Contacted by extraterrestrials

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Contactees are people who have experienced contact with extraterrestrials. Dr. Louis Turi had four such encounters. This documentary examines his encounters, his relationship with astrology and how he has accurately predicted several major world events.

(mysterious music) - Sad enough, people walking planet Earth have a problem to accept the reality of extraterrestrials, and to accept that those extraterrestrials are already part of their genetic, physical, and spiritual makeup

- [Narrator] Like the great prophet Nostradamus, Dr

Louis Turi was born and raised in Provence, France

Following four incredible UFO experiences, he was influenced to rekindle Nostradamus's methods, and spent many years reviving the seer's rare

cabalistic healing method

He moved to the U


in 1984, and has since established himself as a successful hypnotherapist and astropsychologist, author of four books, and a powerful motivational speaker

In 1983, he received a metaphysical doctorate from the Progressive Universal Life Church based in Sacramento, California

His notoriety is skyrocketed after hundreds of accurate predictions such as 9/11, the Asian tsunami, the Iraqi war, the SARS virus, and inarguable predictions of major earthquakes that he made on television and radio programs

- There is only two, two group of ETs, the positive one and the negative one

Of course, there is dozens and dozens of names to qualify those entities

There is the Reptilius, there is the Draconis

The Reptilius stimulate the minds of our scientists to weaponize the weather, to create nukes, to create technology that is meant to destroy, while the Draconis are a very different group of extraterrestrials

I call them the gardeners of this world

So, these guys stimulate the minds of all humans to create beautiful music, beautiful painting, to create harmony

So it comes down to two very specific forces

Positive and negative, up and down, black and white, the front, the back, male and female

And as human being we are symmetrical

We have two eyes, two arms, two legs, two side of the brain

Now, you have a Reptilius brain, and you have a Draconis brain, and then once you become cosmic conscious, then you can apply your will, or the part of God in each one of us, which is much stronger than those entities

My connection with extraterrestrials started when I was six years old

I am what you call an ADHD

I was born with tremendous amount of physical, and intellectual energy

And by the way, ADD is not a disorder

It's actually a gift, Einstein was ADD

So, my parents, to punish me, I hate to be alone

They used to stick me in the attic

And during those days in 1956, I was six, seven years old during those days

We didn't have electricity

We didn't have running water

All the windows of the house were broken

Going to the attic was like going to hell for me

It was cold

And I was always hoping that before going there, I could get a cat because I could get the warmth from the cat

That night, I was really upset there was no cat, so I knew it was gonna be cold

So I went to bed and my mom was saying to me, "Louis, make sure to blow your candle, okay? We don't want to put the fire in the house

" "Yeah, yeah, mommy

" And in the middle of the night, I felt something on my feet, so I thought it was a cat

So I said, yes

I kick it, trying to get it to come up because I didn't want to lose the warmth that I had accumulated into my little blanket

Didn't move, so I said, ugh

Tried it again, it didn't move

So I said, I have to go and get him

So I just sat on my bed, and oh my God

For the first time in my life, I have seen the Grays

In 1956 we didn't have television

We didn't have no UFO speaker, no UFO investigator, so I had no clue

And I used to scream my head off to my mom, saying the next day, "Mom, little monkeys with big eyes

They come every night

" My mom saying, "No, you're lying, you're lying

You want to be with your brothers and sisters

" I'm from a French-Italian background, I have eight brothers and sisters, so I hated to be separated

What I did when I first saw them, I hided because that's the initial response

I was traumatized, what the hell is this? Then I get a little bit more courageous and I kind of peep, and one of those entities was less than two inches from my face, big eyes

I freaked out, I literally freaked out and passed out

I was frightened

This happened so many time

For each time I was punished I used to see those entities

The good thing about it is that I was okay the next day

I was always okay the next day

So I got used to it, put it this way

Incidentally, in 1956, there was quite a lot of reports coming from Russia of those type of monkey

So, that was my introduction to the world of extraterrestrials

It is nothing to believe

It was all very real

It's not a religion, or something, that you have to be trained to believe

Those guys were there

I couldn't understand what they were

I did not know what they were doing with me

Little did I know that I had four more extraordinary experiences to go through

I'm now 70 years old, and I teach my students incredible experiences with incredible people that have incredible wisdom to share

All over the course of my entire life, I've been touched by the divine, and to this days I do not know if it's a curse, or a blessing because the legacy that all those experiences brought me is just mind-boggling

And it's very solid in terms of predictions

The second experience, I was living in England during those days

I was 18 years old, my second experience is

I got a bad marriage

I was very, very confused, very, very upset

So it was a really, really tough time

My first marriage was a pretty emotional situation for me

And I was working in an English camp in the South of France

And then my friend and I, we kind of pick up two nice English girls

And after the season they went back home

And my friend said to me, "You know what, Louis?" Maybe we should go there

" Well, why not? So, it was the end of the season in France, which is September, so he goes, "Louis

" My guitar, a little shirt, a little T-shirt, and my friend, Allen

We took the train and we went to London, looking for those two girls

Couldn't speak a word of English

So I landed in Victoria Station

In fact, Victoria Station was my home for three months

I was homeless

I couldn't speak a word

I used to sing to make money, but there is a mafia in the tubes, in Piccadilly Circus in London

