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Un documental que explora el movimiento muralista: el arte de pintar en alturas impresionantes. Los muros de los frontones sin ventanas fueron los primeros objetivos de los pintores de grafitis, sobre todo en las zonas urbanas en renovación, y desde 2012, los grafitis monumentales están en pleno renacimiento, especialmente en el distrito 13 de París. A través de un diseño pensado como decoración, borrando la sordidez de los muros, los artistas reviven hábilmente estas superficies sin alma.

Namaste welcome to quick Wisdom with left My name is less this is my friend joy Spirituality is everywhere in the air we breathe in nature all around us And even written into our very DNA we are energy and together as a We\'re all connected We\'re all one United as one we\'re here on the stage of Life to love and help each other live the best Now I know you come today to learn about a very special topic so let\'s put on our fun caps And get started on the sacred exploration Bless Unconditional Love Troy and I hope you\'re ready to feel the love for this latest edition of quick wisdom Today we\'re going to dial away all the stress you may be feeling And help your mind and your body become one Are you ready joi Joy where did you go what you\'re leaning up against Good Animals just like people know had a show love for their family Paris is dead in street art, Paris needs street paintings

Why is this the most beautiful wall in Paris? In May 2014, at the behest of the Itinérance gallery and with the support of the mayor of the 13th arrondissement, Pantoneau created the tallest mural in Europe

The sky is not the limit

The Itinérance gallery is located in Paris-Benoît, place de Vénécie, right next to the chosen site

We hosted a street art gallery in the 13th arrondissement, the Itinérance gallery

I discovered a bit of street art thanks to this, although I already knew a bit about it before

Mehdi Benchek, the director of these galleries, proposed me a whole series of crazy projects

In particular, this outdoor course, and then Tower 13, which was extraordinarily popular

Is this what you asked for? You will not be disappointed

Before you started, were you consulted as a resident? Yes, we agreed with this mural

We had to choose, if I remember correctly, three models

It's always part of the improvisation

You can improvise on some things, but not like this

You just push the button

It's automatic

This is Gael, Pantonio's assistant

Antonio Correia, aka Pantonio, the artist

And me, the director, cleaning the camera to follow him in the urban simulations for 30 days

I'm not a fucking teacher! They don't want me to take this

You're out of your mind! I shouldn't make an airplane, but a fish

A fish to fly

This is inspiration

This one is perfect, for almost everything

Pantonio draws a line here that helps him to place himself in space

What do you think of this picture? It's metaphysical

It's old, maybe from the 80's

It is a position

It was very expensive, but it's better than that

For two days, Pantonio isolated himself to redo the sketch

I think it's great that you put a whale

Do you see the dynamics of the curve? I think it's stronger than the other sketch where it's concentrated like that

I think this is the painting, it's just the building with the fish

It's the decoration, it's just done with small fish

That day, the mayor organizes a meeting with the inhabitants

I think it's not very aggressive

There's a picture of the exhibit in the gallery

There's a gallery in the 13th district that exhibited it

It was the first time I had seen it

It's birds, fish, whales, humans, etc

with the same movement and connections to the different paintings

There is a phase of my work that has been very defined

What will fill the fish with black will fill the relief with color

So you're going to have a pretty dull press at some point

Because I worked on the negative

It's black and then I looked for the light with the blue and the volume

It's all black, it's a very, very, very black shape

Is it a difficult exercise to explain to people? It is difficult

For me it's another language

I'm learning French because there are words I don't understand and I don't know how to read

It's a little difficult because design is also a language that you have to understand

There are things that can't be explained with words, you have to feel them

There is a logical explanation, it is the evaporation of his body

There is a column, a rigid structure and then there is something that is more fluid and more ephemeral which is the movement of the population

Let's get to work

I start reading Manouar's work

This broom was the first idea to paint here

It was too aggressive, too big

I thought the image would be good, but here it looks like crap to me

It's too similar

That's a lot of fishing

It's easy to paint like this, but I have to do it really well

They're the right size, aren't they? Yes, I think that's it

He wanders off to see how his drawing looks

It's much farther away

I'm doing too much and it's not better because there's too much fishing

Is it good? Yes

Thank you, sir

It's very big

Yes! We're good for today

I don't know if we're good

Yesterday, the peach disappeared from there


They wear these shoes

I always get my bearings from these shoes

I have to put my tarp down, sorry

No, sorry


Didn't find it? No

The fishing, your wallet, you leave it all on the ground

It's going to disappear

The fishing is here

I understand

I understand that this is my catch

It is not possible to leave it there

I didn't apply your peach

Somebody's responsible for this shit, right? Yes, there is

The person responsible is not the security guard who has to enter the equipment

Besides, my fishing, nothing, right? The peach I bought, I don't know if it's a good idea to leave it there

