Tree hugging as a method to heal different ailments

Conscious TV

September 28, 2020

Mother earth is an inexhaustible source of energy and healing that we must listen to and care for. Walking through a forest breathing deeply, eliminating prejudices and feeling the bark under your fingers, embracing trees filling our inner self with their strength, leaning our body against their trunk and allowing peace to invade us is one of the activities we can incorporate into our lives to continue growing in our personal and spiritual development.

Don't be ashamed to caress it, talk to it, whisper to it and let all your emotions out. If you feel more comfortable you can look for a quiet, secluded place where no one will witness the flow of energy, that way, you will be freer to open up to nature.

Find a big tree, the one that catches your eye, and wrap your arms and legs around it, melting as one for a long time. Do you feel the intensity with which the energy flows when hugging trees?

If you want to treat a particular ailment, these trees can help you:

Fir: promotes healing of fractures and reduces swelling.

  • Acacia: balances body temperature.
  • Maple: relieves pain.
  • Cypress: reduces the sensation of heat.
  • Hawthorn: strengthens the intestine and aids digestion.
  • Fig: purifies the heart and removes dampness from the body.
  • Elm: invigorates the stomach.
  • Pine: has a great healing capacity. This tree is considered by Chinese medicine to be immortal.

Willow: removes excess moisture from the body, reduces blood pressure and strengthens the urinary tract.

For the most incredulous, science has demonstrated the benefits that this practice brings us.  In the book "Blinded by Science", its author, Matthew Silverstone, presents different proofs of all the positive things that tree-hugging brings to our lives.

In addition, plants offer us numerous natural remedies, which help us in our daily lives to cure a cold, soothe a cough or aid digestion.