Modify your winter routines thanks to Conscious TV

Conscious TV

September 28, 2020

The cold weather is here and with it comes the desire to stay indoors. Winter is a time of introspection, of calm, of listening to oneself. With the change of season, so do our routines and from Conscious Television we want to propose different plans to welcome the new season as it deserves.

  • Practice meditation to fall asleep and end the day being aware of your body and emotions.
  • Fill your pantry with seasonal superfoods such as chestnuts, a high quality carbohydrate, with a high diuretic power, rich in potassium, iron and calcium, as well as containing B vitamins and vitamin A.
  • Include shiitake mushrooms in your diet, they help to lower blood cholesterol levels and stabilise blood sugar levels, as well as having multiple additional benefits.
  • Research karma yoga and put yoga into action. Do good in a completely selfless way, without expecting to receive anything in return, simply pursuing to do things in the best way you are able.
  • Improve your asana performance and practice yoga every day, whenever and wherever you want, thanks to online yoga courses.
  • Discover the medicinal plants that can be your greatest allies to overcome colds typical of this time of year.