Breathing in postures

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In this session you can appreciate the work you have on your breathing through the different asanas that I propose. Postures in which I give importance to the lats projecting towards the sternum and so this action is reflected in a greater elongation of the sides. In this way you can appreciate the movement of breathing with more subtlety. Air inlet and air outlet in complete immobility. Feel the space that this creates and breathe calmly to balance your mind.

Hello, my name is Silvia Jaén

I welcome you to my yoga class, in which today we are going to dedicate some time to breathing within the postures

For later, in others following classes, to be able to dedicate a little more to Pranayama

So let's start by making ourselves aware from the base of the posture you are holding now, with your legs crossed

For that, we are going to rest the fingertips, on the ground, on the sides of the hips

And bending your elbows a little, let's steer them slightly back

In this way, we are going to promote the posture from the groins to the armpits, feeling how you gain space from the groins

Floating ribs

The rest of the ribs, up to the armpits

Trying to lower the shoulders, leaves a lot of neck space and keep it in line with the spine

Observe first how you generate that physical space

Feel how you separate one rib from the other, leaving a lot of space for your lungs, so that they move time and time again, with the breath

See if you are putting stress on your lower back


Sit bones more towards the ground

And stretch your spine well

Help yourself with your hands to go higher

Once you create that physical space, in which the legs are passive, your spine, trunk in general, they are going up

Leave space for your breath, let it move within that space

Feel the inspiration and the expiration

Note that the posture is active, But it's calm inside

Once here, without losing that inertia of stretching the sides, take your hand as far as possible away from you

And the other hand on the waist

So, stretching the spine in the direction to the arm stretched out on the ground, go turning little by little, the ribs towards the sky

We can even skirt or surround the waist from behind, with the left arm, and from there, to stretch and turn more

Increase the movement of breathing, all over

Your left side

You go back to the center

And we do the same on the other side

You extend your left arm as far as you can

For now, the right hand on the waist, stretching the spine well, in line with the extended arm

And skirting

With your arm, the waist behind, stretch your spine well and turn

Your chest and gaze up at the sky

Keep creating a lot of space

And slowly, you return to the center

You straighten your posture well, and intertwining the fingers of your hands, turn the palms Parvatasana in Svastikasana

Keep your elbows well stretched

Gaze open and wide forward

And you go raising your arms to the sky

Pull your arms well up, separate the fingers of your hands, pull well to the sky, and when you breathe out, you turn

To your left side

And to the right side

You have to turn a little be more

That's it! Pull up

And when you breathe out

left hand to the right thigh, the other hand behind resting on the floor, stretch the spine

Carry the right shoulder back and from there, go spinning to that side

Inhale if you return to the center, stretch your arms forward, you turn to the other side

You keep pulling above

And when you breathe out, you turn to the opposite side

You stretch and you rotate

And you go back to the center


We are going to position ourselves with your arms forward, you stretch as much as you can your arms into the front

That's it, open your palm wide

Try that the index finger, thumb, heart and the whole palm of the hand in general, they will be on the ground

The better base you have on the ground, more push you will be able to have with your arms Adho Mukha Shvanasana

On the knees

you separate your feet, you lift your heels off the ground and turning the upper arm, you stretch the whole posture

That's it! Keep your feet high up

Keep your spine very stretched

Head loose

and breathe


You bring your right foot forward

You stretch your spine into the front

Extends both sides well forward and up and carries the two dorsals, slightly towards the sternum

There, is where you can direct your breathing well, making the chest wider


Bring the other foot, between your hands

Holding ankles and calves, you stretch your spine

Keep your spine well stretched

Very good

And with your hands on your waist you go up


you go back to the center

Well once here let's put our feet together to do to do Parsvottanasana

So let's take the left foot back

Try that the back foot is quite turned inwards and the right foot, as you see it, turned completely to the front

So once here, we are not going to do the full pose

We are simply going to carry and direct attention to the back area

Which, it will project at the level of the sternum

All the intention of yoga poses is to go up, not weigh, the one to open, among other things

So, with the help of your hands, we are going to direct the sacrum towards the ground

As on other occasions we have seen, is what will allow me have space in the lumbar sacral area and thus, it will allow me

the posture rise to the sky

Once here, with your hands on his waist, you direct the shoulders

the elbows well back

And exhaling, We are staying halfway through Parsvottanasana

It is not the usual position, but if it suits us to give reference to stretch the spine a little more, direct the shoulders and elbows well back and push from the dorsals towards the sternum, the spine forward and up

Stable pelvis

pulling back

The log coming forward, feel your breath expand your ribs

Keep your mind

in the dorsal contacting with the sternum

And from there, keep your posture still

And breathe

Inspiring, you come back


Put the two feet together

And you have your right foot behind, in the same way, when we relocate the spine, it's much easier that everything is ready to move