English beggar, they don't like French beggar who sing in French and make money, so we had a fight

They broke my guitar

They throw all my stuff under the tramway

Then I was really, really homeless, and I was begging money

And I'll never ever forget, this is funny, but it's true, part of my crazy experiences

I had, like, a few pennies and I went shopping with that

So, I looked for the cheapest tin that I could find

Bought it, went back to Victoria Station on my bank, which was my place, and I opened my tin, and I start to chew on it

It was chunky, hmm, interesting

And then I pick up my English-French dictionary, and I thought, dog food

What does it mean? This is how I've learned English, my friend

It was one of my experience

I like to reflect back now to those days

It was pretty incredible

I was knocking all the doors all around Victoria Station

"Monsieur, Madame

Est-ce que vous avez travail pour moi?" I could only speak French

Everybody was looking at me

What the hell are you talking about? What do you want? Who are you? I was asking for a job

Of course, I couldn't find a job because I couldn't speak English

Luckily for me, there was this old lady with a bunch of plastic bag going to the trash

So I helped her, and she goes, "What are you doing here? Thank you for helping me

It's very nice of you

" Because she saw me, I was dirty, I had a beard

I was homeless, smelly, long hair, three months

And then I answer her in French

And luckily for me, this lady was from Switzerland, and she just lost her husband

And she was running a bed and breakfast, and she said, "Oh, well, you know what? I can help you

You can come and clean the plates, and help the bed and breakfast, and then get enough money to go back home

" So I was very happy about the idea

And as soon as I walk in, she says, "Oh, you can eat anything you want

" Oh my God, another funny experience, my friend

I stuffed myself with eggs until I turned yellow

I'll never forget that

I had my first English girlfriend because I never met those girls again

We never found them

It was ridiculous to go there

And then from there I went to Victoria Station listening

There was a long line of telephone during those days

I don't know if they are still there

I didn't go back there for awhile

And I was just walking up and down hoping to hear something that sound French

And I heard this guy

He was talking French on the phone

So I say, "Hey, hey, I need a job

Is there any way you can help me where there are some French people?" The guy said, "Well, you know what? I am a manager at the Grand Hotel in Eastbourne in Sussex

So, tell you what, you go there, and I give you a job

" "Thank you very much

" And I went to Eastbourne, and I started to work right in the basement cleaning the floor, and sleeping with cockroach that size

It was pretty, pretty, pretty tough

I had to work really, really, really hard to be able to afford the ship to cross the channel, and then from there take the train that takes me down to South of France

So I had to work weeks, if not month, before I could save the money

So I couldn't go home when I felt like

So, I was lucky enough to have enough money, and I did that

And I arrive home, and I was very happy to see my brothers, and sisters, and my mom, and then I said, "Where is Noelle?" Noelle is my older sister

And my mom said, "Oh, she went to work

" So I was kind of upset because not meeting Noelle now means I might not see her for another year or so

And then, here she is, she came back, she was quite upset, and she says, "Oh, my gosh, mom, I missed the bus

" It was Sunday

"I have to go back and work on Monday

If I'm not there on time, they're gonna fire me

" So she was pretty upset

And my mom says, "Oh, don't you worry

Louis is gonna give you a ride

" Remember, I'm 18 years old, cell phone didn't exist

The only way for me to go from A to Z was every few miles to ask directions

It's four, 4:30 in the morning, I'm exhausted

I'm driving in those high mountain

There is snow everywhere

I'm doing all that I can to stay awake

And then, finally, down the bottom of a valley, I saw some light

And to these days, I mean, this is not America, where you have hotels and restaurants, McDonald, open 24/7

This is the South of France in the middle of the mountains

And I'll tell you what extraterrestrials are able to create as far as my mind is concerned

Didn't know then

I was so happy 'cause I knew I was gonna get a cup of coffee, and I was gonna be asking direction to take my sister wherever she had to go

There was nobody there

It's important to pay attention to that information

There was nobody, just me

I wake my sister up, and I was kind of surprised because when I ask her we gonna stop, we gonna drink, what you want to drink? She says, "I want a Coca-Cola

" Remember, there's snow, there's ice, and she wants a Coca-Cola, so you don't forget that

I'm very protective, I'm half French, and half Italian

And when I opened the door, I saw three guys in the bar, but to me those guys were like giants

I thought they were loggers

They would make a footballer look like a kid

They're so tall

So I said to my sister, "Okay, you stay by the door, and I'm gonna go and get you your Coke

" So, I went to the bar, and I asked the barman for a Coca-Cola, and for a cup of coffee, and I was looking at those guys

They were like, their face was like, no emotion, frozen

They were looking straight ahead of them

They were not talking to each other

They were just like robots

Men in Black, maybe, but that was my first impression of these monster guys

In fact, my nose was at their belt

I was really, really insecure looking at these guys

Then the one on my left looked down at me like this

And he goes, "Do you want to play cards?" I look at him and I said, "You know what? I am very tired

I don't want to play cards

I just want a cup of coffee, and take my sister to work

" He says, "Come on, come on

" You're gonna be friends with cards

" I did not know how right he was when he say that

I'm 70 years old, I still cannot play poker, or 21

I only play tarot cards, and each hand is a winner, right? And I do other things with cards, to prove the reality of extraterrestrial at the therapeutic level, it's a long story