Listen carefully

We're not going to run out of time, okay? We're not going to advance the clock

It's just your catch, I'm not here to catch your catch

Your fishing is in the office and it's the same thing, I have other materials, they've bitten

I understand

This is my working material

Let me, let me finish

I've never worked so badly in France

Shitty people

That's the organization for this

Pantonio is playing with an emergency pole

An emergency pole

So there, you see, he's using a

To draw straight lines, a wire

This is very practical for very large surfaces

It's too good, too good

It starts like

Too bad

We could finish this in a day

In the end, it was good

Good morning

Subtitled by Kainé We saw that you had a movement without touching the button

No longer needs a driver

You know, it's great to draw like this with the

with the lever

That's better

And now, just as Pantoño predicted, the first roller strokes don't go down well with the locals

The beginning, at least on the side, is great

It's from the other

It's true! I started eating all black, and even if it wasn't finished, some of these people are crazy, because it's all black

The ban on painting the mural on weekends pushes Pantoño to express himself on an unauthorized wall in the 13th district

You can paint bigger, higher, yes, but it doesn't give as much pleasure as painting on a human-sized wall


It's starting to be work

In this case, I'm improvising, but

It's big, it's a mission

The sport, the movement of the body, it's really big

It's really physical

It's a pleasure

It's a pleasure for the ego

Seeing it big, it's not a pleasure of movement

The shoulder

That's the top, yeah

No, that's good

No, it's a work of art

It's a piece, isn't it? No, it's a work of art

It's not all Parisians

It's a special city

They have a skin

It's a thread skin

Thank you, sir

That's the art

Leave the grass

This one and this one

This one is paint

This is part of the painting

This is part of the picture

You're very respectful

You are very respectful

That's why I'm going to be Pantonio's assistant

because it won't be available to him from that day on

This guy is crazy

Your fan is still there, Pantonio

He's waiting for a sign from you, a gift or a painting, I don't know

He has found a new point of view

It's touching

It's very, very, very, very, very, very, very nice

You can dance

This is a painting

This is a painting

You see, this is the end of the artist

This is the truth I say that the greens, the real The truth? The real truth I ask for the

For the coin Where are we? In the sky We are already here I can pay the students The students This is very interesting This chart For your movie This is very interesting I've been filming for 30 days I'm shooting a camera here There's a place That you don't really go out In your world Because you are conscious That there is a camera there But you're helping me a lot With energy You are painting You need this And you're fucking far away

Such a rainy day Another slow day The artist And that perhaps allows To take a step back And on top of that, it's windy

It's unbelievable

Now you can see the water On the wall Dripping It's quite nice by the way The fish are wet So here we see the dry and non-dry areas From the wall On the other hand, what is satisfactory It does not sink Paint did not drip This would waste time What has already happened With Stu In this image Still a little scary Still a little scary At this point, Pantonio is pissed off

One of the paint cans Does not match your choice of color I call Pantonio Yes Pantonio, what's up? I hope it will be effective Can you make me a favorite? Can you withdraw the ad? Not now Ok tomorrow Because I'm in the background and we can't see you So they are block Ok Jeili?my the forest muda nh?t It's just the sandpaper that we see less when you're not far away But the lines here Are not visible We will see them What the flight inam that the lines do It's to see the weights, if I put the black there, if I put more weight there

Now you're a star! She just

Moledo, in Portugal

She saw something that I saw

I am Portuguese from the island of Azores

Someone told me that my lines look like lines from the Azores island

I feel like I'm abroad

I feel like I'm abroad

I feel like I'm abroad

I feel like I'm abroad

Someone told me that my lines look like lines from the island of the Azores

If you see them from here, it can be like the ocean

And I never thought of that

That's crazy

Are you a painter, graffiti artist or street artist? How do you consider yourself? I like to paint and paint

And it doesn't exist

You're a street artist, a graffiti artist, a gallery painter

For me it doesn't exist

It's just a classification for the media

It makes no sense to me

It's getting into a box

I hope I have enough weight in my head

If I fall from here, I'll fall like this

You are a painter

I don't think I got it

It's pretty abstract

How did you adapt your street rock? first the camera or the paper to these great murals? I haven't adapted anything

That's my job

This is a drawing

It's like the camera

It's like the walls

It's just the size

You have to work with a technique to make it bigger

You have to work with the conditions

Not very suitable for the concept

It's like making a drawing of a classical human body

You have to know the proportions

Is that good? Is there really a difference? Yes

It's much more impressive


I'm sorry about that

You're really looking

Is it good? Eyes wide open and mouth open

It's unbelievable

It's amazing

It really reminds me of a stream


This is the other side

But the thing is, when you squeeze a little bit too hard, the post bends and the paint doesn't go to the wall

