to use this technique   it's like picking it up with the hand and bringing the oil down  the oil down through the thumb we pick it up with the hand

   and we go down with the thumb I do it one last time  I pick up and down so the oil flow is unique

   it's not like if I pick it up and do it here it would be a  little ugly and it wouldn't be nice that if we are   with a flow of its own it's quite nice  we notice if the oil is hot or not if we're   if it's too hot I don't use it and wait  hot I don't use it and I wait a little bit for it to get   cool down now it's okay I'm going to put it here in the back just a little  the back just a little bit of oil flow   I leave the little bowl and start to warm up my hands  to connect with the person the first moment the   the first moment is the connection only connect close the eyes inhale and exhale through the nose   [Sound] we can start circling the clock hands with the palm of our hand  of the clock with the palm of the hand over the entire   back the entire lower back the lower back the lumbar part of the  lumbar part we give the clockwise movement ok [Sound] we do like 7 movements I like the number 7 a lot the 7 I'm always going to say 7 and we remove the   hands let's go here just below the back just  at the level of the sacrum a little bit further up we have   we can feel that there are like two points around the spine we feel that like two points that   we can push we are going to ask the person to  inhale first inhale exhale exhale we push one   little more those points without destroying the sword  without hurting the back it is important to go   gently and make circles again in the same place outwards with the needles  outward with the hands of the clock

and we massage slowly and gently  we are still in connection plan [Sound] we continue [Sound] with the back [Sound] we can go around again with  the thumbs resting here on the lumbar part on the sides of the lumbar vertebrae and again  lumbar vertebrae and again we circle outwards in a clockwise direction gently slowly from 3 to 7 times and we finish with the circular  circular motion ok here we are   and we have connected with the person now it is  important to see two things we can either start   from the back or start from the legs there are two options  both options are correct i am going to   start with the legs because it's important  for me to start so that I don't relax too much   the person that the person feels the stimuli  first from the legs but that's a rule   of my own and also in ayurveda there are teachers  that will teach you legs first and   others must teach the back first then  everything is correct that there are no definite rules   directly what I do is that I cover the back  of the person we can use a little bit of prana like   it's used a little bit in reiki that would be sharing the  vital energy with through the hands but   we an ayurveda we don't talk about that reiki  and we connect one last time with the back inhale exhaled there [Sound] ok [Sound]

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