So anyway, he insisted, and because he's big and there's two more might as well just be nice and comply, I said, "Okay

" So, he had a regular pack of cards, and he present them to me

So, he says, "Pick a card

" I pick a card, and as soon as my eyes saw the card, he's telling me what it is

It was interesting

So I say, "Well, interesting

" He said, "Yeah, pick another one

" So I pick another one, did the same thing

Then another one, then another one, like, I didn't want to do it, but he kind of insisted, "Pick a card, pick a card

" And then in my mind, and believe me, I have better thing to say then to make up stories

What I'm gonna tell you is very real, okay? In my mind, I thought I am going to change the nine of diamond for the queen of spade, in my mind, because he's got to be in my head, this guy, to do that

Then he looked at me from his height, and he says, "Louis

" I never told him my name

"You are not going to change the nine of diamond for the queen of spade

" At that very precise moment, I felt like a screwdriver was coming here, and coming out there

I was at the bar like this, I was holding the bar like this, trying to keep my balance

And I do not know if I went to the bathroom from my own will, or if they told me to go to the bathroom

All I knew is that I needed cold water on my face because I was about to pass out

And I went to the bathroom, which was less than 10 feet away, and the door was wide open

I opened a tap, I put some water on my face, but I felt like if I had chained, and I was talking to this guy in my head, and I said, "I don't know who you are

I don't know where the hell you came from

I don't care how big you are

You're going to tell me what you're doing to me

" Because I felt so invaded, so, there is no words

And unless you go through it, you cannot really understand the depth of the emotion and the trauma I was going through

Less than what? 30 seconds

How long does it take to do this and go? Went back to the bar, gone

I look at my sister

She was still like sleeping

Feel good about that

I asked the barman, I said, "Who was those guys?" "I don't know

They must have driven here

" Remember, there was no car

I says, "No, there was no car

" "I don't know, they just left, just now

" So I went outside, and I look, and I listen

And I look again, and I listen, completely gone

Then that's where I wake up my sister

And, remember, all this is so clear like it happened five minute ago

I wake my sister up and I said, "Let's get the hell out of here

" Okay? And that's it, that's all I remember

The next things I know, it's nine o'clock, or so, the next day

I'm driving, I'm entering my village

Now, where have I been all night? And to this day I ask my sister, do you recall? She says, "Yes, I recall everything until I fell asleep

I don't recall even drinking my Coke, but I don't remember if you took me or not to where I worked

" And I don't recall it either, but the most important part of all this incredible second UFO experience is that those guys left me with a headache that I would never wish to my worst enemy

For weeks, for weeks, I was like, "Oh, my God, oh, my God, what did they do to my head?" I have no idea

So that is experience number two

After this experience with my sister, I went back to England, and something really weird happened to my mind

I could not recall my lyrics

It's like if I was not able anymore to sing, even the song that I wrote

My memory was shattered, and I couldn't understand what

I managed still to get a recording deal

And in one of my trip back home, I stayed with my brother

Now, my older brother, Joe, kind of a big mafioso guy, hotels, restaurants, discotheque, and bars

I used to stay with him in his farm, which is about five miles away from the village

And every single night we used to take off around 10 o'clock because the discotheque we had to drive through the vineyard that would take us to the main road, the main road to the highway, another, let's say an hour later we are at the discotheque

And we open the discotheque around 11 o'clock

That was just the typical routine

November 11, 1981

Okay? Can't forget that

November 11, 1981

Just after 10, like we did every single night, we were driving through the vineyard

My brother, during those days drove a brand new Mercedes

I own one right now, and they are very reliable, okay

Those guys don't die just like that

So we were driving through the vineyard, and I asked my brother, "Hey, Joe, there's lights

Is there people working in the vineyard?" My brother is kind of a Scorpio guy, rough, straight to the point, sarcastic

"Louis, we pick up the vine, the grapes in September

It's November

" In other words, he doesn't talk much

Like all Scorpio, right to the point, but I keep insisting

I said, "Joe, something is not right

There's lights over there, look, they're moving

" And then, and then the car died

And on top of the car, all I could see was light and light

My brother says, "Oh, my gosh, is that a helicopter here?" I said "A helicopter make a flapping noise

This is a humming noise

" So, I said to him, "I'm gonna go and look

" He said, "Are you crazy?" And he grabbed my hand

So I was able to get away from his grab

I opened the door, and I went outside, and I look up could not see nothing but light blinding me

So it took me awhile, but I couldn't look

And then they turn the light off

That tells me that those extraterrestrial who was flying the saucer knew that they were blinding me

They were hurting me, so they turned the lights off

It took me like, I don't know, a minute or so for my eye to adapt, and, oh, my God, oh, my God

30 feet suspended above a dead Mercedes, a flying saucer

I was banging the front of the car, and screaming every bad French word that I knew asking my brother to get out

Of course, he did not

And you know what? There is no words to explain such an experience

Now, you are now forced to face reality

It is not a dream anymore, it's not a question anymore

It's fact, a flying saucer is suspended above my head

They said, "Oh, well, if you got to close to a flying saucer you're gonna be cooked

