Could Jesus be homosexual?

Another question that many people ask about Jesus Christ is whether there is the option that Jesus could have been homosexual. From a historical point of view it is a highly unlikely option. Homosexuality was highly persecuted in 1st century Israel, even condemning to death those who were discovered, as stated in Leviticus, chapter 24. Therefore, if it was, he had to keep it in extreme secrecy. In 1963 an Apocryphal Gospel called the Secret Gospel of Mark was discovered. The discoverer was a famous American scholar named Morton Smith. Morton Smith photographed some passages from the Secret Gospel of Mark in which it was possible that Jesus had some homosexual overtones. The funny thing is, once Morton Smith photographed these two fragments, they mysteriously disappeared. In one of the fragments, it speaks of Jesus healing a rich man at the request of his family and that a day of celebration was held to celebrate the event, at the end of which Jesus and the healed man had supposedly spent the night naked. This is the only note on the subject, which has no veracity. It is highly unlikely that the secret Gospel is from Mark and rather gives the impression that it was Morton Smith himself who plotted the story to avenge the contempt that his fellow Americans made him for being homosexual. Within the story, we must say that it is highly unlikely that Jesus was homosexual.