Abhyanga Ayurvedic massage

Conscious TV

September 28, 2020

Abhyanga massage is a profound practice of rejuvenation and expression of love for yourself as it benefits both body and mind. The daily practice of self-massage restores the balance of the dohas and improves individual well-being and quality of life.

What is ayurvedic Abhyanga self-massage

It consists of lovingly smearing warm natural oil all over your body, from your head to your toes.

"The body of the person who regularly performs self-massage with natural oils is not affected, even if it is subjected to strenuous work or accidental damage. By performing the massage daily, the person is endowed with the pleasant stimulation of touch, care of the body parts and feels strengthened, splendid and less affected by ageing". Charaka Samhita Vol. 1, V: 88-89

Benefits of Abhyanga massage

  • It calms the nervous system.
  • It lubricates and rejuvenates the tissues.
  • It promotes healthy activation of blood circulation throughout the body.
  • It lubricates joints.
  • It assists the body in the elimination of toxins.
  • It makes hair and skin look healthy and shiny.

Allow 15 to 20 minutes to massage your body with love and respect. Use the right essential oil and the appropriate frequency for each dosha.

  • Vata Dosha: Sesame or almond oil. Frequency: 4-5 times a week.
  • Pitta Dosha: Massage using coconut or sunflower oil. Frequency: 3-4 times a week.
  • Kapha Dosha: Massage using safflower oil. Frequency: 1-2 times a week.

Massage procedure

  • Apply a little more oil to your hands and massage your neck from the front and back, using upward and downward strokes.
  • Continue with circular and upward movements on your face, gently massaging around the eyes, senses, cheeks and your ears.
  • Start by placing a tablespoon of warm oil on the crown of your head, massaging your scalp with vigorous circular motions, as if you were washing your hair.
  • While massaging the body, remember that your energy and state of mind are more important than your technique. Gently touch your skin.
  • Sitting or standing, place a towel on the floor to avoid slipping. It is advisable to do the massage in the bathroom.
  • Heat a cup with three tablespoons of oil to a comfortable temperature for the body (check the temperature of the oil by applying a few drops to your wrist).
  • Massage your chest with large circular movements, as well as your stomach and abdomen. Make up and down movements on the sternum. The back should be manipulated as much as possible.
  • Massage your shoulders with circular movements, using the palm of your hand and your fingers.
  • The limbs, arms and legs are massaged with vigorous upward and downward movements. The elbow, knee and ankle joints are massaged with circular movements.
  • Massage your feet vigorously with the remaining oil. Pay special attention to the little toes. Spend time on each toe.

Keeping a light layer of oil on the body is considered very beneficial for toning the skin and keeping the muscles warm throughout the day. To conclude the massage, rinse your body with lukewarm water, it is not necessary to use a lot of soap