" I wasn't cooked

Then in the middle of the flying saucer, different light came down

All of a sudden, all the light comes on again

And the flying saucer that was stationary just flew out, and flew barely five feet above the cheminade of the farm that was across the street, the road

My brother, the first thing he says to me, "Louis, this did not happen

Don't talk to nobody

" Okay? In fact, he waited 35 years and finally he said, "Oh, you know what? Our children needs to know the truth

Yeah, Louis was right when he said we saw a flying saucer

" So, for 30 years or so, he kept it a secret because he didn't want

Now listen to this

Nobody, when we arrive at the discotheque around 11 o'clock because we open at 12, and we stay open all night, or 11:30, we have the barmen, we have the waitresses, we have people working

We have lots of staff to open the discotheque

When we arrive, the discotheque was full and running

So, there is another lapse of time, another abduction that took place

For the first time in my life, and for the last time in my life, I've seen my brother smoking and drinking, first time and last time, and I was doing the same thing on the other side of the bar

We were looking at each other, and said, "What the hell just happened here?" And then the next day, of course, it was all over the news, all over the places because we're not the only one who saw the flying saucers in the South of France, but believe me, this is not, I'm past believing UFOs now

Account number four, which is extraordinarily dramatic

I went back to England, and I met this guy from the United States and I said, "I never seen a dollar

Can you show me a dollar?" He said, "I don't have a dollar, but I have a quarter

" I said, "Okay

" So he gave me the quarter, and I put it in a cross

And he gave me his card, and he said, "If you go to San Diego, hey, I'll be there to help you

" I was so happy, I worked so hard for three or four months

I finally flew to the United States, and I arrived in San Diego

And I went straight to the address

When I arrive at the address, there was two old guys, retirees, and I said, "Can I speak to John?" "John who?" "I don't know, he gave me his card

Is that the right address?" They says, "Yes, it's the right address

" And there was a telephone

Remember, I didn't have a cell phone, that was in 1984

I said, "Can you call?" They said, "Yeah, yeah, we're gonna call

" So they called, nobody at the end

I'm still looking for John

I've been on radio, on TV, George Noory, 40 million people

I've been in so many great TV

John would have seen me, would have heard about me and my stories

So what happened there? I don't know

I got married, and I said to my wife, "Honey, I tell you what

I've been delegating with extraterrestrial my life, and maybe one day you'll be touched

" Little did I know what was gonna happen to that poor girl

Brigitte was very pretty, very beautiful, and she was doing beauty pageant

And that day she says to me, "Well, there is a big pageant going on in Anaheim at the Hilton Hotel just before Disneyland

So I want to go there and participate

" I said, "Okay, no problem

So we need to go to bed and have your beauty sleep, so you can win

" Oh, my gosh, again, in the middle of the night, she woke up, she was crying, she was trembling

She was in the fetus position in the floor

She was going like this

In 10 years of marriage, I've never seen my wife in such a state

I was scared, what's going on with her? I never seen her like that

She made me look under the bed

She made me look in the cabinet, in the basement

She says, "There's something in the house

" She had a premonition to what was gonna happen the next day

So I said, "Oh, my gosh

" The clock rang in the morning, and I look at her and said, "You know what? You look like hell, so there's no point of going

" She says, "No, no, I want to go

I don't want to stay in the house

I want to go

" So, knowing, I had a feeling that something wrong was gonna happen that day, okay? So I really, really pay attention of the date

Remember, November 11, 1981? That was August 11, 1991

Okay? Important to pay attention to the dates, because this is real

It was about eight o'clock

I just finished to fill up my tank, and here we go

I'm on I-5 with my wife, and as I was driving I kind of ask her if she was okay, about what happened last night? She says, "I don't want to talk about it

" So I keep driving, and all of a sudden I felt like if I drove into a cloud

The last thing I remember is driving through a bridge called Jamboree Road, that's the last thing I remember

And I didn't feel the wheel on the car anymore

And I said, "Honey, I don't recognize anything

Where are we?" She says, "Honey, you're gonna make me late

Hurry, hurry

" I didn't see the sign of Los Angeles, or Disneyland for that matter

"We're gonna be late, I need to get prepared, so please move on

" I said, "I don't know where we are

I'm going to exit

" So I took the first exit, she was upset

And then I drove into a parking lot, and there was three Mexican guy on the back of a white Toyota and they were eating

So I went to them and I said, "Excuse me, could you tell me where I am?" All those guys were looking at me like (speaking in a foreign language) He smoke too much pot, which I never do

I don't drink, and I don't smoke

They said, "You are at the Los Angeles Zoo

" The Los Angeles Zoo is 90 miles north

Whoa, wait a minute here

I said, "Okay, what time is it please?" And they said, "It's nine o'clock

" Now, if I drive a Ferrari, there is no traffic in Los Angeles, or no cops to stop me at 150 miles per hour, I could have done the trip

It took me over two and a half hours to go back to where we're supposed to be

My wife and I, we were completely, and then she was taking a shower, she said, "Honey, look, look

" She showed me above the hairline she had a scar, a scar of two inches, or more, like a laser cat

