Yoga can change your life so that you feel good

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September 28, 2020

I am often asked: What does yoga do to make you feel good, what does yoga consist of, is it possible that by doing a few postures I can achieve all the good things I need, what changes occur in the mind and body when you practice?

Many questions of this kind come to me, usually from people who have not tried a yoga class. My answer is always: "There is a lot of theory that I could explain to you, but of course you have to experience it in your own body and see what it feels like. Practice is everything. It's the real thing, and that's where you can see and experience the changes.

Yoga means union, (body-mind), concentration, control... As you practice, your attention moves inwards, through all levels of your being, reaching the desired control. After some time, the true nature is reached, as if it were layers that you peel off until you reach it. Once here, mindfulness develops, which is fundamental in the practice of yoga.

When performing asanas, there are many obstacles that come to us in the form of fear, insecurity, vertigo, ... All of these are the product of the mind, which often goes on its own and is exposed to pressure and conditioning.

Like anything else, when you spend time on something and decide to delve deeper and deeper, information and wisdom comes to you. This is what happens when you stop to listen to your body and dedicate a few moments to it in your daily life. Continuous practice makes you follow a discipline that nowadays and even more so in the West is often "impossible" to do, either because of the pace of life, obligations, etc. But that is when you have to go on and on. This simple fact will make you have more willpower and discipline with yourself.

The postures are often "unsustainable" due to their intensity, as our head is specialised in setting limits that suit it, not caring about what is really important, observing, feeling and being in the present moment, forgetting everything that disturbs us. On this occasion the observation, the control of the mind to perceive what you feel at that moment and let it transcend, the calm and continuous breathing, will make you see any problem or difficult situation in your life from another prism and with another vision.

And no doubt the benefits you get during and after the practice are incredible due to the action in the postures, the different positions you adopt with the asanas make your organs, joints and muscles benefit in terms of tone, mobility, good blood circulation and, obviously, the nervous system is strengthened.

The mind benefits enormously from the practice. A cessation of activity is achieved, for which it is essential to perform Pranayama to achieve serenity and inner peace.

If there is health in your body there will also be health in your mind.

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Article written by Silvia Jaén Silvia Jaén is a yoga teacher with more than 15 years dedicated to teaching and 20 years of personal practice. She currently teaches classes, courses and workshops in Madrid and other cities in Spain.

You can find out here. Collaborate in training for yoga teachers outside the peninsula. Also, she runs her own Teacher Training in Madrid. For her, yoga is subtlety, adaptability, openness, surrender, acceptance and awareness.