Did Jesus have brothers?

Throughout this video, Professor Antonio Piñero answers the question: Did Jesus have siblings? This question is linked to the perpetual virginity of Mary. To clarify this issue we must look at the New Testament where it clearly speaks of the brothers of Jesus. In the Gospel of Mark the Acts of the Apostles are mentioned twice and the Acts of the Apostles also appear, in the Letters of Paul and in chapter 9 of the First Letter to the Corinthians. Ancient history confirms that the only thing that worried the first followers of Jesus was his birth. The Gospels point out that she was born miraculously without a male contest, what happened after this moment has no relevance for the ancient church until the fourth century. In parallel there are also defenders of the absolute virginity of Mary but it was not until the end of the fourth century, with the work of Saint Jerome, when it was imposed as a canon of thought that Mary was a virgin before childbirth, during childbirth and after childbirth and that all those whom the New Testament calls brothers are actually cousins of Jesus of Nazareth. Protestants and Catholic books of high theology confirm that Jesus had brothers and that what really matters is his wonderful birth, the rest is not of importance to the faith of the church.