"What is this? What is this?" I said, "I don't know

" Then after that she called a friend and she disappear

She completely disappear, she divorce me

It was pretty hard on me

What happened is, I met this guy, he was a UFO researcher

He says to me, "I have two very top-of-the-line hypnotherapists in Victorville in California

And I told them your situation

" Because I spoke to him first

It was the first guy I ever spoke about UFOs

"And they're gonna get two camera

They're gonna freeze the first frame and the last frame

In an hour later we're gonna see what's going on

" So they hypnotized me and I mean, an hour and a half later you can see not even the movement on my shirt, I was so gone

It's only when I say "I'm hot, I'm hot

I'm hot

" That you see me sweating, literally sweating buckets

What happened is they suck us into the belly of a flying saucer

Those three guys that I saw with my sister went into the flying saucer

And I was saying to my wife, "Honey, it's all good

Don't you worry

Been there, done that before

Everything will be fine

" It's like I had an agreement to whatever horrific thing was gonna happen later, okay? But I had an agreement for some reason, I was not upset

So that's when I went into the little room, and I saw the Earth that size is that to tell you in the mothership, how far I was up there

Anyway, after a certain time, I was really, really, really hot, and then you see me in the deep hypnotic session, just literally sweating buckets when I was in that decontaminating room before getting inside of the saucer

Then I went inside and that's where I saw the Grays, doing the electronics, flying the saucer, whatever they were doing

And I knew exactly where to go where I saw my wife

They were taking the fetus of our child

My wife was three months pregnant

And to this day, my wife, they erased that memory

They erased the memory

She does not know, she says, "I was never pregnant

" If you ask her, she has never been pregnant

She was three months pregnant

And most of all, what's incredible

How is it possible for them to cut my wife to two, two and a half inches, okay

And to have it heal almost immediately

So that was something incredible

Then I went into another room and I sat

I was free to move and something came down from the ceiling

It was like a helmet stop at my nose

And then I felt like electricity, concrete, fire

I had like an implosion, and that's where the extraterrestrial downloaded the secret of the cosmic codes

And I was forced after that to rekindle Nostradamus 16th century divine astrology

After that, of course, she was so upset when I told her, "Honey, remember I told you, we might have to go through this type of experience

" She said, "Well, next time we go through it, and I don't see it, let me know

" Okay? She refused to accept the reality that we were 90 miles north

And then it was so dramatic that she kick my butt

And then I was depressed and really, really depressed

And that opened the door to, of course, cancer

And then my two oncologist said to me, "You need to go through chemotherapy, Make sure it doesn't come back

" And I refused

My little voice, ETs told me to go shopping, shopping

So I went to the vegetable area and I saw a bunch of roots, a bunch of vegetable that I never seen before

I never tasted before

I bought everything, at home juiced everything, put some honey and drank it

It felt like a tornado inside, and the cancer never came back

I called it the universal blood transfusion

And then came the ultimate, the ultimate UFO experience

And I have the proof, I have pictures

It was during the solar eclipse in 2012

My wife, my other wife, my new wife, 10 years married now

She wanted to take pictures of the solar eclipse

And I said, "Well, you could do that, but don't look, whatever it is

" So she went outside and I was in front of her, and I turn around, and then she went jup, jup, jup, jup, jup, jup, six times, she took six shots and I was going, "What are you doing? What are you doing?" 'Cause she was looking through, and I was afraid for her eyes

And, oh, my gosh, when we developed those pictures, you could see Draco this orb

And believe me, you cannot duplicate this regardless how good you are with Photoshop

You could see that orb coming to me, getting closer and closer and closer, entering my third eye and coming out of my heart

And since that day, I have been making predictions that are well-documented, dated and unarguable about earthquakes above 6


I was on George Noory, 40 million people listening to me, I said, "Be ready for fire, and we're gonna lose a hell of a lot of wildlife

" A week and a half later, Australian fire killed millions of animals, then I said, "Be careful, there is a new disease coming for the lungs," and next thing, you know

I gave the exact date for 9/11 with all the details

I gave exact dates for a terrorist attack, which brought the FBI twice in my house

I'm not making it up

Those guys, two of them, twice, they thought I was sleeping still

They checked everything in my house

My statue was my residence, and I told them, "How do you know there was gonna be an attack in New York, and in Paris, how did you know?" I said, "I developed a software

I'm using Nostradamus astrology

The stars are more than dead rock hanging up there for the sake of beauty

Unlike NASA scientists, I realized that we are part of a magnificent design, and those stars speak, they speak

God created the stars and the heavens for more than the sake of beauty," I told them

"Given to us for interpretation so that we may lead a safer, more productive life

" And I said, "Remember some of the greatest mind on the planet, like Tesla

Tesla said there is a core in the universe

In this core, you can have all the answers to what it means to be human, also

And he said, I never discover this core, but I know it exists

" I had this core downloaded by the extraterrestrials

And I prove it through my UFO predictive legacy

When I look at people, when I read, and when they give me their date of birth, they become an open book and I shock them

I know things that only them know

I make prediction that are scary

This is why earlier I said to you, is all those experience who build Dr

Turi, literally kill me and rebirth me in a different human being

Are those experiences a curse, or a blessing for humanity? At that point, I'm still wondering if I should give all the explanation to where all those entity come from, and what they are

