Yoga medium level

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December 22, 2021


Recommendations before starting your practice:

  • Do not eat any heavy food at least 1 hour before class. Observe how you feel and do not force your body, you will avoid injuries.
  • Move gently, feeling how you flow in each posture.
  • Be sure to set aside a time when you are calm and undisturbed.
  • Review well the routine for that day so that you have enough time to perform it.
  • Choose a space with pleasant light, without noise and ventilated.
  • Create a cozy atmosphere: candles, incense, relaxing music if there is meditation.
  • Disconnect your cell phone! It's your time, calls and notifications can wait.
If your practice is more advanced than the beginner level, you can work on Surya Namascar, breathing and hip opening to integrate bending asanas. We will gradually increase the intensity to take you out of your comfort zone. This is your session:

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