It is very annoying

I don't know how my paint stays like this with the white

How it stays like this for 6 years

Arribes inside! What's going on? The video camera of the times

No, I'm fine

Let's get you trained

Good for my baby

On this wall I never turn off too much troupeller in the headlight

Because I painted with the powercriers

I didn't have much trouble with the air because I was painting with a tool

But it's different from the camera

Can you imagine working in silence without air? Maybe we can see it now

But it's not so pretty

It's not so pretty

Let's see if it's from here

If it's from here, I'll put it all here tomorrow

It's from here, isn't it? It's not so nice

If you die, I'll send you the picture

We need the photo so there is no water

We will have a new life

After disconnecting the alarm, Pantogneau can paint at night without disturbing the neighbors

Today is Tuesday

We started very late

It's half past seven

Must have started at 7:00

We're going to remove the alarm, as you can see

Open-air museums

They're not museums, they're open-air paintings

It's nice to see what people like, what they put in a painting that they're struggling with

Is there a war between advertising and exchange? If there is a war, to me it doesn't make much sense because some of the graphic designers, behind the ad, are trying to make art

But they're naive and they don't know that they're selling a brand and they see it as good background, good design, good colors

And they don't see the big pictures

It's some of us who make the big pictures, who try to have a chance to be artists

We also do the same thing, the big paintings, is that we also want to sell something

We are the new advertisers

We want to sell Marri to get more votes in the next elections

And if we paid for advertising, we would not be 1,000 euros as we are, we would be 20,000 euros

So we are the new advertisers, the new expensive advertisers

If you commit, it's possible because everything these people do is possible

It's true, without them, without these commitments, painting costs a lot

This paint costs a lot and we change it

There is no need to fight, there is no need to fight between the economic way and the other

A bell is necessary because it covers a few floors above

I've lost 10 pounds

It's physical, but it's good because you have a better body and you go to the night

It's so fast to do it

That's how it goes

It goes like this

Are you all right? How much are you working on this? That's a lot of days

Are you serious? Because when did you start? It's been 10 days? Yes, that's right

Do you leave a white background? No, the blue background

You've done the water too

How is it? Are you happy? Yes, I'm fine

Not anymore? Yes, you can

No problem

Excellent, thank you

Did you also do the other side? No, this is the other one

I have it in front of me every day and I just saw that it's my neighborhood

The film is not everything

Here I'm looking for the best point of view to film the final shot of the mural

I managed to talk to the priest, who wanted a written request

He can mail it

Their response was surprising

They told me they didn't have an opening in the wall

They were clearly taking the piss out of me

I take advantage of a friend's training to climb the Ferrara Tower

I realize that the tower faces the roof but not the wall

We are frustrated, we return to the Super Italia tower full of hope

It's a great concern to see if it's good

It's good but not perfect

We are doing another test from the Puccino tower

From the 17th floor, we are too high

The view from the kitchen leaves something to be desired, but it satisfies the Agence France Press photographer

In the end, it was a local who published the perfect photo

The Gilles agency invited me to come back to take the last shots

Two hours before the inauguration and Pantogno is at it again

And to Pantogneau, I make the fish again

All the fish are redone


And downstairs, the workers are finishing cleaning up

The painter changes the world

He's a shitty dog

The world will be a different place

Everything in the world is going to be different

Everything new is going to change the world

And there comes a time when it is no longer new

And something new will change the world

The world will change now

The people of the city always need something new, to imagine, to dream a little

Today it's a cell phone

Tomorrow it will be art

The painter can change things more and more human

A building like this, you can look, they are machines that did this

And the painter gives a good feeling

When you go through the streets with paints, it's a good feeling

This place better be full of pictures and announcing inhuman things

After a month of work, is the end of the inauguration

The painting, it makes sense, also plays with the city, communicates with the city

You said you had less problems in painting illegally than in painting legally

It may be paradoxical, but how is it possible? Because illegally, you take better care of the of everything, and you have to prepare everything so that it doesn't go wrong

With this one, no problem

If there was a guy here, you can see that he was positive

It's on my invoice

Sorry, guys

From the end of the run-in, is very easy

What I like about Pantogno's wall, is the speed that he managed to imprint on his painting

It's impressive, especially the height

Keeping up the pace, that's the hard part

Holding the line, being fluid all the way to the top of the wall, is strong

I've been painting for 25 years, and there is magic there, because it's so big

In terms of surface area, you can't go wrong

I'm impressed with the technique and the result

Before, I had a white wall that meant nothing, and now the wall talks

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