Remember what I said earlier? There is only two groups of ETs, and a lot of names

Maybe if you want you can put some wings on their back

They're a fallen angel, or guardian angel, whatever names you want to give

There's plenty of names for those entities, but there are only two, the good one and the bad one

Now, understand the Reptilius are a group of extraterrestrials that have their base on Pluto, which is at the verge of our solar system

Pluto is known in Greek mythology as the lord of hell

He is also the underworld regulator, so the criminal element

It's all about death and drama, this dark planet, rigorous Scorpio, the rebirthing process

The Reptilius can only survive like a dog, like fleas on a dog with your fear, with your negativity, with insecurity

And they have a lot of tools, especially legal and illegal drugs

So if you keep doing, if you're keeping negative, you affect the atomic structure of your body, and you make yourself very, very receptive to infection, infect yourself organism of cancer

That's why I got cancer

They can only survive and operate through dark matter

So, they are in human's heads

They're already part of our genealogy

They're already part of our composition, of our atomic structure

And they are talking to us at the psychical level

Now, this does not mean that they do not use their ships for specific purpose

The Galactic Federation of Grand Cosmic Order, Draco told me, okay? The ET I channel

Do not want any extraterrestrials to interfere with human's affair

Of course, the Reptilius don't care

They constantly abduct human being to make them feel depressed and negative to the point where they get completely infected

And then they get a machine gun, and they go and kill everybody and kill themself, okay? Then you have those same entities, or negative extraterrestrial, the Reptilius, they stimulate the mind of a scientist to weaponize the weather, to create nukes, to create viruses

So when people say "I want to look for extraterrestrials

" You don't have to look, they're already part of you

Remember two eyes, two arms, two legs, two side of the brain, you're symmetrical, positive, negative

It's either you work for the negativity, for evil, for the Reptilius, who can control your life because they're all cosmic conscious

They can use your stars, or your UCI, your unique celestial identity, or you work for the Draconis which are fed from the sun

When people ask me, how can I attract an extraterrestrial? Well, look, look, this is gold, all right? This is a metal that is used to show love, to show the forces of the sun, and it never rusts

Now, what is the opposite of gold? Steel, and what do you do with steel? You make gun, grenade, firearms, tanks, okay? So if you want to attract a good extraterrestrial wear gold, be positive, and realize extraterrestrial do not come in this dense physical world when they feel like

They have to use a uranic window

We are right here, right now into this uranic window

This energy is right here with us right now

So if you want to look for UFO, or talk about UFO, we are doing it right now because there are no accident

It's all preset by the cosmic codes

So, it's very, very important to realize that a part of God in us is much stronger than those entity, or even our negative stars

If you're cosmic conscious you can apply your will, and make a choice

I do not want to work for darkness

I refuse to be depressed

I don't need drugs, okay? To get a kick

Instead, I'm gonna let the Draconis stimulate my mind to create beautiful music, to create nice painting

They stimulate the mind of Mozart and Beethoven to create incredible music

They're constantly bombarding humans right here

UFOs is a psychical phenomenon

The last thing they want is people like me to delegate with the spirit

That's why they will pick scientists to talk about UFOs

They are rational, they are practical

Believe me, extraterrestrials are master of matter, master engineer from the extreme

They do not care who you are if you're the president, they don't care of your education

They do not care of your position

They have lost something that people like me were born with

They have lost the spirit

They have lost their identity

They have lost their connection with God and the divine, and humanity is moving in that direction

And that's why everything is rational and is practical because the more you delegate with the tree, the less you're gonna see the forest

The solar system was built by the Draconis

And the moon, for example, they hire, for lack of words, one of the moon from Jupiter, again, for the lack of word, let's use nuclear device of calculated forces from their ship

They removed the moon from Jupiter, and brought it into the solar system, so to speak, okay? Which has also parts of Jupiter in it

And that's why the moon is loaded with crater

And we are next door we don't have as many crater, and people think of the moon as a dead rock hanging out there for the sake of beauty

No, the moon regulate human emotions

That's where the word lunatic, moody, crabby comes from

The moon cycle is exactly the same cycle that woman menstruation

The moon is so very powerful, but people do not know their relationship with the moon

They do not know that Saturn, also, is the great malefic planet

Wherever Saturn is located in your chart, you're going to be stimulated to work hard, to get discipline

And this is a really, really tough planet that you need to understand the positive and negative of those planets

Our solar system is set by those extraterrestrial, and those planets have energy that interact with your mind

Now, there is no difference between your mind, my mind, Einstein mind, or a killer

It's the same density, the same weight, same wiring

What's different? Your UCI, your unique celestial identity

You're related to your mom and your dad, genetically 100% DNA wise, but you're never gonna think, behave, create, or have the same fate than your mom, your dad, your brother, or your sister

In fact, your family members are your biggest strangers because you do not have the same star pattern that was created by God's immaculate universal design that involved the reality of those entities, which are playing part because you cannot have a day without a night, a man without a woman, a front without a back, a positive without a negative, the yin and yang

Two eyes, two arms, two legs, is all about a very simplistic way

The phenomenon is psychical

And, again, as I said earlier, the Galactic Federation of Grand Cosmic Order forbidden any of these ET to deal with us, but in some case you have the abductees, and the contactees

