Relieve your cervical spine from the tension accumulated during the day.

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September 28, 2020

Many of the postures that we adopt in our day to day are due to the accumulated tension in the day, worries that load our body or the bad positioning of it. Generally, this type of discomfort goes to the most delicate or sensitive area.

In many cases, the type of life we lead and the use of electronic devices such as the computer, telephone or cell phone cause the neck, shoulders and trapezius to be affected. Normally the cervical area is a victim of these males. You may also realize the case that you suffer from a pathology and all the more reason to pamper it.

We are too structured in the control, in what to do, therefore, there is an excess of energy in the laryngeal center which corresponds to the fifth energy center. The idea is to balance this excess of energetic control by taking more action towards the lower centers, that is, taking grounding and enjoying what you do, de-structuring.

In the practice of yoga is contemplated, among many other things, the correct placement of the body (not to say that it is a practice of body education or much less) simply takes care with care and delicacy the movement of the body from the observation and correct execution of the postures.

Each part of the body, no matter how small it may be, goes and makes movements, actions that will have repercussions in other areas forming a chain that would not make much sense if each of them were done separately. What I mean by this is that what the feet do, for example, will be transmitted to the legs making and creating an action that successively will reach the whole body, obtaining optimal results for it.

What results from the practice and actions of the lower body will generate spaces, stretching, mobility in the upper body of the areas that are worked while practicing. In the case of the cervicals, it is necessary to understand these gestures, actions that you perform in the asanas so that they can benefit from the looseness they need and feel lightness and space.

When the feet and legs work correctly, information reaches the rest of the body that will undoubtedly benefit the entire spine. The vertebrae from this action are separated from each other, creating spaces that release the nerves that are there and generating a very comfortable and liberating feeling.

While doing your practice you have to be very present in it because the different postures require a level of observation to perform them and in this way you can respect the placement of the body without anything bothering and not only this but if there is any damaged area can improve and even heal.

The practice of yoga is very powerful and by performing it in a responsible way, following the instructions of a qualified teacher and listening to your body, you will finally feel the multiple benefits it brings.

The inverted postures (the most complex and delicate for the cervical area), can not be performed without a consolidated practice in the rest of the standing postures, bends, twists... Each group of postures will teach the following ones as I talked about in the previous post . In this way when the time comes to perform them there will be a maturity in them that can hardly harm you.

If you suffer from any major pathology in the cervical, it is important to talk to your teacher and give you options of substitutions with the same benefits and without endangering the area of your neck.

Above all, listen to your body and give it what it needs at all times.


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