Muladhara chakra or root chakra: life purpose and confidence

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February 24, 2022

Everything around us, whether visible or not to the eye, is composed of energy and we ourselves are no exception.

The term chakra refers to the 7 energy centres distributed from the coccyx to the crown of our body. Each chakra has a specific function.

When energy flows in our body, we feel good, healthy, stable, with a positive attitude towards life. However, these energy centres can be blocked for various reasons (imbalances, thoughts, emotions, experiences, experiences ...), and this can cause physical, mental and emotional discomfort and have consequences on our own life.

The three lower chakras (muladhara chakra, swadishthana chakra and manipura chakra) are the most linked to our physical or material being, and their vibration is slower than the upper ones. The fourth chakra (anahata chakra) can be considered as the union between our physical and spiritual worlds. And the three higher chakras (vishuddha chakra, ajna chakra and sahasrara chakra) relate to more spiritual or metaphysical functions.

What does Muladhara chakra do?

Muladhara is composed of the Sanskrit words mūla meaning 'root' and ādhāra, meaning 'support'.

This energy centre (first chakra) is associated with security, intuition, survival and self-acceptance. It also governs our passion and vigour, as well as our relationship to material possessions and work.

Muladhara or root chakra characteristics:

  • Its mantra is LAM, the colour that represents it is red and the musical note C.
  • It is oriented downwards, it is an energetic vortex that connects energetically with the Earth, and with the first dimension: the physical plane. Here we contact the spirit of Mother Earth and experience her elemental force, her abundance, and her protection.
  • It is in the perineum, between the anus and the genitals and is related to the lower digestive system (excretory) and adrenal glands. Spine, feet, teeth, nails, and hair. Sense of smell.
  • If energy flows through this chakra: you feel serenity, self-confidence, inner peace, perseverance, confidence, and stability.
  • If it is blocked: we feel apathy, lack of direction, insecurity, loss of purpose. If it is wide open: greed, selfishness, narcissism.

How do I activate my Muladhara chakra?

  1. Chanting out loud or internally the LAM mantra (as in the audio of the reel).
  2. Meditate listening to your mantra or the frequency for this chakra: 396 hz. You can use this specially composed audio piece designed to balance the first chakra.
  3. Practising yoga poses such as Tadasana (the mountain), malasana, balasana or child's pose. 
  4. Moving the hips / Dance
  5. Visualizing the colour red or wearing red clothes Eating red food such as tomato, pomegranate, beet.
  6. Others: a hot bath with aromas that stimulate the sense of smell; Ayurvedic massage or foot reflexology.

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