I'm a contactee, which means my mission was already preset when I was a child

And what's scary is all those extraterrestrials are cosmic conscious

They know all about the cosmic code jurisdiction, and they can use those energy when you are at your weakest point, and they can turn you into a lunatic

The idea is to understand the process, and use the part of God in us, as I said earlier, to only aim for the light

So far, we got to keep the balance just to survive, but we are gonna be moving further and faster, and accelerate our vibration into the light, which means, our vibrational system is gonna be as fast as one of those extraterrestrials, which will become, finally, a reality

- [Narrator] Astrology claims to divine information about people and earthbound events by studying the movements, and relative positions of celestial objects

Astrology has been dated to at least the second millennium BCE

Many cultures have attached importance to astronomical events, and some, such as the Hindus, Chinese, and the Mayans have developed elaborate systems for predicting terrestrial events from celestial observations

Western astrology, one of the oldest astrological systems still in use, can trace its roots to 17th century Mesopotamia, where it spread to ancient Greece, Rome, the Arab world, and eventually Central and Western Europe

Contemporary Western astrology is often associated with systems of horoscopes that purport to explain aspects of a person's personality, and predict significant events in their lives based on the positions of celestial objects

Testing the validity of astrology can be difficult because there is no consensus amongst astrologers as to what astrology is, or what it can predict

Most professional astrologers are paid to predict the future, to describe a person's personality, and life

- First of all, you have to realize that astronomy is a byproduct of astrology

Astrology is a much older science

The first astronomers who challenges God with mathematics

They stole the clay tablets, and mathematically, they calculated the exact time of an eclipse, and that's when human, or scientists went against God, and thought themselves better than God

Astrology is very, very real, but it's not a religion

You don't believe in astrology

It takes any of my student at least six or seven hours a day for a full week before they can understand the universal mechanics

And you've got people like J


Morgan, very wealthy, powerful man

He said millionaire don't use astrology, billionaires do

You will see the pope

All popes being taught astrology by the Vatican Council

And you will see all popes being enthroned under the sign of Leo, but they don't want you to know

Religions, and there is what? 875 different denomination, okay? They bring chaos, they breed ISIS

They want to kill you if you don't follow their caliphate

In fact, religions have killed more people than all the disease, than all the natural disasters, and all the wars combined together, that's a fact

All disappeared civilization use astrology

Astrology is the mother of all science, and the father of medicine himself said, "A physician cannot call himself a physician, if he does not master astrology

" Now you're talking about the father of modern medicine

People who have a problem with astrology, there's two reasons

Either they've been indoctrinated and think that, well, they're gonna go to hell if they listen to me, not realizing you're already in hell

You're not gonna go to hell, this is it

It's a lack of information, and it's indoctrinated by fear, but Nostradamus astrology, when I tell you on that date is gonna be an earthquake, gonna have fire killing animals in Australia, or you're gonna have a disease, a new lung disease, and you see it, and it's dated, and it's on national radio, and it's on my YouTube video, and it's in my book, and my newsletter, you can't deny it

You'll deny it only if the Reptilius really, really got your head, and stop you to dig into the spirit, because that is how we're gonna be able to beat them by using their own tools, the mind

I make regular predictions

I got about 10,000 people that have signed up to my private website, The Cosmic Code

We have different horoscopes, for the lack of word, let's call it horoscopes, daily guidance and forecast

We give you, we translate the energy

Why in the name of God, would you sign up for conspiracy talking head, religious lunatics, apocalyptic promoter, evil feeders, why? Do not do that to yourself

Do not do that to the world because unconscious or not, you are responsible

But in my case, remember, I had to rebuild Nostradamus astrology

Nostradamus was using quatrains

His quatrain was really blurry because he had to keep his head, I mean, the French inquisition would kill him

So he had to keep his work very blurry, very mystical

Mine are wide open, very clear plain English

And most of all, you have a set of key words

When I said earthquakes, the sudden release of energy, news from the cosmos, NASA, explosion

We had an explosion not long ago, it was predicted

When I tell you I predict 9/11, you can read it, it's in my books, it's dated

I was on George Noory, 40 million people listening to me

And I told him, be ready for thousands of people being forced to relocate in about two weeks from today

And here goes Katrina, two weeks later

It's on the website, you could read it

I put the agreement of mouth, and that makes the difference

I am the only living astrophile who works like Nostradamus, who makes quatrain, and I added, as I said, my obvious keywords

So, when you join the cosmic code, and I'm going to invite you, you're gonna be able to assimilate how Nostradamus used to work

Now, remember, 500 years ago, the great prophet didn't have the luxury of a watch, or a computer

So the astrology I practice is very symbolic, highly spiritual, and God thinks Draco was shown more information to make me even more scaringly accurate

However, not everybody will respond to science

In my case, I'm terrible when it comes to math, but in the other hand, I'm extraordinarily creative, and highly spiritual, I'm an artist

I play piano, I play guitar, and all that good stuff

You can only relate to people because of their experiences, their education, their intelligence, most of all because of their stars

And that's where my dilemma start and finished


9 of human being walking planet Earth do not have cosmic consciousness

They did not take the time to understand the face and the truth of God to understand his immaculate universal cosmic design