And have the ability to have more internal space, and that the breath can move

So we redirect the sacrum to the ground

Check that your column goes up to the maximum

that the shoulders are directed well behind, that the dorsals are directed towards the sternum

and the chest goes forward and up

You inspire and when you exhale, you stretch forward

Ok, to improve the space on the sides, you can help yourself with your hands, pull them back, let the log shoot forward, and keep that contact from the dorsal to the sternum, opening the chest

Feel that the skin is getting further and further away from the groins

That you can move it with your breath, keeping the posture immobile

Stretch your spine more


Breathing in, you return to the center


You take a step with the right foot forward and you leave them hip width apart

Once here, you stretch your arms

Another form of Parsvottanasana

And we go forward

Left hand, pick up the right ankle

The other hand you support it on the ground and you stretch the spine forward

Try that the two groins, always stay in line because the tendency is to rotate in this way

So, as we had said before, the stable pelvis, in its place

The left hand on the right ankle and the other hand, resting on the floor

You stretch the spinal column

And then you carry everything you can, to the opposite leg

Direct your breath to the left side

Let the trunk rotate more

Stretch the spinal column and take it a little more to the leg

You go back to the center, and to go up, we are not going to raise your arms, you just go back like this, without more

You return when you breathe in, and stretch your arms up

And when we breathe out, we go to the opposite side

The right hand, picks up the opposite ankle

The other hand on the ground stretch and stabilize the pelvis first

You stretch your spine well and then we go on that side

Feel the movement of the skin with your breath


And you go back to the center

You go up through the center

Very good

And we do Tadasana

Keep your feet apart, shoulders back

Firm arms and legs

Breathe in calm


And we are going to sit down

Let's place

The soles of the feet together

You put your buttocks to the sides and out, and with your hands you hold ankles, flexing your arms

You make a lever to lengthen the trunk well

Hips follow letting go and stretching the trunk towards the ceiling

Everything you can push away

the trunk of the groins, you will win it in space, in the course of your skin

Observe the sensations of the skin with the breath

the movement

Observe the space of the ribs from each other to feel how the air enters and leaves

the movement

Hold the feet and we lean forward, little by little

The intention is not to go as far towards the ground, but to stretch the spine as much as you can

And above all, do not lose that attention and intention to stretch your sides well, to give movement to the ribs and to feel that the posture is not heavy

quite the opposite, it lightens

Move your breath

And as in previous positions, try to direct a little more, that feeling to push the dorsals towards the chest

And so the chest expand

And let the breath move

And as far as you can, go flexing a little more on the legs

Help yourself with your arms, you can flex them above the calves or a little higher

Keep pulling the spine well and lengthening your front column, that does not close

Breathe in calm

You go back to the center

You rest your fingertips


And from here, you stretch your sides well, back and up

expanding the chest a lot

And moving your breath a lot

You go back to the center

You hold your ankles you straighten your posture again

Be conscious

Integrate little by little, your breathing

your posture

Let's bring our knees together

We are going to lie down on the back

Put the soles of your feet on the ground


Place your hands just below your head, letting your elbows rest on the ground

Expand your chest well

and move your breathing

Don't let your back

fall this way down

Keep it, a little active growing backwards

And with it, the sides

And with it, the front column, that is the one that starts from the pubis to the throat

And so

that you can move your breath

Shoulders goes down

The intelligence that you created earlier towards the sternum, continues there

Let the ribs caress the skin, but don't push on your T-shirt

When inspiring

As you breathe out

let the breath comes out on its own, without pushing the air

Once here, interlace your elbows and pulls them back

In a very active way, create much more space

And take the breath to the sides, widening the belly

widening the stomach

widening the ribs

Let your head fals gently

Chin to chest

If you need it, your eyes can be closed and the brain fall, loosen

Actively pull back and keeping that gesture of going up

Place your arms next to your body and stretch your legs forward

And let your arms fall

Feel how your breath moves from the pubis


and sideways

Like if it formas the letter "U"

From the sides of the pubis, towards the iliac crests

by the sides

up to the clavicles

And the descent, as it is

Don't let your breath pull at a muscle level

Let it move wide and deeply

At your own pace

Remember and feel the lats towards the sternum

in which at no time the back falls, and remains slightly active

Remember the passivity and looseness of the belly

And with the help of your hands

We begin

to move arms


do whatever gesture you need

Little by little you are turning, on your right side

You sit up

You place your hands on the thighs

Observe your calm breathing

Feel your whole body

and your breath very present

slowly and smoothly

Hands at chest level

Tilt your head

Hari OM

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