They don't have the mind

They are too rational

They are born practical

They are born scientists

They are born artists

Like you have people that are born religious fanatics

And that's the beauty of being human

The beauty also having developed cosmic consciousness is that you do not judge people anymore

There is so many gods, so many religion, okay? The beauty of astrology is that you can be a Muslim, you can be Christians, you can be a Jew

You have a sun sign, you have a moon sign

So astrology unifies, religion separates, and that's why the Reptilius have developed, and made a culture of scientists, who lack the natural aptitude to enter the archetypal realm of supra cosmic consciousness

Again, as I said earlier, you're not gonna be teaching Michael Jackson to sing and dance

You got to have it

If you don't have it, then you have extraterrestrial that are gonna be looking for people who have the stars that will support their mission, and they're gonna become a contactee, not an abductee

For example, we can talk about Travis Walton

He was born with the moon in Aquarius, so he already has the essence

Aquarius is the energy of friends and wishes and UFOs

And he's also an Aries, which means he doesn't think

This is the first sign of the zodiac, so he act upon impulse

When he saw that UFO, instead of running away, he just went under it

Now, remember, golden metal

He was in a truck loaded with tools that cut trees

And it's Arizona, which means I carry my gun, and all those guys, well, they'll carry their gun, and then hatchets, and so all of this metal, all this metal was a magnet to attract, to scout a Reptilius ship that literally electrocute him

He was not invited

And it took five days for the Draconis to put him back together and bring him back alive, and drop it somewhere

This is the explanation I have, but Travis was born with the tail of the dragon in Taurus

He's a very normal guy, he's very rational, but he doesn't believe in astrology

It's a miracle that he's into a UFO because he was thrown into it by accident, put it this way

I know him very well

We've been doing a cruise together a UFO cruise in Mexico

He has not even an ego, he's a beautiful, loving guy been victimized by the Reptilius, and saved by the Draconis, but he has no clue

You've been designed

You've been designed to react to your environment because of your stars

If you're a Scorpio, boy, you're gonna be into politics, into structure, you're gonna have a rational mind, but at the same time, your soul's purpose as a Scorpio is to dig into metaphysics so that's where you regenerate

You also have a stinger

Make sure not to use it against you, or against other people, because you could be your worst enemy being a Scorpio

Now, you also have a dragon

A dragon's head, and a dragon's tail

In fact, there is more power in the location of your dragon alone than the entire complexity of an astrological chart, but when you go now to Asia, what is the dragon? Well, it's something you celebrate once a year, and you dance around

The Asiatic people have lost the power of the dragon

Like here in the oriental and occidental astrology, you have 12 signs

They use the tiger, they use the dog, they use the pig

We are using the Taurus, the Scorpion, the Aries, but it's the same energy

That's Jesus' initial ministry representing the 12 sign of the zodiac

The 12 hours of the day, the 12 sins, the 12 jury, the 12 tribe of Israel, the 12 notes of music

When you talk about astrology, you are talking about the 12 apostle, but when Jesus wanted to introduce humanity to our father in the heavens, okay? All he had in mind is to teach astrology

That's really, really deep

That's why, as I said earlier, the Vatican and the 175 miles of secret library has all those information

And they use for them because that's too much power for you

They don't want to give it to you, but they use for them

So when you look at it, Jesus' initial cosmic ministry has been completely erased and changed, and turned into junk

God never came down and wrote no books, my friend

He never wrote the Bible, but he made stars

And that's when you need to use critical thinking, and realize that this is what's going on

People have been indoctrinated, do not touch the spirits, do not touch astrology because if you do so you're going to learn the truth of what it means to be human

You're doing to understand God's cosmic design

You're gonna be able to relate to Jesus' initial cosmic ministry, speaking the soul of the 12 apostle, or the 12 sign of the zodiac

There's so much that people do not know

It's a disaster for those kids not to know their relationship with the divine

It's okay to teach a child geometry, science, history, the arts

Now, who is there to teach them who they are? And then you wonder why they're kidding themself in our college university nonstop

It will never stop unless we go back and teach them

For example, let's say you have a Scorpio kid, okay? Extraordinarily powerful to start with, okay? It's a very resentful sign

You talk to a child this way

You show the symbol of the scorpion

You see the scorpion, you see this ugly insect

You see the poison being sarcastic, and stinging people, and being revengeful, and nasty, and hurting yourself

No, you have to kill the scorpion, and you have to build the eagle because Scorpio is the only sign who can turn into the eagle, and from his ashes turn into a majestuous fantastic eagle above everything that is thrown at his dramatic fate

So this kid, if this kid has no information of who he is, or where he came from, and his connection with the divine, well, he's gonna look on the internet, he's gonna sign up for any of these religion

That's not gonna work then he's gonna take drugs

He's gonna get depressed

He's gonna be infected by the Reptilius

He's gonna get a machine gun, he's gonna kill everybody

He's gonna say goodbye, boom

That's what's going on

We need to bring this cosmic wisdom into our college and university

We need to bring it as it used to be, okay? In disappeared civilization, and accept it as a serious, very serious discipline

Until we do so we will never ever stop the endless chain of suicide, and the endless shootings, never, it can't happen

Now I can start regenerating the spirits of all those children

(dramatic music)

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